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  1. If you still have trouble, separate it out to [math]\sqrt{(25)(3)a^2b^2bc}[/math] and see if that helps.
  2. The koala (koala bear is incorrect) adapted to eat eucalyptus leaves when Austraila changed from a rainforest to the current arid climate. Eucalyptus forests showed up at this time and it adapted a new digestive track to eat these leaves that no other animals do. They still eat other plants, just not as much. The main advantage it gained was that the leaves contained enough water that it did not have to drink. Now it could stay up in trees and survive longer (until trees died) in droughts. It comes into less contact with predators this way. Wikipedia: Also, the koala was brought to Kangaroo Island where it reached nuisance level with lack of predators. It seems like it is pretty well off and the evolving helped it to me.
  3. JustStuit


    That's what I was implying
  4. JustStuit


    And schools don't hand out test tubes or stands as they are expensive to underfunded schools....
  5. From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_church_and_state_in_the_United_States I think the clause has been come to be interprited seperation of state and church and is ruled accordingly.
  6. Probably store mark-up, brand name, quality of production, and newegg buys in bulk. Not sure though.
  7. If you are in the US, then yes, there is a seperation of Church and State clause to the first ammendment! Research before you talk. There can be no scientific evidense PROVING or DISPROVING god therefore it is not science. Science does reject such things, theories MUST be testable and able to be proven wrong. Again, if you have no knowledge of the subject, research it FIRST. Get the FACTS straight. ID IS NOT, CANNOT, and NEVER will be science.
  8. And how do suggest we observe god? Do you have any examples? It CANNOT be observed and therefore cannnot be science. ID can be regarded as religion or gooey mess but it is still not science. There is the seperation of church and state and therefore cannot be in schools. What are you talking about? When was this force discovered? Hint : It wasn't. Care to back that up? I'll give you one hint - you CAN'T. Strawmanning, even if they did fall short that does NOT make ID correct or even plausible. So I hope that I have cleared up any musinterpretations of ID for you and how it is NOT and CANNOT be a theory. I'm only saying it can NEVER be science under any circumstances.
  9. If you really want to have fun put on a lab coat and get a clipboard. Go through a parking lot with an important looking grim and lean down and search below each car. Scribble something down each time. After a while, preferably with people watching, look under a random car and run screaming away Don't actually do that. It might freak people out. Explosions and fire can be very dangerous so be careful with what ever you do.
  10. JustStuit


    **loads anti-thread particle ray gun**
  11. I don't care. You can look through and if you find anything you can disprove, choose that one. I doubt you will though.
  12. Would you care to disprove talk orgins or are you going to be a hypocrite? Remember you said:
  13. I would say Pictures is my all time favorite.
  14. Citing a creationist site that has been debunked many times is not the brightest idea.
  15. I would have to agree with ecoli in that Pictures at an Exhibition is a great piece. I also like Carmina Burana, Four Scottish Dances by Arnold, Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral by Wagner, Children's March by Grainger (great english horn stuff), and Enigma Variations among others.
  16. Many people have tried and are trying to develope such a thing, so keep your options open.
  17. Hah, my birthdays in may! Exactly double Phi's on the 26th. As for AzurePhoenix, I give her another year of stress relieving torture on me. Not that she would have stopped anyway Happy Birthday!
  18. To sum it up for you, a theory must be testable and able to be proven wrong or right.
  19. You can't apply a theory to an area it wasn't developed or tested in. You would have to prove that it also applies there.
  20. Entropy refers to heat and such, not evolution. Thermodynamics has nothing to do with evolution.
  21. What ever, make it better next time or leave it out.
  22. If it was a joke you're in the wrong section.
  23. I'm sorry we didn't arbitrarily pull the exact random number out of nowhere that you were thinking......
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