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  1. because it no longer needs addressing. in my Original post I give a Simple rule to apply, and by that the rest of the questions are self answering, and it doesn`t Matter what you apply to it after that, whether it`s God, a pendulum or a unicorn if it can experience change, it`s subject to time. it`s like a Venn diagram, if the Universe is time, any set Inside this universe is affected by (subject to) Time, it doesn`t matter what that set or variable is.
  2. well.. in the Original, Earth (1) as some call it on here was called Terra, so I`m guessing that the Prequel called Caprica is where the eastern alliance (and Western) come into it. one of which maybe Cylon allied, the Eastern Alliance never had Cylon problems to my memory, so it`s probably Them.
  3. he asked that Here, I don`t see anyone being Distracted? No it isn`t, Time and it`s implications are quite understood.
  4. I`m glad you Also pointed out about chalk being mostly Gypsum nowadays, I rem having a debate about that while ago. also for the seashells, it`s good if you can Roast them 1`st (in a tin can over a fire will do), it gets rid of the organic "glues" and ensures a better carbonate ratio. I`v made mine this way before and it works Great!
  5. I was thinking of Voda, as there`s an antenna about 250metres away, and my mate gets great reception from it and all the other places in the midlands he goes to. how do you top-up the sims? can you buy those scratch card thingies for them?
  6. does anyone here use this technology in their laptop or know anyone, and what in your opinion is the best deal? and roughly how does it work? I`m thinking of getting Anywhere Internet for my laptop, and am looking at either PCMCIA cards or a USB dongle to do this with, I`m leaning towards the PCMCIA as there`s little in way of sticky-outy bits that can break off. as far as I can tell the card works like a modem using most of the Active bits found inside a mobile phone, and you need to stick a SIM card in it. beyond that I`m totally lost:confused: anyone?
  7. YT2095


    I suggest you use our search engine before posting yet ANOTHER thread on the noobs holy grail. thread closed. oh yeah, no threads on how to make Sodium Either!
  8. you can`t do that, they even did an episode with Wolfman Jack in it (playing himself), that stretches credulity just a little too far. to be honest, I don`t what to make of it all, and if I didn`t know better, I`d swear it was written by the same lot responsible for `Lost`.
  9. if we look at the Variables rather than the specifics of the question and apply Logic to them, then we see that time is the duration between changes, so although God may be Unaffected by time relative to him, to change from one "thought" to another defaults to Duration and therefore Time. in fact simply Observing events ropes you into this Time thing. it`s pretty much inescapable my wife on the other hand would argue this point and claim my Lab exists outside the space-time continuum however!
  10. likewise, in fact I can hardly read it sometimes
  11. you need something like an inflatable traffic cone to leave on your seat when your not there!
  12. biggest error I saw was that in the Original BSG, they already made it to earth, Dillon and Troy with their flying motorbikes. and yet they used the original cylons in this last episode And some of the original theme music? so they either Ignore the Original completely, OR they at least Try to make it fit in!
  13. I don`t think This: CuSO4 + 2HCl > CuCl2 + 2H2SO4 is right. I`m fairly sure the arrow is the Other way around.
  14. Smokeless is Nitrocellulose based, not a BP derivative. most of the smoke from BP is particulate matter, adding any sort of calcium salt will only add to this.
  15. also at the risk of derailing, "How it`s Made" is also pretty good, I`m not sure Who it`s aimed at, but I AND my daughter both enjoy watching it.
  16. I`m sure if he can show where he got it from he`ll be given it back, although that may be hard to demonstrate if he`d been saving it up in a biscuit tin under his bed for a few years
  17. The Sky at Night with Sir Patrick Moore, is Most excellent!
  18. Moved to P&S with an Heisenberg Compensator thrown in, free gratis
  19. ^^^wot Mooey said^^^ I`m no Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider, but the subject is indeed a Fascinating one! and if you`re Serious about it, don`t let those that say "you`re wasting your time" or it`s make beleive Bullsh1t etc... deter you with their Prejudices! the fact is as Mooey pointed out, it`s a historical document, and there to be decoded/interpreted and seen for what it IS (and appreciated for what it is). now I`m fairly certain there`s not much Money in this particular area of study, but it has rewards of it`s own that many other areas won`t have. also, if you ever get the chance, there`s another documentary of a similar ilk about the ark of the Covenant, equally fascinating, and you get to learn quite a bit about the early Jews and their journeys and an African tribe DNA proven to be direct descendants of those that were forced to flee. I would recommend (and I`m a Christian myself) that you view the subject as dispassionately as possible though, and learn as many facts as you can without considering conflict with your current beleifs. and Then you can address each in turn. personally I find the more Science I learn, the closer to God I am. (your milage may vary)
  20. YT2095

    Geek Music!

    Look at my post again, and pay Particular attn to the quote and those words in Bold. that track is from a Sci-Fi film (your 1`st requirement) and also fits your second requirement. but here, try this one instead:
  21. Because they Look Nice (attractive), as an amateur Photographer, I regularly get chance to shoot attractive female models, and although I tend to see them from a Technical perspective, it`s also pleasing to the eye. I`m also happily married (10 years) with a 3.75 yr old Daughter and a Son due in May.
  22. *sheesh* talk about missing the point Entirely! these people thought that wearing the skins of Animals gave them the power of the animals etc... along comes a bloke with a huge box tells you to keep still for a few mins, and comes back next day (or even longer) with your picture! there wasn`t really an Opportunity to take Plenty like we do Today! again you have to think of the Times. meh... forget it.
  23. After doing a little bit of war driving with a Nintendo DS, Another security tip (other than the conventional ones) occurred to me. in and amongst the list of SSID`s that I`d collected there were some that no real hacker (unless desperate) would even bother looking at, namely Printers and other Wi-Fi peripherals. most have a company install their Broadband and never really think twice about the factory defaults that any hacker knows the passwords to and can recognise the SSID at 100 paces blindfolded! (I use chemical formulas for all of mine, Case sensitive and includes numbers). So... opening your browser and entering 192.168.*.* (you`ll have to mess about with the `*`s) you can then get in with your "admin" "admin" passy (or what ever the default is for yours) and change the SSID to something Printerish like Epson_Bubblejet or whatever... if you have a Wi-Fi printer already (2 would look strange) there are Microphones and Cams that are Wi-Fi enabled too, if you live in a city it`s easier (wardrive around and have a look at what`s popular in the air), Isolated areas you need to think what wouldn`t look out of place. use your common sense
  24. it doesn`t require testing, it`s quite well documented that certain indian tribes beleived this to be the case, as I thought I made Abundantly clear my post, you have to try and think the way They do, and respect their beleif system for that to make sense. it doesn`t to US because we know how it`s done etc...
  25. I don`t think it will Ever be possible to reconcile All of the bible with Science/Nature, it`s a little bit too late after these events to do that with any degree of certainty. However, having said that, there IS good evidence to support some of it. for instance, the 7 plagues on Egypt stands a Very good chance (I would indeed put Money on it) that these were as the result of Volcanic activity nearby. the sky going dark midday (dust clouds), the Frogs (the acid created altered the niles pH, frogs are Very pH sensitive and evacuated), the Blisters (tiny glass particles SiO2 with traces of Sulphiric acid on them), the Fire balls from the sky (pretty obvious) etc... even the water turning to "Blood" was some sort of stirred up Mineral like Iron oxide IIRC. You have to imagine though that You are living in those times as a simple people without todays technology or ways to do things that we can today, how might You explain it if you were see these events? and I think that`s the key, Don`t look at the writings with Todays eyes and view point, try to look at it from Theirs. another more recent one, and it seems perfectly rational that a Camera Can steal your soul and keep it as a photograph.
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