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  1. yeah, here`s the entire thread url: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=14245 probably an idea to grab a notepad and pencil and jot down the steps, as it`s more of a working-journal than a specific recipe, it may well work with Other similar metals too, eitherway, it`s not a bad read, with plenty of good facts (esp from Woelen) and it`s done using really simple reagents and equipment if you have any questions After, lemme know and I`ll do my best to remember, I can`t really replicate it again for you (I would ordinarily) because I`m plenty busy here atm what with expecting a new baby soon and Lab relocation shortly after.
  2. I`ll have a word with Cap`n , maybe he can introduce an "Irony points" system as well as our Rep points
  3. aha, yes it was, appologies, my memory suck! anyway, here`s the post with the Tin crystals you may like: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showpost.php?p=270737&postcount=93
  4. I`v done the Tin crystals (like curved sabers) I think I may even have posted some pics of it on here somewhere (2005), I`v done the lead under a microscope never on a large scale, so I would Really Like to see those pictures of your results! Copper for me has always turned out as a pink spongey mass, if someone has a Working method of making them I`d be willing to give it a try I think someone on here did some cool Bismuth crystals too, I forgot whom (sorry).
  5. I had the same problem with the lined out text and the questions appearing over the picture, seemed to be perfectly random too, Some pages worked, others had to be skipped. glad to see it wasn`t something I was doing wrong again
  6. no, Your names not in Red, Mine is!
  7. I do this rxn on a regular basis (as a photographer), you`ll probably find that your scrap silver, unless bought as a Pure Element will contain traces of copper alloyed in it anyway, I`v found it`s best to use a weak soln of nitric 10-15% and have the silver in excess, but you Can dissolve all of it if you want to. the soln Will go a blue color due to the copper nitrate. the "problem" comes if the acid way in excess and the soln goes too blue, and you can`t see the silver crystals form, they Will form eventually, but you`ll not be able to see them clearly and that`s a shame. also, be prepared to see little more than a gray spongey mass as your silver product! but if your soln isn`t too stong and you leave it undisturbed for a while, you will see it occasionally catch the sunlight and gets little sparkles, it`s even better under a microscope. personally, I extract all my silver this way 1`st, give it a Good wash in deionised water (Chlorine in tap water makes the washing cloudy), and then redissolve it in nitric again to leave a clear silver nitrate soln.
  8. there`s 2 questions there, 1) because you were out numbered (and probably out tooled) you did the right thing by avoiding them. 2) as members of the public (Plural) we should stand together as Groups and confront them, a damn good kicking wouldn`t do them any harm and it would make them think twice next time! sadly the law is against any form of discipline against these kids.
  9. if it IS a genuine attack on Science (and nothing else), then I`d be very inclined to complain also (if they fix that cookie problem).
  10. if it is what i think it is, I`v seen a real one, it basically converts angular momentum into linear momentum, by using opposing G forces set up by spinning gyroscopes which are manipulated suddenly and cause the thing to jump into the air.
  11. I think you`ll find (if transdecimal is also a firefox user) that using that link given (the one I quoted), doesn`t work, and the options to resolve the cookies problem for Firefox isn`t there either, most Everyone I know is at Least on version 3 I thought it complaint worthy
  12. I have a glass of Port (it doesn`t get much Redder than that) just before my dinner every evening, looks like I`d better up the ante!
  13. that`ll be traces of dissolved H2S and polysulphides, creating a Gold sulphide layer, it`s used in photography all the while, mostly with Silver to create the Sepia effect.
  14. the Binary divide by 2 each turn is how I would do it also, and... easily discerned from the scales, one side would be a Tiny bit lighter or heavier than the other, if you keep track of what`s where you can carry this info forwards.
  15. thread closed AGAIN. and if I have to close another one like this again, Infractions will be issued!
  16. nitric is an Oxidising acid, that`s what makes it seem stronger, it performs 2 actions as opposed to one. add some H2O2 to HCl or Sulphuric, and you`ll put Nitric down much lower on your list
  17. the chemistry behind that is VERY Basic! enough that if you don`t know the answer to it, you have No bussiness making it! thread closed.
  18. an Ion (any Ion) is simply where it has the same Nucleus as the atom in question, but the electron count is different. also Potassium isn`t THAT far away from a Nobel gas! what comes after Argon?
  19. I don`t think that`s really fair at all! I know Many home chemists (I include myself amongst them) that do this as a Hobby as well as a profession. I also class my being here at SFN a Hobby! I certainly don`t get Paid for it. so unless you know something I don`t (and by all means share it), I would avoid making such Bold inaccurate statements.
  20. the limits should be as far as it will let us go. we may reach a zenith or brick wall where we can`t go any further with Science, but we owe it to ourselves find out and Learn as much as we possibly can along the way. as for the Applications, I can prepare a fine meal or cut your throat, which one is the Knifes faults? similarly, is it Sciences fault if the things learned are abused? 40 something, UK, problem solver.
  21. like a Glock for instance?
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