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  1. well thats assuming that the original explosion wasnt uniform.. and it wasnt so i guess that makes sense.. i do like the idea of myself appearing an infinate ammount of times for the rest of time... but also, as ive read, if the universe doesnt converge as matter, it will eventually disperse into pure energy when it then again gravitates towards a single point, and the process repeats itself... is that anything close to what you are learning now? this was a fairly recent document by some really accomplished physicists
  2. what about the cyclic universe theories? if there is no center of the universe, where is everything supposed to converge?
  3. what the hell? no im not in an expanding bubble, every part of the bubble is expanding away from every other part
  4. alt_f13

    Define LIFE

    I am not talking about that kind of silicon life... or even silicon based life.. merely a brain like structure created in a material whose conductive properties change when electricity flows through it
  5. how so? and if thats the case, how come every galaxy we can see is accellerating away from us.. like an expanding sphere?
  6. why? who are you and what do you know? I have always read that to be true...
  7. if the universe was created by the big bang, the site of the big band would be the center, as that is what everything is moving away from
  8. heh, a further thought... If the universe is indeed made up of nothing, the center of the universe might be comprised of (is that the right word for what im about to say?) negative energy. If that were the case, the universe might have further reason to expand forever, seeing as negative energy also has negative gravity (that was my understanding of it anyway). Edit--------------- Might gravity have the ability to draw energy from nothing, producing negative energy?
  9. Wow... I always just assumed there was such thing as negative energy, and now I read this... In my ever-pessimistic view of the universe, the entirety of everything ammounts to exactly zilch. It seems like commonsense to me, that in a universe surrounded by nothing, with a whole bunch of something in it, that there was some sort of antiverse (not anitmatter universe but something in the universe that could account for the sudden emergence of energy/matter). What does everyone think of that? Seems like everythings natural state is equilibrium to me.
  10. alt_f13

    Define LIFE

    That silicon life with circuts etc.. Is there a substance that, after once being exposed to electricity, becomes more conductive? If there is, and it somehow finds itself on the surface of a planet amased in electrical storms, might it develop those first few key pathways that initiate its concience? Over time it might learn to direct the electrical flow and build its own brain in a sense. It could be equated with a living human brain in a jar...I've had nightmares like that (well I don't know that nightmare is quite accurate but we shall leave it at that). No outside stimulus - just you and your unceasing thoughts. Thank god this electrobeast wouldnt have the outside stimulus to begin with, and actually become intelligent enough to go nuts.
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