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  1. I'm into microbiology and infectious diseases. I think this one of the most important areas to study' date=' because so many innocent people sucumb to terrible, potentially curable diseases. Also, there's a lot of funding in these areas now. hehe/


    Right now, I'm doing work on urinary tract infections, and mechanisms that are invovled with the infection process in E. coli[/quote']


    Microbiology for me too. Pretty much for the same reasons as ecoli here.


    I'll also be working on urinary tract infections, caused by Staphylococcus saprophyticus, more specifically putative novel adhesins.

  2. We have a number of anti-virals...eg. acyclovir (Zovirax) for HHV1; tamiflu and relenza for influenza viruses. As Dak said, these are specific drugs rather than general viral drugs (there are many types of viruses with different nucleic acid types, genes and structures).

  3. Ya. I think it is a old joke and you get a good laugh.



    This is a easy one.....


    "How can you divide a cake into 8 EQUAL parts with just three slices?"


    Cake is a normal cylinderical cake.

    Slice it in half from the side (ie. so you now have a top half and a bottom half)

    Keep the halves together, and cut the cake into quarters (2 cuts) as usual = 8 slices


    hope that makes sense!

  4. Just watched Jurassic Park again on TV....and have some questions for the dinosaur lovers here.


    1. How do they know that Tyrannosaurus rex can only see movement (ie. if you stood completely still they could not see you)


    2. How do they know veloci raptors (sp?) hunt from side-on in groups?


    Or are there just things made up by the movie makers?

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