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  1. I did not say that they did. I said that if you were to accelerate any object to the speed of light it gains infinate mass.


    Heres another one for your guys - does light experience time or does time stand still at that speed?


    Cheers' date='


    Ryan Jones[/quote']


    Ok, sorry for misunderstanding you. I thought that the part about mass being accelerated was an explanation to why you asked how speed can travel at c if they have mass. Sorry :(

  2. Thanks Ricker :)


    In that case' date=' how can these travel at light speed?

    Anything with mass accelerated to light speed gains infinate mass and thus cannot travel light speed - am I wrong? This has been bugging me for a while, if I have made a mistake then pleas epoint it out :)




    Ryan Jones[/quote']



    Photons doesn't accelerate, they always travel at c, from their creation to their destruction.

  3. Sulfates can also be used.



    These three thermites have a calculated temperature of over 5000 Kelvin :)

    Y + MnO2

    Nd + PbO2

    Nd + I2O5


    Remember to protect your eyes against the ultraviolet radiation that is created from thermites.

  4. What is the easiest ways of creating some magnetic fluid without ordering lots of expensive chemicals on the Internet? Is it possible to create out of normal things found in the house or almost any store?


    I have some iron-powder if that is needed.


    Thank you in advance :)


    Sorry for my bad English :/

  5. What happens if a black hole collides with a white hole? I guess that the black hole will suck in energy that is emitted from the white hole until they collide, but is that everything that happens?


    And what diffrences would it be if the two holes were linked to each other or not?


    Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you understand me :/

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