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    I didn't have a lot of time because I had to re do it I originally did a topic on the "will to power". Obviously Quantum physics relates to all things because everything is made of matter and sub atomic particles. I actually find the subject of quantum mechanics/theory very interesting. what annoys me is when to pass psychology honors I have to write some random 2000 word essay on some obscure philosophical question from a foundation unit when I am having enough trouble trying to wade through the mountains of stats work I need to complete that is actual psych work..

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    dont worry, pay attention to word 'Quantum', look it up in dicitionary if you dont already know. I am a chemistry student and I never did physic before starting university and trust me you do a lot of quantum mechanics in physcial chemistry. Why, well atoms, molecules are very very tiny and our everyday observation give us a misleading picture in general so we use quantum mechanics to help us understand what is possible and what isnt even if the impossible may actually be possible in the real 'quantum' world.

    hope this helps you to think about it, also there are some books that will also help you with your essay. maybe google 'quantum mechanics and real world' who know something interesting might show up.


    good luck.


    Thanks didn't need luck after that ;)

  2. I have to write a 2000 word essay due tom on this question. It is for a Uni foundation unit and the topic is completely unrelated to my study course (yes I do think that it is pointless). I have learned the basic of quantum physics but really do not want to have to get into detail. I have done the intro and am up to 1000 words. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any ideas will help a lot as I will elaborate on them. Philosophical concepts are ok as well.


    The question:


    Why should all university students, and not just those studying physics, understand the ideas associated with quantum mechanics?



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    hmmm 7 views but no repies now im even more worried lol

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