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  1. In a recent class of mine we went into a deep conversation about water.


    We went into the breakup of water, its importance to organisms, etc... We


    soon came to the issue of hard water, and how it can affect us. One


    scholar recalled a documentary of heavy water. To this day I have not


    found a reliable source to any valuable intel relating to this subject. Please


    point me into a direction that my help me to find information regarding heavy



  2. I think that there are worst possibilities that the rejection by the immunity system. what if this treatment was to do harm. Being able to perdict the outcomes of the experiment is key. what could go wrong? I think that in general the outcome is worse than the help it gives.


    Just something to think about:-)

  3. I have found varying answers to this question and I need confirmation .

    I searched what the two most abundent elements are in the atmosphere and hydrosphere.

    For the atmosphere I found that 21% is Oxygen and 79 % Nitrogen.

    For the hydrosphere I found thst the two most abundent elements are Hydrogen and oxygen. But I could not find percentages.

    Please help me.

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