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  1. New whale tactic witnessed to catch foot: (and they are learning it to the other ones) http://www.livescience.com/animalworld/050902_whalebait.html imagine if whales would have books to collect the info so the next generation wouldn't always have to start over again.
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    If you have to push extra when you are outside the room then the pressure in the room is higher, it's trying to push the door to you. The pressure outside your room is probably lower because there are some window/ventilation open (with some wind blowing) When you open your own window the pressure drops also in your room eliminating the difference. Could be something else but this seems likely.
  3. Kedas

    P4a or P4b

    It could also be a setting in your bios to shutdown if temp is higher than what you specified.
  4. related this kind of thought problems does someone know of an existing simulator program where you can specify object/clock locations and speeds/accelerations and see the result? preferable in 3D but 2D would also already be nice. maybe matlab/simulink?
  5. If the male IQ is more spread out than women then you can also say that for every 'stupid women' there are 5 even 'stupider man'. Basically what it means is that nature experiments more with man and chooses more for the safe solution if it comes to a women. And since the very stupid man die you get the impression that the average is higher for man.
  6. Talking about earth here (since aliens is totally guessing) You can't really say there is a very small correlation and then saying we can estimate it based on size but it isn't totally reliable. They can't both be true. if there is only a small correlation then the estimation is almost as good as a guess. if it's more than a small correlation then who has proven it? about A. Einstein Even if his brain size was about the same we can still easily be a factor of two different or more. some info article:http://www.usaweekend.com/04_issues/040222/040222smartanimals.html
  7. When referring to intelligence from different species they refer to this ratio body brain weight is there any evidence that this is a correct way of thinking. Is there any relation between that ratio and intelligence of different humans? Although I can easily find someone that is twice as smart than the other one stil they have the about same ratio. Even one of the smartest people A. Einstein had a brain that weighted a lot less than average. So saying that a lifeform with any size of brain is stupid is a big assumption, right?
  8. yes elasticity is needed. I only want to say that the L in the formula is the distance between A and B. it's only a small detail like I said.
  9. The confusion about it is just my question. If speed is a factor in our IQ should't it be the same for A.I. devices and if that is the case then the AI device IQ is CPU speed dependant.
  10. A small detail shouldn't the question be a wire between two points at distance L instead of a wire of L length? Because how can there be an amplitude if the whole wire is used up as n/2 times wave length.
  11. Yes I understand that but when they take an IQ test of you they will say you X min. so time is factor in measuring it. Although I never thought that time should be an important factor. It is not like if I get ten times more time that I will be able to solve all questions right.
  12. Why do we want a single number to define how intelligent we or AI-devices are? Even for a simple CPU comparison we use lot's of benchmarks numbers. Put a faster CPU in it and suddenly it's a lot smarter. Or does time not count for AI-devices? Do you think that as long that a 'software-CPU / AI-device' isn't decleared alive it has no IQ. Is it somewhere proven that there exist something like 'universal intelligence'? It depends on the reference environment it even depends on time making it as relative as it can be. (maybe you are a genius on Mars ) some reference article http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7842
  13. My mistake I assumed that everyone knew the dictonary meaning when I wrote that.
  14. Yes, I know that, but there is a lot of trued in the other one if you think about it.
  15. It is called "artificial" because we completely understand its being.
  16. Astronomers have discovered an object in our solar system that is larger than Pluto. They are calling it the 10th planet, but already that claim is contested. It is the first time an object so big has been found in our solar system since the discovery of Pluto 75 years ago. Position: about 3 times sun-pluto distance, inclination 45° The new world's size is not at issue. But the very definition of planethood is. Alan Boss, a planet-formation theorist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, called the discovery "a major step." But Boss would not call it a planet at all. Instead, he said Pluto and other small objects beyond Neptune should be called, at best, "Kuiper Belt planets." source: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/050729_new_planet.html
  17. Next time you see lotto numbers email them to me then I can verify if they were correct. One other thing if you see in your dream a guy running away with your money don't believe it it's just a vision.
  18. some PDF's of Maurizio Consoli http://arxiv.org/find/physics/1/au:+Consoli_M/0/1/0/all/0/1
  19. The link works for me, anyway: this is what's up there: Some more info here: http://phorum.internalspace.co.uk/read.php?2,396,396
  20. Anyone know what Maurizio Consoli is going to do that is different than the many other attempts to prove that the ether did (not) exist? http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18624930.900&feedId=space_rss091'>http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18624930.900&feedId=space_rss091 or go to http://www.newscientist.com/ en enter ether in the search box. the title of the article is: Catching the cosmic wind
  21. So you just want to know if signal reaches a certain amplitude. then you can use that second 741 schematic so your problem is located in the basic resistor, capacitor knowledge, do you want a few links ? first think of it what will happen if there wouldn't a capacitor in your circuit.(DC) this means that the output will flip any time that insound is high enough (in-0.7)*R1/(R1+R2)>5v*R3/(R3+R4) your power supply isn't symetric so some limitations there. to understand what happens with the capacitors look up some data about low-pass filters. (you don't want to detect spikes in your insound) about your other schematic switching the power supply (VCC) of an IC is never a good idea.
  22. Then read it again until you learned something. Because there is no way that someone who understands what's on those pages is making an OpAmp based schematic like yours. maybe this will help you: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electronic/opampvar.html notice that all examples with exception of the comparator have a feedback line (out-signal changing in-signal)
  23. start reading a few things here: http://www.technologystudent.com/elec1/opamp1.htm even more basic lessons: http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/mastascu/eLessonsHTML/OpAmps/OpAmp1.html In case you don't know an opamp is an amplifier not a magic toy.
  24. Don't know much about tabletPC's but can't you just erase it and start again installing XP?
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