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  1. If you can get ahold of reagent grade acetone, I believe in most cases it would be a better solvent than Ethanol. I've also heard of food grade, but havn't seen it myself. If these "essenses" were to be consumed, it would be a great idea to make positivly sure all Acetone has evaporated, although I don't think acetone is all that toxic as it is made in the body. Still, be careful. Depending on the boiling/decomposition point of your extract, you could heat on the lowest temperature of your oven. Just make sure you can't even smell acetone when you do this.

  2. ha, I like the myth busters theme RyanJ... Anyhow, I kinda hope there isn't a 13 year old putting exploisives in PVC piping and blowing up bricks "leaving not much"..... Someone with that bad of grammer shouldn't be messing with explosives. And yes, I agree that if you can blow up an open topped metal container, you would be getting reconstructive surgery, not asking about it. Personally, I'd be pretty scared of my idiocy...

  3. sry to resurrect his board, but i have a question relating to the OP. I signed up for microsoft office live and have my domain and stuff, but they use these stupid templates on all their sites you make. I just want to code HTML... is it not possible to do this? theres no easy way to do this that i have found.

  4. It's also funny that the government would focus on such a small problem when there are much larger issues at stake. We home chemists are such a minority group that placing restrictions on us would make only the most minute difference in our nation's securtiy. Pushing for chemical restrictions' date=' I think, is both a waste of the government's time and money. I think the government is just picking on us because we're an easy target.[/quote']


    I don't think that the government is picking on us. Honestly, I don't see them caring about us. They're getting brownie points from the general public because they are too ignorant to understand that it's not even doing any good. They really believe that the government knows what's best for them and by golly the government says that this will get rid of terrorists so whats bad about it?! </sarcasm>

  5. *devious laugh* Oh boy this will be fun. See, part of me says: How on earth could someone fall for something like this? Then the other part of me replies: Dude, look at the people around you and ask yourself that again... I think it's sad. So sad in fact that I'm going to go out of my way to make some Nigerian VERY angry. I mean the laugh factor is decent too..

  6. Hey The Peon. Would you mind messaging me the email that sent you that? I would love to play around with "Becky" I've heard funny stories of people messing with Nigerian scammers....

  7. You can do this with other solvents too. I remember I once had a clear solution of very acidified CuCl. The Chlorine ligands alowed it to stay relatively stable while under an inert atmosphere, but once excess water was added, the CuCl fell out of solution. So basicly, you can add a liquid that's miscible in your solvent but not soluble to your disolved compound and get very small crystals to precipitate out of solution.

  8. I've really only met one famous person, well, a family. I went down to Clearwater Beach, Fl a few years ago and rented out a house. As it turned out, Hulk Hogan bought the house diagonal to us, so I got to see him, his son, and his daughter. His son rode a 4-wheeler on the beach a lot, his daughter sun bathed.. MAAAAAN :) anyhow, yes

  9. This is amazing; it actually makes good suggestions. I'm going to name my kid after you, xeluc.


    Haha, thanks.


    I've got a question. A while ago there was no light and my internet connection went down too but the player kept on playing the music. How does it work?


    This is just speculation, but if everything but your computer was off, I'd say that the music kept playing because it downloads the song onto your computer during playing.

  10. wow... This reminds me of EVO for the Super NES. It's a fairly rare game I believe. My father collects video games and he says EVO is worth decent money. Anyhow, Evo (sorta) worked on this principal. Of course these graphics are amazing. I havn't been able to find a release date. I'll cry if it's sometime next year. (garruntee its not in the near future.) I havn't found a game that I absolutly had to have since like.. Diablo II, and that sucked out a year and a half from my life. This is going to be good....

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