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  1. I thought of carrot. I feel very unoriginal. :/
  2. matter


    I didn't mean to give offense YT. When I say "you" im usually just talking to the imaginary public. I'm for owning guns if you want to. I'm for anyone doing anything they want to. Well, with a few exceptions. Chopping off a Gorillas hands is morally wrong!
  3. matter


    If you own a handgun, make sure it doesn't get stolen. It doesn't matter if guns are outlawed or not, people that need guns will still be able to get them. By the way, thinking you can defend yourself and your family easily with a gun is kind of ignorant. When you get into a shootout nothing goes the way you expect it to. I wouldn't own a hand gun for safety, I'd own one cause it's fun to fire at targets. If you think about it, having a gun in your home doesn't make you much safer at all. People can still sneak into your home and kill you before you can get to your gun. It's a very weird issue but outlawing firearms altogether isn't the answer.
  4. by hitting it with a brick.
  5. Well, Iraq seemed to have an army. I also think the U.S. would have invaded Afghanistan regardless because the U.S. wasn't fighting the Afghan military, it was fighting the Taliban regime. I don't think you can really say the U.S. is fighting Afghanistan. As for nuclear weapons, I don't think it would change anything. If Iraq or Afghanistan had threatened to fire nuclear weapons they would have been signing their own demise. I'm pretty sure the rest of the world wouldn't like that decision. And if they were indifferent, well then they're not better than those who claim the U.S. doesn't care about what happens in other parts of the world.
  6. I'm pro-cannabis and have been for about 4 years. As an advocate for responsible use, I find it disapointing that I observe the situation as a war that can't be won. There's a stigma about Marijuana in the country, where it feels like no one really cares whether it's legalized or not. I went to a Freedom Rally in my city not long ago sponsored by the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, and not to sound stereotypical but while one of the speakers was trying to rally everyone in the crowd, most of them were too stoned to care. My solution is to live my private life carefully, and evade the law in a non-violent manner. The drug war has not prevented me from smoking pot for my own pleasure in any way. If you're bright, it's easy to live your life however you want.
  7. blike: get more attention whores to come to the site. (it might be offensive but I still think that was hilarious when it was originally typed out)
  8. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/space/01/04/mars.rovers/index.html Wow, that 400 million dollars wasn't a total waste. I'm happy for the little guy.
  9. for blike: you will promise not to spontaneously wrap your self in white garments.
  10. I really don't understand that part. Nothing is mentioned about new souls, or where souls come from. I'm only four chapters in. A majority of the book doesn't seem to make sense, and the author just attributes that to humans not being able to grasp the idea of a non-physical dimension. I want to know how accurate hypnosis is, not from someone who has a Ph.D in counseling and uses hypnosis for therapy, but from someone who has studied the brain.
  11. I've been reading a book, not because I believe in its theories, but because I want to read the theories. It's written by a man who has a doctorate in counseling, or something. It's a book of case studies he's done involving hypnosis to bring back memories from the unconscious about past lives. I really think it's kind of wacky and the guy scares me, like some sort of cult leader. His subjects all talk about souls, and he mentions souls throughout the book and talks about them matter-of-factly. This book is totally bogus right? He says he thinks when we die our souls enter the spirit world, and then choose a new life to start, and that each life we take is a life that is meant to educate our souls through experience. How could a Ph.D talk about this type of thing? Does anyone know about hypnosis? I tend to think that hypnosis is not a reliable source for any type of information. He says that during a hypnotic trance people can't lie. Is that true?
  12. Thanks YT and Merry Christmas to you as well. Happy Holidays to all.
  13. I have a feeling when we pull off Skeletors mask, fafalone is gonna be there to say he would of got away with it all if it wasn't for those meddeling kids! maybe they're just trying to attract even more tourism.
  14. blike always comes through with the bomb diggity news stories. I'm interested in what super skeptic fafalone would think about this. I never said I didn't believe in ghosts, and I never said I did. This could all just be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the security staff that work the building during the time that these events happened. However I really like the thought of ghosts actually existing for some reason so I really want to believe, but I won't get my hopes up. The image kind of looks like a pirate. Why wasn't this more national news? I would have never known about this if I didn't read this post. By the way, it could just be a glitch in the Matrix.... edit: it did make international news, I just saw an article here in the Boston Globe.
  15. Personally I'm not trying to ignore history, I have accepted history. I have acknowledged that the old Bush administration gave Iraq weapons. However I personally don't feel I should hold animosity towards the country or the current policies. The U.S. has manipulated many a country and people. One of my relatives experienced this as a young adult, when she supported a political party in South America that was actually orchestrated by the CIA. Now while I think this is deceptive I still support the country I live in. As for learning from history, I have. Has the the U.S. government? Maybe or maybe not. Most likely not. The U.S. citizen has no control over the governments policies, so it's not fair to blame the public. We have the power to elect officials and maybe impeach officials but in between we don't have much power. That is one reason why it is logical to accept the history and try to work forward.
  16. That Bus bombing was really dispicable. Seeing dead children as a result of that bombing was really very sad. I don't support Palestine but I don't support Israel. Israeli's have killed Palestinian civilians before. The whole mess is really quite frustrating. I guess I support Israel in the feeling that no one should blow up a bus filled with school girls. Horrific.
  17. I grew up watching violent action movies (the predator, robocop, total recall, the terminator etc) and I don't have any new found hatred for fake violence. It just seems in the last few months I've seen way too many people die on camera. I've seen a documentary on the history channel where a man and a woman were shot by police but while they were injured, they commited murder-suicide. On the news I've seen that crazy bastard shoot that lawyer outside the courthouse (the lawyer lived.) In that movie Bowling for Columbine I saw atleast 5 people die by gunfire. On another documentary I saw someone getting shot in the street. On a news documentary I saw a woman get executed by AK-47 in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. On some shock value TV program I saw an attempted murder by a hitman on an undercover narcotics agent. The hitman was a lousy shot, but agents stormed in from the neighboring room and shot the hitman to death. I just remembered I was watching a CNN documentary about the effect killing the enemy has on U.S. soldiers, and they had video of soldiers shooting and killing an Iraqi fighter. That's 11 gun deaths I've seen on TV news programs and one attempted murder. I feel very fatigued emotionally over the whole gun issue, and the fact that 11,000 so people are killed by guns in the U.S. every year. It's just very tiring. So please continue your work YT because I'd rather lose myself in the world of movie violence than watch the real shootings. I love films though. Hell I kinda wanna get shot to death in a movie myself. Those squibs are cool.
  18. I'm getting sick of seeing violence on television. I've seen too many real shootings on T.V. recently and it's starting to turn my stomach. I don't wanna see anybody get shot anymore.
  19. Jews don't like Palestinians, Palestinians don't like Jews. This won't change.
  20. Well to be honest I forgot to consider napalm as a WOMD. I mean I think when someone says WOMD they're thinking nuclear or bio. You're right about that though, so thanks. But the U.S. has changed, really, we have. I didn't mean in any way that the United States has any control over who gets to own nuclear weapons. Does everyone really need to keep talking about the fact that the U.S. gave Iraq those weapons back in that time? I mean it's old news. What was done at that specific time was what needed to be done at that time and only at that time. Now it's this time and there's a new agenda. What more can you really do about it? Say it's bad. Okay. Does that stop it? Not likely. Yes, the U.S. is hypocritical. I think that might be the result of the structure of our government. A new guy with new feelings every 4 years? Okay. That's it.
  21. Double standards. That doesn't mean it's wrong though. The United States has never used WOMD on someone the whole world classified as unjustified. When you listen to what some leaders of certain countries say about their enemies, about people of a different religion it's easy to understand why it would not be a good idea to give them Nukes. It's as simple as that. Countries that have grown and shown progress over the last 50 years get nukes and a gold star, everyone else gets NOTHING. I love living in the USA.
  22. Don't be worried Sayonara old chum. I have a feeling in my gut that the strikes from Islamic fundamentalist groups have ended. Your country is safe. Everyone loves the UK!
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