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  1. I know this has been done over and over but people change as do their taste in music. So, what are your favourite bands? Mine (in order greatest to least) 1. Anti-Flag 2. Bouncing Souls 3. Thought Riot 4. The Vandals 5. Much the Same
  2. All's well that ends well -- and just in time for Christmas with my festive killer-virus-in-a-cute-hat.
  3. I've heard of these goats, and I think it's a genetic defect passed on to the kids (actual name for goat young ) from the parents. Either it's recessive and both parents had it or it's dominent, which is more likely, and one parent passed it on. Either way I believe it's genetic, not really evolution as in it's a conserved trait but a defect.
  4. Helix

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all SFNers (because we're better than everyone else:-p )
  5. Oh, really? Well then that's probably the reason.
  6. Then I wouldn't be able to post on SFN (lack of hands). What if we all converted to scientology?
  7. I have an ipod mini, and while I hate them on principle, they work pretty well. I have heard a lot of bad things too (they just haven't happened to me). So, I'd go with the Iriver.
  8. Haha that's the upside; greater stakes. Yeah most people don't really care what you do when you're under 18.
  9. So true. Everything is less fun because you're allowed to do. Ahh...I guess I have to get all my immaturity out in three years before it's no fun.
  10. Wait, I used everything once and I used a symbol (parenthesis)....am I missing something?
  11. Republic by Plato. Yeah that's a pretty good book.
  12. I wouldn't say "in theory" as much as "in a vacuum". In a vaccum, with nothing changing, a meritocracy could exist. However, it's even more prone to corruption than communism. I actually have thought about this long and hard and it's pretty interesting to try to fit everything in one nice doctrine.
  13. Special cans? ....Like the dancing variety? I don't recycle mainly because I don't think my township offers it, and partly because I am too lazy to chide my parental units.
  14. Then we'd be in Eden. What if I really could save 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico?
  15. Tabbed text editors? I haven't heard of those... I guess it's useful to to tab anysoftware in which you'd need to have a lot of information open at a time. Txt Documents, web pages etc.
  16. I have FF and I find the tabs pretty useful. I can manage a whole bunch of things at once, which is helpful when I'm doing research or whatnot.
  17. I saw a video of an "invisibility" cloak that was quite impressive. The guy wearing it would stand next to different patterned sections of walls and became transparent. He wasn't invisible as much as he was opaque. Still cool.
  18. Possibly due to how the concept was introduced to you. For example, my parents always refer to my grandparents as "Grandma and Opa" and not vise-versa. So, understandably, that's how I list them as well. Maybe that is how you came to list them; it's how they were introduced (and reinforced).
  19. Yeah it's a great website. Very good prices for lab equipment and chem. supplies.
  20. New York? I can't believe that the DA's office is actually thinking about pressing charges. Yes, it was a pain in the arse but it still is how the unions represent themselves. Out of curiosity, what did you do when the strike was still going on?
  21. I think therefore I am. Or whatever. I believe that, going back to the OP, it's only when you imagine what trillions of atoms can do can you realize the complexity of the brain. The universe is a collection of atoms, a lot of atoms, and it still is extremely advanced. If you can think of those atoms coming together to form neurons and chemicals and synapses, then it's possible to view the link from atoms to thoughts.
  22. Helix


    Also Poe did have a wife he lived in real life who tragically died. I think her name was Lenore. Maybe Ligeia is an allegory for Poe's desire for someone to return to his life...as Rowena is the sadness he feels from the loss of Lenore. That's just my idea and I'm by no means a good source
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