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  1. Any instrument is going to take time to get good. It depends on how well you want to get and much time you got. As for recommendations, play oboe! It may not be easy or quick but.....I play it! You can get a nice starting wood oboe for like $3000 dollars too.
  2. They would be cool. Do you have a good link for them?
  3. I came upon these cool pictures. Have a look.
  4. PEROGIES! My favourite snack! They are so good. Also, alfredo noodles (I only like white sauce.)
  5. JustStuit


    The law doesn't say minor only applies to females, nor that rape only applies to females. Therefore, there shouldn't be a difference in the penalties for the two.
  6. It might also be possible (pure speculation) that children are less affected because they are growing more new cells.
  7. I don't know if it is unhealthy, but I can't even eat when there is smoke around. On a cruise ship with people smoking all around I had to go to my cabin and order food. It makes it more enjoyable for most without smoke.
  8. JustStuit


    Even worse is people joining the forum just to talk about this Edit :: Oops, forgot this is general discussion (thought it was your first post). But, people can still give good advice online or anywhere.
  9. Is this the one you're looking for? http://ccr.aos.wisc.edu/News/0305046.pdf
  10. I'm not crazy! **glances around nervously** I've actually heard that too. And judging by the professional players I know it may be true. But they are cool!
  11. That number is so close to zero it can be rounded for practical purposes to zero. Who knows why it doesn't just make it zero.
  12. I've been in one (wind tunnel or something I forget what they call it) and it was pretty sweet. They have one near Orlando down here. Its like a really tall tube with the fan and mesh type metal floor, it was solid so there was no way you could get to the fan.
  13. I think you are refering to a different definition of dimension.
  14. JustStuit

    Halo 1 on PC

    Ok. My name on any game or chatting client is JustStuit if you want it. Maybe I'll try Halo again. Yea, I only do the multiplayer modes.
  15. JustStuit

    Halo 1 on PC

    I have it but haven't played in a while. I spend what time I play on cod2 now.
  16. Not to mention it wasn't even written in english. (I assume they did the search in an english bible?)
  17. All animals have instincts on what to eat and not to eat. I guess were like that and just kept expanding.
  18. History channel finally went the way of Discovery.
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