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  1. Pathologist - specialising in microbiology
  2. you flank the words you want hidden with [ hide ] and [ /hide ], taking out the spaces.
  3. another hint [hide]think of prime numbers[/hide]
  4. Noone is having a go? Hint: [hide]there are 2 patterns[/hide]
  5. What about when females pee and leave toilet paper in the bowl? Do you flush that or leave it to conserve water?
  6. Nope. Big hint: [hide]oNe tWo tHree fOur fIve ...[/hide]
  7. Hint: [hide]It incorporates both numbers and the alphabet[/hide]
  8. No. I'll give a hint if the next few guesses are incorrect.
  9. We have a number of anti-virals...eg. acyclovir (Zovirax) for HHV1; tamiflu and relenza for influenza viruses. As Dak said, these are specific drugs rather than general viral drugs (there are many types of viruses with different nucleic acid types, genes and structures).
  10. (√√√(√4/.4)^4!) - √4 = 123 or 44/.4' + 4! = 123 (.4' = .4 recurring)
  11. (√4 / .4)! + 4 - 4 = 120 (44/4)^ √4 = 121 (√4 / .4)! + 4 - √4 = 122
  12. Slice it in half from the side (ie. so you now have a top half and a bottom half) Keep the halves together, and cut the cake into quarters (2 cuts) as usual = 8 slices hope that makes sense!
  13. Just watched Jurassic Park again on TV....and have some questions for the dinosaur lovers here. 1. How do they know that Tyrannosaurus rex can only see movement (ie. if you stood completely still they could not see you) 2. How do they know veloci raptors (sp?) hunt from side-on in groups? Or are there just things made up by the movie makers?
  14. NPK

    Cool Facts

    Only if you have a diarrhoeal infection!
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