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  1. We're talking about balloons, not hot air balloons.
  2. As long as it looks like a cube, with no noticeable curves and bulges.
  3. Is it possible to create a balloon in the shape of a cube, using only balloon material? So that when you blow it up, it has no curves at all - all straight sides.
  4. NPK

    Acronyms Game

    KLSAD - Koalas like seeing ants dancing
  5. I doubt it. Thermophiles usually don't grow well at human body temperature (as their name implies). All pathogens (I think!) are mesophiles.
  6. Anyone seen Labyrinth? The scene where she has the same problem with 2 talking doorknobs?
  7. What about using specific bacteriophages to kill pathogens?
  8. Another word that is pronounced inconsistently. How do you pronounce it? Fun-guy ? Fun-ghee ? Fun-jee ? Fun-j-eye ? Or some other way?
  9. NPK

    homosexual gene?!

    Wouldn't that mean there's a gay protein? What function would that protein nhave to cause gayness?
  10. How would you say 'cephalic'? With a s or a k sound?
  11. Quite a few microbiology lecturers here in Australia. I've always thought they were pronouncing it wrong..
  12. How is the c supposed to be pronounced in words such as encephalitis and encephalopathy? I've always said them with a soft c, but have heard many use a hard c. Most other words with a c between an n and e have a soft c sound..eg. incest, ancestor, so why do people insist of using the hard c when saying encephalitis?? Doesn't make sense to me.
  13. lol Should I mention my answer of 3 was a complete guess?
  14. hmm...looks like I wrote a trick question without knowing it!
  15. Clever, but the original puzzle involved only 1 set of scales.
  16. very interesting...but people and rocks aren't the same density..that might influence the result?
  17. hmm..let's say you can use anything else, except other scales. Probably impossible or is there a genius here?
  18. I don't know if there is an answer to this...just see if you can think of an ingenious solution! You want to know your weight, but you only have a set of electronic kitchen scales that only weighs items up to 5 kilograms. How do you use these scales to determine your weight?
  19. NPK

    Bacteria where???

    I've often heard that (some) Americans like their burgers red in the middle. Silly silly people.
  20. [hide]there are 2 patterns interwoven - the first pattern (1st, 3rd, 5th etc. numbers) starts at 10 and adds the next prime number after 10. So add 11 to get 21; add 13 to get 34; add 17 to get 51; add 19 to get 70; add 23 to get 93. The second pattern (2nd, 4th etc numbers) are simply the reverse of the preceding number. Hope that makes sense! [/hide]
  21. [hide]The building across the street has 13 windows, but the mathematician who can see this still doesn't know the ages of the sons because there are 2 possibilities: 2+2+9=13; 6+6+1=13. When the blind mathematician knew there was an oldest son, the second of the possibilities can't be right, because that combination isn't compatible with there being an oldest son.[/hide]
  22. [hide]Well, he said the eldest is a redhead, so you assume that the others are not. (Not a good assumption but anyway...) One way for the other sons to both not be redheads is for them to be twins, with different colour hair. Maybe my reasoning was wrong and my guess was lucky...using that logic the ages could have also been 1 (twins) and 36 (redhead) OR 3 (twins) and 4 (redhead). [/hide]
  23. [hide]The redhead is the eldest and the other 2 may be twins. redhead = 9; twins = 2 years old ??? [/hide]
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