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  1. Types of 'time' dilation. correct?


    Gravitational Time dilation

    -difference in geometry of space-time (ie, black hole is nearly frozen in time relative to us)


    Light abberation Time dilation

    -change in distance between clock and observer manipulates the rate at which a clock ticks.


    acceleratoin Time dilation


    nearing light speed Time dilation

    These are all the exact same thing. Read up on the Principle of Equivalence.

  2. Yeah the I called the cops and when they came over to talk to me and survey the damage they advised checking the pawn shops as well, probably going to go hit them all tommorow


    To do what? Buy the stuff back? Or report it?


    I believe you shoukld be able to get the pawn shop owners to reveal who sold it to them if you can make a case that their merch was stolen.

  3. When ever I'm relaxed but till exsited there this smell it smells sweet, smooth, ant soothing. I wanted to know what this was and does it happen to anyone else?


    A sweet smell on the breath can be an indication of Diabetes.


    Next time you're at your doctor's, ask him to test you.


    Have you experienced some of these following symptoms lately?


    Frequent urination

    Excessive thirst

    Extreme hunger

    Unusual weight loss

    Increased fatigue


    Blurry vision

  4. The revulsion is rooted in the Frankenstein Complex. Less human = less soul, less compassion.


    The acceptance of artifical enhancment will not come as a discontinuity, it will come gradually, as each incremental advancement is accepted by society.


    An excellent analogy would be to medico-technical enhancement of fertility, and pregnancy.

  5. I heard that the furry psychology has to do with the supposition that cartoon characters, especially animal-like characters cannot be hurt by normal means, and that they and act freely on their desires with little real consequence.


    Being a furry (and donning a costume) is a way a socially-repressed person can go out into the world (including, and often especially, sexually) protected. They can act out, and be acted upon, without getting hurt and without hurting others.

  6. I know all the current thinking & evidence on the origin of the universe is the Big Bang theory but why , with such an immense amount of matter & energy was not the energy for expansion of any mass within it infinite & why was it not a vast black hole in its early stages ? Infinite means infinite as per Einsteins equtions -- or does it ?

    Black holes are composed of matter that has collapsed from its own gravity. There is no (significant) outward force.


    In the BB, it was too hot for matter to even exist (matter did not "freeze out" until long after the BB). No matter, thus no (significant) collapsing force. Moreover, what there was, was a lot of energy, creating a strong expansive force.

  7. I see. The reason I asked is that, if it's true, then why would I be able to tell if I`m falling. You get that really strange feeling in your stomach (I've never skydived, but I can imagine). But I realize that must be just what it feels like if gravity 'falls away'. So the astronauts in a spacestation like the ISS must be feeling like they're constantly falling down, even when they're sleeping. That must be so weird!

    Yes. Exactly. I've always thought it amusing when you see people in movies drifting into freefall, like they're suddenly floating.


    Um, no. They're suddenly falling.


    If you have ever flown in a passenger jet as it reaches cruising altitude, you know what it feels like (in a very small way) to have the plane drop out from underneath you. It is a ... disturbing feeling. Now imagine of the plane dropped right out from under you - and continued to drop such that, as you began to fall, it fell away just as fast.


    I was vindicated recently with the most recent space tourist who went up to the ISS. She was sick for the whole first day from the feeling.

  8. I think crackpottery stems specifically from the misconception that science is simple enough to "do" without years of science education.


    With just a grade school or high school education, it is possible to fabricate whole universes of "logical" physical and not-so-physical ideas. This leads to an internally-consistent system - one that actually makes sense. As long as you don't actually compare it to reality. These ideas can thrive and flourish thrive as long as they are not burdened with the drag of actually testing them to see if they agree with reality.

  9. for what purpose would it serve?


    Actually, before I had any idea what they meant, I assumed they were some sort of "progress bar" - the length denoting something, for example, number of posts or somesuch.

  10. Evolution has always seemed like a system asymptotically approaching a final endpoint to me...

    That because you make the huge and mostly incorrect assumption that the drivers for evolution are fixed.


    If their environment and other factors did not change, you would be correct, organisms would reach a peak evolved state and evolve little more. In fact, this does happen on small scales and over certain time periods (Well, OK bacteria have done pretty good at large scale long-term stability**.)


    The lion's share of ecosystems have countless factors that change all the time (which is why it is literally impossible with current computing power to simulate it except in the most sketchy way.)


    **OK. And sharks.

    And Algae.

    Ferns. Coelocanths. Cockroaches.


    (All right, but other than that - what have the Romans done for us?)

  11. The overall effect is that box A increases in temperature whilst box B lowers in temperature, all of this without the demon adding any energy to the system. This defies the second law of thermodynamics.

    On a more pedantic level, would it not also reuslt in an imbalance of pressure? At some point, won't the demon be having to hold back a whole pile of molecules all trying to push in one direction?

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