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  1. Considering it gets close to absolute zero in space, I would say that is incorrect. Plus it makes no sense
  2. The top and bottom equaling zero screams L'Hospital.
  3. At least in Florida we'll never freeze to death. Yesterday it went down to 70 (with wind mind you) and we thought it was cold.
  4. Awesome!! Know of any other cool ones?
  5. I think the [math]A_x[/math] also includes the angle since it is [math]A_x\cos{\theta}[/math] and the [math]\hat{i}[/math] is just [math] 1 [/math] or [math]-1[/math]. I think anyway, I'll check my notes later tonight.
  6. It's funny - I just learned about these in class today too. They are basically the direction part of a vector. When coupled with a magnitude, they are a complete interpretation of the vector in that specific dimension. I think it went [math]\vec{A_x} = (A_x)\hat{i}[/math] Where the first Ax should have the vector sign over it and the i should have the hat (don't know how to do in latex.) I think the i is unitless because it is an angle. Edit: Yes Cap'n. Thanks for the latex help. (Edited latex) Oh, and futhermore, [math]\hat{i}[/math] is for x, [math]\hat{j}[/math] for y, and [math]\hat{k}[/math] for z. A vector can be solved by [math]\vec{A}=(A_x)\hat{i}+(A_y)\hat{j}+(A_z)\hat{k}[/math] if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Sorry, I meant the first but typed it in wrong I think. It doesn't matter too much though. Also, I've only completed Ap Calc AB (I'm still in high school) so my calculus will be a low level. I didn't try to restrict it though, post any level problems (maybe I'll learn something.)
  8. Would they be required to travel the same direction as the wind (or close to the same direction)?
  9. In order to promote the interest, welfare, and enjoyment of calculus I propose we start a random calculus problem thread. Just answer the previous question and provide a new one, however easy/hard you want (hopefully someone can answer it.) Have fun I'll start with [math]\int{\sec{x}^3dx}[/math] (I think this one is fun and different)
  10. Use trig substitution such that [math]x[/math] = [math]\tan{\theta}[/math] Then it will be easy. [edit] When you get to [math]\int{\sec{\theta}^3 dx}[/math], use parts with [math]u = \sec{\theta} [/math] and [math] dv = \sec{\theta}^2 dx [/math] and then use trig identities to get the [math]\int{\sec{\theta}^3 dx}[/math] again. Once you have that, move it to the left side and you're done. (Sub in x) [/edit]
  11. Some of the scholorships give you money to spend, some send it straight to the college, and some give you money but limit how you can spend it. This what my counsler and classmates say anyway. Research the individual scholorships to find out I think.
  12. Don't you know us better by now?
  13. I think that they put too much pressure on standardized testing. The teachers are required to spent emense amounts of time teaching the test instead of the subject. Specifically preparing for the FCAT (in Florida) will not help once FCAT is over. Last year, we had to cut a few chapters off our physics course because of FCAT for one week, one week before where teachers were only allowed to teach FCAT, and packets tecahers had to teach about FCAT.
  14. SFN is back up again! Now my life can return to activity. Welcome back everyone!
  15. They also hear much higher.
  16. Until we advance a lot I like it just find on solid ground.
  17. It does http://www.limewire.com/english/content/download.shtml
  18. They sell the advanced program for money - which many people buy. And I'm talking about downloading songs and videos, not programs. EDIT : I am also opposed to the attitude that everything in life should be free and require no work or effort. (Not all things, some things should be free but when people feel they deserve free music and stuff that you are supposed to buy it annoys me. Also, grades. Being in high school it has become a peeve of mine - no effort. No one does their homework and they complain vigorously about why they are failing. They copy off tests. It annoys me so.)
  19. Wireless should do the trick and be the easy enough.
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