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    lol Yea, they burp more than they fart though.
  2. NPK

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    Contrary to popular belief, cows don't fart a lot - they burp.
  3. NPK

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    More specifically, it is the methanogenic Archaea inside the termites that produce the methane.
  4. Title says it all Is there a difference or are the terms interchangeable?
  5. Scientists don't believe man descended from apes. The current theory is that they branched off separately from a common ancestor.
  6. How did viruses originate? Are they all assumed to have a common ancestor or did they spontaneously exist independently?
  7. Some bacteria are Gram variable and exhibit staining properties in different parts of their growth cycle. eg. a bacterium I have been working with, Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus, stains Gram positive during early logarythmic growth, and stain Gram negative from a growing culture.
  8. Wouldn't plain water do the trick?
  9. That's not the point of the thread..it's about translation, not transcription. And mRNA does not get transcribed anyway.
  10. Many people think that the terms human race and human species are interchangeable. I don't agree with that - aren't races subsets of species? Are races the same as strains? Saying that, how many human races are there and what are they called? Is caucasian a race? asian? african-american?
  11. This may sound like a stupid question, but why don't tRNA and rRNA get translated into protein? (I know what role tRNA and rRNA play in cells but what's stopping a ribosome attaching to them etc?) Do the Bacterial ones not have Shine-Dalgarno sequences? Do the Eukaryotic ones not have a 5' cap? Do they quickly fold into their tertiary structure and not expose any binding sites for translation to begin?
  12. All nucleated cells do. So that's pretty much all of them except erythrocytes as far as I know.
  13. Sounds a lot like Salmonella gastroenteritis....Salmonella Typhimurium perhaps. The time frame of this is usually 12-36 hours, which seems to fit your account. Apart from meat, eggs and milk are common sources. Symptom can include watery diarrhoea, nausea, cramps, dehydration and vomiting.
  14. Why do some people call them testes (singular: testis), and others call them testicles? Why have 2 names?
  15. Wow, that's better than any scientific proof!
  16. When someone has completed a research project and written an article on it, how do they decide which journal to try and get it published in? Do they just try one journal, or do they apply to many of them? There are so many journals out there, many of which are about the same topics and have lots of content overlap. How does the whole process work??
  17. Bacteria can also play a part. ie. Propionibacterium acnes
  18. We have millions of bacteria in and on our bodies, and are usually no harm to us. Howcome our immune systems don't attack them? Is it just that they are protected by living in biofilms?
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