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  1. We all know that we should take our full course of antibiotics because if we don't, it can encourage the growth of naturally antibiotic resistant bacteria. My question is: if there are indeed naturally antibiotic resistant bacteria that get selected for during antibiotic use, wouldn't they get selected for anyway even if the full course of antibiotics were taken? If they really are resistant, no quantity of that particular antibiotic would kill them would they?
  2. I know that diabetics often have glucose in their blood but it can't be absorbed into the tissues because of the lack of insulin or lack of insulin receptors..so why do diabetics carry around glucose with them for emergencies? If they haven't got insulin, eating glucose won't do anything... I'm obviously missing something!
  3. Are you planning on making some?
  4. He's not a good aboriginal example..He is obviously not 100% aboriginal.
  5. That's just a myth perpetuated by lazy people to justify their lack of exercise! (exercise --> more heart beats --> early death etc)
  6. My understanding is that people with type O RBCs lack A and B antigens and have anti-A and anti-B antibodies. Anyway, assuming your blood types were compatible, you would probably get protection for a few days, up to a week, and then those foreign antibodies etc will get destroyed, leaving no memory cells.
  7. I think there's more than enough evidence that bacteria were here a long time before eukaryotes were. Also, no bacteria meant Adam would have had no normal flora at all! That in itself would have caused health problems!
  8. I can do that really easily. Must have a slightly different brain that most other people!
  9. As everyone does, I often stretch my shoulders and neck back and head a cracking sound...but often I feel tight in the sternum area and feel like i need to crack it. I do, it gives a little sound and it gives me the relief I was after. Does anyone else feel the need to do this sometimes? And what exactly is happening? I hope that makes sense!
  10. How would Adam and Eve have communicated? Language? If so, which language? Adam lived to 930 years? There is a lot of bullshit in the Bible, but that would take the cake!
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