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    I'm really concerned about my hair. I'm 20 years old and when I take a shower each morning I find about 5 or 6 hairs on my hand. Do these hairs grow back? Are these normal numbers? Does anyone lose hair like this? I'm truly scared. I don't wanna start balding yet, I'm only 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :uhh:
  2. I only found one :uhh: is anyone surprised? jk of course.
  3. Osama Bin Laden is not a freedom fighter. He is a radical, he is a militant, he is a rich son of a bitch who has convinced enough morons that he is the one to spearhead his 'Jihad.' He is not a freedom fighter because he has nothing that he needs to be freed from. Was anyone occupying his land? I don't believe so. He's fighting for what has happened in the past. He's fighting for a cause that doesn't exist in the real world. He's fighting for fightings sake. He can afford to, and he wants his name in history. The pathology of this piece of garbage is quite easy to understand. He's nothing more than a piece of garbage with a billion dollars to spend. He is quite simply a coward. I laugh at the possibility of Bin Laden actually being a formitable fighter. The freedom fighters of the past have all presented themselves face to face with their enemy, sword to sword and have either lived or died. Osama is currently in hiding. He is the biggest coward on the planet and I would take him out myself if I had the chance.
  4. Sometimes I think people that I'm friendly with are constantly plotting against me, maybe even plotting murder.
  5. I'm 20 and I'm a nerd at heart.
  6. matter

    Call of Duty

    Battlefield 1942 is really fun also. The thing I like about Call of Duty is how authentic the combat seems when everyone starts shooting. It's loud and choatic and disorienting. I like the fact that I can get killed relatively easy by anyone with any type of gun, even a pistol. All it takes is one shot to the head. Also, I always thought that to be an authentic combat game, the game would have to be so that you can fire while looking down the sights, with no crosshair. And THAT is what I really like. Being able to look down the sights really did it for me. For me it's just so much cooler. I played Rainbow 6 when it was popular and I loved the sensation of the danger of sitting out for the round if I got shot by someone first. But all you had on the screen was the crosshairs, no gun animation. With Call of Duty, you have the same sensation, but with the gun animation, plus being able to fire from the sight view.
  7. fafalone? help me out por favor.
  8. matter

    Call of Duty

    anyone play it yet? I haven't seen anything like it. That's not saying much because I have a very old computer and haven't played a multiplayer FPS since Half Life I think. Actually I played Halo briefly but that doesn't count. Anyways I think it's incredibly fun and I'm really addicted to it. It's perfect for multiplayer. It has the type of gameplay where you only have to get hit a couple times in the body to die, and once in the head. You can fire from the hip OR look down your sights which I've always always wanted. Also I've never played a WW2 game online, so killing Germans (or Americans) has never been more fun. Awesome game.
  9. How old is the oldest civilization? How far back was the last known recorded history? I guess I'll reveal my reasons for asking these questions. I've been wondering something. It's pretty lame and I bet everyone has wondered the same thing also. In the last 100 years our technology has exploded. So let's say the oldest real civilization is 20,000 years old. Recently our progress has been pretty swift compared to race time or earth time. So why did it take our race so long to get where we are from 100 thousand years ago? Just in the last 5,000 years we've come a reasonably long way, right? So that leaves roughly 90,000 years before. So why'd it take so long? Are the reasons that the race was too thinly populated around the globe? If we had the capacity of our modern brain back then, shouldn't our ancestors have advanced faster?
  10. I tried to google it but oddly enough the results weren't the ones I was looking for.
  11. How long have homosapiens been around?
  12. I voted yes because I never had any fear of any backwards terrorists in the first place. Their goal is to spread fear and atleast for me, I won't let that happen. They're a joke. They're psychotic. They believe Allah will reward them for their actions. The fact that they blow themselves up is sad but it also makes me shake my head and laugh a little, because it's pathetic.
  13. Everyone should know there are a ton of double standards when it comes to war, and you just can't change it. The U.S. and anyone else who considers themselves at war kills civilians and soldiers because that's what war is. Sure, by definition you could consider the U.K. and U.S. terrorists but does the U.S. or U.K. kill civilians without warning? There's a huge amount of difference between the moral action of a group that car bombs or plane bombs an area with high civilian casualites and the choice to bomb a hostile area that has surrounding civilians who might get caught in the cross fire. That's just how it is and you can't change it. I accept that for what it is. It's just the double standards. What we do is okay and what they do isn't. I can't give an example of an occupation like this that turned out good but I already know they usually don't. As for Iraq turning into Somalia or Vietnam, I don't think that's quite fair to say. I say that because in vietnam there was a clear military faction that was considered an army. We don't know for sure what's happening in Iraq yet. MY knowledge is that the North Vietnamese army was huge, where Iraqs isn't.
  14. spraining my ankle hurt worse than breaking my left arm twice.
  15. Well I saw Revolutions last night and I gotta say I liked it and I didn't. The acting kinda sucked and it hardly had any content in the story. That dude who acts like mouse was pretty annoying. On the other hand I really enjoyed the action sequences. Those dudes in the begining that flipped themselves on stood on the ceiling during the shootout. awesome. And the sentinels swarming to create that face. I cant understand how no one thinks thats cool. Anyways maybe it was a bad idea and maybe it wasn't.
  16. No one is making anyone believe anything. It's just a movie with action and techno that people like. I have a theory you UK people don't like it just cause the Wachowski brothers are American. Yeah there is a ton of hype but that's because people are anxious to see what happens.
  17. I'd rather watch The Matrix than watch Dark City. Everyone has similar ideas when it comes to screen writing. You can't say people ripped off someone else because who's to say who had the idea first? They're both the same concept and that means nothing.
  18. I saw it perfectly last night with a clear sky. Really cool.
  19. No ones crying, there just needs to be more aggressive and harsher action against the resisting force. No one expected the Iraqi public to welcome the U.S. with open arms, it's the downplaying that the U.S. government is doing in regards to the hostile action that makes me mad. That's all I'm complaining about. I hate how they're pretending there is no resisting force when they're obviously is one.
  20. Not so much an axe to grind with Iraq, but with the resistance which is woven into the Iraqi public. It's a sad truth but it's true. While the resisting forces are still around I really feel the U.S. is still at war. Also, troops will continue to get killed and yeah that does make me feel helpless because of the guerilla style tactics. If there's a way to end the resitance it should be taken advantage of in my opinion anyways, because this is a serious resistance.
  21. Greg I have respect for you but I don't see how you could think Iraq is not a warzone. I assume that when the Iraqi military learned of the impending occupation, and the plans to bring democracy to the country, they took off their uniforms and assumed the roles of regular Iraqi citizens. It's a strategic move. That would be the smart thing to do anyways. Now those same men are probably the ones responsible for the deaths that happen every day. Every day a soldier is killed. Also you've heard news of the large explosions and the helicopters being shot down. Those are hostile attacks by an organized force. 16 soldiers died in that incident. To me, that's war. These aren't like street thugs doing these actions. They have to be military personnel. Like you said they're causing a slowdown of the humanitarian aid and the reconstruction. Red Cross is leaving because of the danger. It's a dangerous place. There's a resistance in the country and it's killing U.S. troops. Isn't that a war? As for Bush. He's not the greatest U.S. President but do you really believe Bush and Blair would flat out lie about their WMD information? There has been evidence in the past of Husseins chemical weapons usage and I'm sure they had a recent source who provided them with information. If the source wasn't 100 percent accurate who's to blame for that? I can't say the President, or Blair. All I'm saying is the U.S. is in too deep to even consider ending the occupation for the sole reason that there haven't been any WMD's found.
  22. It's wrong to stop a person from even being able to make a decision. However a baby that's 30 weeks doesn't really seem like a good candidate for abortion. I mean it's almost term. I'm all for choices but in my opinion you have to draw the line somewhere, for the benefit of everyone.
  23. At this point does it really matter if there's no WMD's found? Those were the charges that were brought forth to justify the invasion but this war is turning into something different. I don't think the U.S. should leave Iraq out of consideration for the country. It's in turmoil and now the U.S. has to stay until it's stable or atleast semi-stable. The U.S. is stuck in there and I for one don't really feel any shame or feel that I should take back any feelings I had about the occupation. We're too far in it to turn back now. What the country should be focusing on is the carelessness with the troops that are causing these attacks by guerillas. It's a war zone and it needs to be treated as one. More bombing and more troops. If they're going to demoralize our country, we should demoralize them. There's no such thing as a humane war and the fact that the U.S. thinks they can fight one pisses me off. I love the United States and I want us to be victorious.
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