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  1. I gave one in the original post but it never hurts to do it again. I nominate him for his work with Helicobacter pylori and for proving that the bacterium causes ulcers, not stress. He dubunked a wide-ranigng old wives tale and now with the culprit in hand we can go on to create better treatments. Also, the way he proved it was very courageous. He ingested H pylori and then waited to become sick, which he did. This experiment, based on Koch's postulates, proved that pylori causes ulcers. So, yes'ir, that's why I nominate him.
  2. Helix


    Oh, well in that case have you tried any poetry forums? Does http://www.americanpoems.com/ have one?
  3. Helix


    Not that I know of, but you should consult the Oracle.... ....and by that I mean Wikipedia.
  4. yeah that is strange....but whatever. Yeah thanks, I MSpainted it.
  5. that's a good idea, ill try that. thanks to both of you. edit: yes that worked! thanks again
  6. i changed it a few times first it was ebola, then ebola.bmp then merryjmas
  7. So this is a noob help request, but I need help. I am trying to upload a custom image and it hasn't worked for the past 8 or so tries. I made sure it's under 100x100 pixels and that it's way under 48.8 KB. I checked file name and even renamed it. I can figure out why SFN keeps saying "Invalid File Name"....Does SFN hate me and want me to cry??
  8. There was just a show about biodeisel and the guy purified the biodeisel and pumped it into his car...got 40 m/pg.
  9. Helix

    Avian flu threat?

    I just read a pretty interesting article....sort of shakes things up. Tamiflu Article It basically says that there may be a new strain of H5N1 that is resistant to Tamiflu, the only known effective drug against it.
  10. Well the aspect of Int'l waters significantly changes things in my mind. If we were to simple patrol those waters for the good of everyone, and provided at least someone asked us for help, I wouldn't consider it a waste. People may see through it as a feeble attempt for the Bush admin. to lose the persona of the World Police, but that's a good thing. If people can see the American government is trying to be nice and friendly, than I think they would regard us as less of a "bully". Foreign nationals could start to see there is active reform in America and it has taken hold in the gov't.
  11. That's true, he can be impeached for anything, but still won't be because, in all probability, the trail of Crime to President is roundabout and hazy. It would be better to prosecute the more low-level officals who definitely knew something was going on. This has generated more anger than the Clinton fiasco because what Clinton did was more social while Bush's crimes are political. Bush has been accused of far more serious crimes than giving the time to an intern. And he has done more to cover his tracks, so obviously people are going to be more enraged. In any case, I doubt he will be impeached as well but he should be.
  12. Nice article, Pangloss. You had said you wanted to post a thread about the NSA and I assume this is it? The NSa has changed a lot over time but, in my view, not so much because of technology as the enemies we face. Terrorists are very porous and cannot be tracked easily, hence the NSA creates a "web of influence". Profiling also would work, as they are dealing with a large demographic of suspects.
  13. I really' date=' really disagree with #2. Really. What you are describing is a meritocracy, in which the ones with the most merit govern most strongly. Democracy is counter to this by saying that everyone's vote is equal. I agree with that. All people are equal and no matter what decisions they make, those decisions should be respected. Using an algorithm will but power in the hands of only those deemed suitable to make a choice. For that matter, how does the Markov system input all of the different aspects of a voter to decide if they are worthy to be respected? Putting freedom in the hands of an equation is a blow to equality. Why not bring back eugenics as well? We can make everyone the same perfect people, with "good" opinions and perfect genes.... Also, that system has [i']huge[/i] potiential to be abused. I doubt you can deny that. What if the reigning party decides that all dissidents are bad decision makers by manipulating the Markov system? Using the Markov system in such a central position would preclude the chances of having a fair political system. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, which I respect, but if you ever make a country, I'm not living in it.
  14. But you have absolutely no proof to back that up. What you're proposing is that Western cultures are inherently smarter than the other "primitive" ones solely because we've been reading longer. That's ridiculous. First off, even the "primitive" cultures have a spoken language, so then shouldn't they be on par with "us" in that regard? There is no proof behind your claim and there are no papers showing a correlation between culture and inherent ability to think. Also, you whole idea centers around normal evolution taking, in your words, "the slow boat path" while the human mind accelerates exponentially. So I have a few questions for your theory, and I'm not saying it's incorrect, I just want to see some proof. 1) What is the difference between the "slow boat path" and our fast path? What is their relation to each other? 2) Do you have any proof for this claim, besides anecdotal evidence? 3) How does this fit into evolution, if it does at all? If not, what theory explains this acceleration? I personally don't belive this idea, but if you could answer those questions I could better understand your reasoning. It is a good obervation, we seem to be getting more advanced every day. But if there is a scientific rule, as you assert, that can validate this, I am unsure.
  15. Hmmm...well even though that's irrelevant to the actual debate: No. Not because I am so stubborn but because he violated the trust the American people gave to him by electing him, twice. I don't think that can be rationalized with intelligence especially because there is an ethical and as effective way of gaining said intelligence
  16. So in those examples, the "connection" would be in the form of sound waves and motion rather than wires?
  17. Well that hypothetical is invalid because there is, in actuality, a secret court a president can go to to obtain a warrent. The FBI is fully entitled to spy domestically; they should have fufilled the warrent. But the NSA should not, it is an intelligence agency and shouldn't be used against the American people. It's akin to the police vs. national guard. Both are law enforcement but the National Guard is not allowed to be deployed against the populace while it is the police's duty to do so. So, I have no problem with the secret court and the FBI spying, it serves everyone, as long as the relevant documents are declassified after the conflict/crisis os over. It's the NSA I have a problem with. Note: Is it National Guard or Army who can't be deployed against the people? If I mixed it up just switch them in your heads, you get my point.
  18. Not an expert on either food, but I would guess, if you are in fact experiencing a mild reaction, that they share some chemical your body can't process. Or, as I said before, you "feel that way" about cheese and chocolate.
  19. Right, but in this case you can correlate Bush's lax environmental protection policies and prove causation to a sharp increase in the melting of the polar ice caps and icebergs.
  20. Maybe food arouses you...? But, more probably, you have a mild allergic reaction.
  21. Woah, there. I'm not a creationist by any means and I agree that they are misguided. All I am doing is defending their right to be wrong.
  22. Nice philosophy, but I would imagine that a higher being, as a sort of celestial guardian, would see fit to extend aid to those who need it. This is really a moot point now, as you and I both have logical opinions that can't be refuted.
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