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  1. I can't see how putting salt on your skin will make you lose fat. The salt won't be able to pass through the skin so it won't be able to do anything. If it did pass through your skin, it would result in mayhem in your blood long before it got anywhere near the fat cells!
  2. It's also that people associate the word quantum with advanced ideas and things like that. That why people use it in marketing
  3. I'd guess that as evolution occured and speciation occured, the new species would have had an advantage over the original species. The two species would have likely competed for the same resources and therefore the new species which had evolved to suit the conditions better would have had an advantage and therefore they survived where as the originals didn't.
  4. B - this will depend on the pressure the water is at C - will depend on the levels of impurity and also the temperature of the water D - in large quantities water is actually blue
  5. Sorry if its a bit late but heres how I'd try it. Ive outlined the route in an image below. The first step involves the carbonylation of propene using a boron reagent. The subsequent steps would need to be performed in a certain order; but as youre trying to get a symmeterical product it will make the process much easier. After the addition of carbon monoxide to the alkyl borane intermediate, water followed by H2O2/NaOH mixture would give you the hept-4-one needed for the next step. This ketone can then be converted into the alkene with a Wittig reaction. An then simple electrophilic addition of Br2 to the alkene gives the product. Hope that makes sence
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