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  1. The last hour of The Matrix was action packed. The extreme action starts in the lobby and if you notice it doesn't really stop, and it has some quality comic relief. I thought it was an awesome action movie. I wouldn't say it was more Sci Fi than action.
  2. I'm gonna try and see it on monday. I know that's useless information but I'm sure I'll have a ton of opinions to add once i see it.
  3. I don't like to ruin movies for people.
  4. matter

    Halo Online

    Yeah the level design isn't perfect. Mostly I just like like the multiplayer because I haven't played an online FPS since I played Quake Team Fortress on Mplayer, so I like the experience with new graphics. I like the body phhysics too when people fly up into the air after an explosion. I like shooting the flying Banshees out of the air with the Tank and watching the people fly out and fall to the ground like losers.
  5. Ya shouldn't be so mean to daisy. She's very nice to everyone. She even puts up with me in chat sometimes. Even when I talk about how cool The Matrix was :uhh:
  6. Here's a question. Over the centuries what is the most successful way to counter guerilla warfare and win? Everyone used guerilla tactics at some point and most of the time they were succesful in fighting off the enemy. What can the United States do without accepting defeat? By the way the Bush administration would never pull out of there if it would be perceived as a loss. By the way I know that's really off topic but it is a political issue having to do with the war. I can probably answer my own question anyways and the answer is a nuke.
  7. Is this thread pretty much done? I mean it is an interesting thread to read considering it's the begining of October now and the war is still fully in effect. I'm pretty embarassed that the president declared combat was over and now guerillas are killing U.S. troops. If the military doesn't kill Sadam Hussein the war is lost.
  8. matter

    Halo Online

    spam? this is general discussion. let the mods do their job or i'll run you over with a jeep thing. :owned:
  9. matter

    Halo Online

    it's really addictive. oh and fun.
  10. matter

    Halo Online

    I've been playing Halo Combat Evolved on my sisters computer and I'm feeling addicted to the online Capture the Flag. Anyone else on the forums have it? Can we all get on a server and play with teams? I really wanna run some of you over with a Warthog.
  11. Sorry. I can't control myself. I need to go to TNAA.
  12. matter


    Your lips are very red and your teeth are very white and straight. You seem to have a nice mouth for um... talking. Yeah. Final verdict: both parts are nice.
  13. matter

    Tool of the Devil

    I just assumed she knows fafalone from somewhere and he brainwashed her into hanging around on the boards.
  14. matter


    she has a nice avatar
  15. is that really fafalone in the yellow shirt?
  16. Neo was already reincarnated, when Smith shot his ass to death and then Trinitry said she loved him. He can't be reincarnated again lol.
  17. Is killing cute bunnies all you care about?
  18. I tried to stop myself from reading the plot spoilers but I wasn't strong enough. I'm sure it will still be fun to watch in the theatres though. I'll pay to see it.
  19. I rented the Reloaded DVD and after a second viewing I have to say I kind of enjoyed it. It was kind of awkward though, watching Neo and Trinity have sex with all those outlets on their bodies. There is something not quite right with it and I can't figure it out. P.S. the CGI Neo in the fight scene with the 1000 Agents Smiths looks as lame as I remember it the first time. I can't believe they did that. It's like watching a disney cartoon.
  20. matter

    Hatched some bugs

    I really dislike house centipedes. They're extremely disturbing. To me, the more legs something has, the more disgusting it gets. Their bodies are thick and striped and their legs are long and thin. After you kill them, their detatched legs squirm and squirm. I hope ya didnt hatch any house centipedes.
  21. Right. I get what you're saying that it's easier to direct scenes with the guns. What I'm thinking is that the W. brothers can still direct action sequences, but it just feels like they didn't know what to write when it came to writing the action sequences in Reloaded for whatever reason. I still think they have the potential. BTW I just now saw the trailer for Revolutions, and I gotta say I'm pretty pysched. Oh and also, in regards to the guns thing, what about the Dojo scene and the Subway scene in the first one? I loved both of those scenes. I have to think they were both great scenes because of the fact that the story was so good. The story in Reloaded has a "where do we go from here" kind of feel, and it shows in the fighting sequences.
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