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  1. i hope it hasnt been mentioned, but I find that wormy smell that permeates the outside after a heavy rain in the morning repulsive.
  2. I played a game a long time ago called Super Mario RPG. IMO, one of the best SNES games. anyhow, there was an optional Boss named Culex. He may have been in a Final Fantasy game also. Anyhow.. Culex.. Xeluc.... I just think it sounds nice. I have no Avatar..
  3. This is horrible. I think Woelen already mentioned this, but I think it's likely that this will get passed. Why? Because like it or not, the majority of the US is very ignorant of things like this. Most people will take one look and think, "Cool they want to outlaw some nasty sounding chemicals so I don't have terrorists blowing up buildings and stuff." If only they understood that anyone who needs those chemicals badly enough (terrorists) can easily get around these restrictions. One point being, what if a terrorist got the chemicals somewhere else? Wait a minute.. That's just nonesense.. Also, when was the last KMnO4 terrorist attack? You guys up in europe be glad. Rest assured that your in line also.. This just goes to show the general peoples' ignorance.. Way to go Bush.. I forsee no less of a threat form terrorists, and a declined interest in science. Didn't I hear something about Bush wanting more science and math education? Way to go shoot yourself in the foot. Better that then your buddie's face I guess.. </rant> Sorry.
  4. Found this after a quick Google. Should help you out.
  5. I didnt get any Valentines, but I gave flowers to two girls. My ex girlfriend that i never should have broken up with... and some girl that i wanted to date but shes fresh out of a relationship. My ex prolly threw the flowers away becasue she didnt leave school with them (not that her boyfriend would have liked it if she kept them) but I got a hug form the other girl. Worth it I'd say. As for not having anyone, I've found out that the best way to get someone is to not try..
  6. So is that an affirmative on the Copper Nitrate then?
  7. Well, I don't know wikipedia as well as other MSDS websites say KNO3 decomposes at 400 °C. Check it out. It's on the right down a little. I don't even have KNO3 anyhow. I do have Cu(NO3)2 however. msds says it decomposes at 114 C. This would work nicely, correct?
  8. I was sitting in Trig today and I remember reading that KNO3 will decompose into Nitrogen Oxides when heated. So if you had a container that you could heat KNO3 to decompostion with and have the resulting oxides bubbled into water, Couldn't you get HNO3 without distillation?
  9. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=15636 See if this helps you any. Look at Woelen's Post
  10. I've been using an online solubility chart and it's fine when looking at Nitrates, Sulphate, Chlorides, etc. However, does anyone know of a larger compilation that includes other ions such as borates?
  11. xeluc


    Well, An electric arc in normal air will act as a catalyst because it superheats the air and causes ozone and nitrogen dioxides to form. This is an old synthesis of Nitric Acid. Is this what you are looking for? EDIT: This is doing exactly what akcapr said, providing energy.
  12. Here's a site that may interest you:
  13. The black prec. is the hydroxide losing water and becoming Oxide. This happens from heat produced when you disolve NaOH in water (Basicly ANY heat, but this is usually the culprit This stuff is finicky and reverts to CuO very easily). When I said darken, I meant that it turns back to the darkish blue prec. that I started with, not to black, I understand that process. I do appreciate you conducting this experiemnt however.
  14. So I threw some CuCl2 solution in NaOH solution. I got what I wanted. However, something odd has happened. I add enough CuCl2 until no more Precipitate forms. Then I stir the stalagtite-looking things of Cu(OH)2 and the precipitate turns A LOT lighter. The addition of more NaOH darkens the precipitate. I'm really not sure of any other precipitate that could be formed and it is unlikely that when you stir the Cu(OH)2 it spontaniously reacts, but how then can you explain more NaOH darkening the precipitate to near it original darkness? Any impurities are very minimal. One thing I thought of was partical size. Cu2O can be lots of different colors depending on partical size, but I don't think that stirring would create small enough particals? Also, that doesn't explain the darkening after adding NaOH solution. What sort of reaction is going on here?
  15. xeluc


    Basicly Electricity Gives and takes electrons when your talking about electrolytic cells
  16. And that right there is what is different about us. I'll pick up another sometime this week and redo everything the right way.
  17. yeah I could find the minimum current drain. I'll need an ampmeter first. I think my failure has something to do wiht me only using two wires.. I dont have those other wires connectd that you said. They're all clipped. This was a VERY old PSU. Went to a 3.1 computer. It looks like I may be getting another. They aren't exactly hard to find. This time I'll use your site as a reference
  18. Well i just got my shipment of vials and jars today. The packing was very nice and everything worked out wonderfully.
  19. I already have the reisistors. With electrodes in a weakish solution of CuCl2, if the electrodes are more than a few inches from each other, the power is cut. FORGET about using a salt bridge with the setup I have here...
  20. Thanks a lot Woelen. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into it. It is very informative. The problem with my PSU is that if I try to use a salt bridge, it wont turn on. It's the stupid thing where it shuts off if theres nothing being drawn or something. I'll work on it...
  21. I was intrigued so I threw some olive oil and NaOH into a test tube.. At first the light yellow clear liquid turned into a cloudy white liquid. After sitting a few hours, it is starting ot clump and spot of clear liquid (Should be glycerin) are appearing.Will this settle out completly over a few days? If not, how wqould I go about doing a more complete seperation. I was todl to add HCl, but how would you remove the chloride form the glycerin/water without distilling?
  22. I'm glad everything worked out for you Jowrose. Any time I have conducted electrolysis in NaCl solution without a salt bridge and a copper anode, I always got orange Cu2O. This might be what you are seeing also. SO anyway, now that I know I'm not going mad, how can you explain the hydroxide at the anode? If ANYTHING, the solution should become acidic if any Oxygen decided to become oxidized...
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