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  1. Militants have started their attacks again. A couple soldiers and some contractors have been kidnapped, along with Japanese citizens. The military is fighting this war the wrong way. http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/04/10/iraq.missing/index.html
  2. matter


    I could afford a new mustang if i put down like 9 thousand. But then I would be depressed because my bank account would practically be wiped out.
  3. matter


    well I cant really afford anything like that so i have to go with the civic I guess... unless I can find something else.
  4. matter


    faf... you buy your car used? new? you financed it yourself?
  5. My own thoughts are volcanic activity but it's pretty cool either way. Wouldn't there have to microbes covering Mars to put that much methane in the atmosphere?
  6. I still have my N64 with a copy of Goldeneye but I don't have anyone to play it with. I'm worried about the new one. EA doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to first person shooters. I think the new version may be a downgrade.
  7. matter


    its a civic though. :/ 2004 civic coupe.
  8. lol. i was thinking chevy cavalier but I know someone at the honda dealership. bah.
  9. I can only afford to buy a new Honda. Proceed to laugh.
  10. matter


    all I can afford to buy is a new Honda. i'm going to get laughed at. would a cute chick or a vanity license plate make me cooler?
  11. I saw this television program about a male homosexual couple who wanted to adopt a child. The conclusion was the adoption of an asian boy. The parents were caucasian, I guess. Anyways I had this brief thought in my mind. I thought "that poor kid." But not because I think homosexuality is wrong, and not because I think they're not loving parents, but because I know how cruel people can be. I just kept thinking.. how selfish. And I know that may sound ignorant, but really shouldn't it be a parents obligation to take into account what kind of environment their child is going to be raised in? Of course not everybody takes that into consideration when they choose to be parents, but maybe they should. I mean, this child is probably going to face a good amount of adversity during his life. He may be able to rise above, and he may turn out fine but nobody really knows that outcome. Just from going to public schools and witnessing how people are, and also viewing society, I think it's fair to make the assumption that the child may not be able to handle it. In conclusion I'm not opposed to giving homosexuals rights, but I think they should really think about adopting children. And I know that's off topic but I had to get my thoughts out there. I know I may be viewed as ignorant but I still have to say this couples decision was very selfish in my own opinion.
  12. The Hubble is obviously the money, and it's a damn shame that it's going to be put out of use. I like the comparison of ground based images to hubbles' images. That sucks man. NASA needs to stand up for the Hubble.
  13. I thought this one was more distant than others they had discovered. That's why I didn't consider it the one others had been talking about. I thought this was a new one.
  14. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/space/03/15/distant.object/index.html check out the article if you like. a lot of questions about gravity pop into my head when I read this story.
  15. Well they didn't put the content on the website but they're curious as to what it is.
  16. NASA scientists get to remotely control a machine on another planet and they're still bored enough to create a story around a little piece of thing? These dudes are never satisfied.
  17. stop all production of heroin? okay, to do that you'll need to attack all the opium fields all over the world, and risk the lives of many people, namely the soldiers who are going to need to fight the people who run these fields, in the process wasting lots of money. Seems like the wrong solution to me. Once you have a drug "problem" that consumes the country, you cant just stop it, you have to work with it. Actually, just don't shoot heroin.
  18. To save my life I can't understand why the government can't evaluate the situation correctly and make the proper adjustments. And I'm not just one of these people that wants certain drugs to be decriminalized just so I can use them. The facts are there that a simple reform of the laws would take care of some of the worries that the U.S. has with smuggling, drug dealing, and drug violence. Why fight the smugglers and drug lords with guns when you can just cut them out all together using a non-violent method? I just don't understand.
  19. Has anyone ever questioned why we have fingerprints, and their purpose for our species? Are they just a product of our genetic differences? Thanks for reading.
  20. I ranted about a lot of the subjects fafalone learned in his class on my stupid website about 4 or 5 months ago. It's pretty much common sense that even if a substance is classified as illegal people will ALWAYS find a way to get the product onto the street. Americans want drugs for some reason and drug lords take advantage of that fact. Just let us grow our own pot. sheesh.
  21. I'll describe my classic sleep paralysis. One day after I got home from highschool I got on my bed and layed on my back with my hands above my head. It was the afternoon and light was coming in through the windows. One of my family members was in the kitchen right outside my room. I was very tired and dozed off. Next, I was laying in my bed unable to move. The light and time seemed to be exactly the same from when I fell asleep. Someone without a face walked into my room and up along side my bed. They put their "knee on my chest" and pushed down. The feeling was very strange but I wasn't scared. It felt like a strong vibration and that they were pushing me down through the bed. The person walked out of the room backwards and came in and repeated two more times. At that point I knew I was in a paralysis because I had read an article about it. After the person disappeared I layed there looking around the room, trying to move my limbs. Next I heard talking in my ears but couldnt understand what was being said. That continued for a few seconds, and after followed a buzzing noise. At this point I knew the dream was coming to an end, and slightly could move my finger. In a jolt I could move my whole body, and sat up, waking myself from my dream. It was pretty cool.
  22. Thanks for the links Sayo. I guess there was a final decision after all.
  23. Recently here in the U.S. NASA has considered discontinuing shuttle missions for repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope. It's part of a plan that would discontinue all shuttle use in hopes of using a new method for space travel. To me this is sad news. The Hubble Space Telescope has captured some amazing images from the galaxy, and the universe. My understanding is that it is able to take the finely detailed photographs because it is in orbit, and does not receive interference from the Earths atmosphere. Could new ground based telescopes ever be as great as the Hubble? There's no real official word that the repair missions are being discontinued but the plan that the President of the U.S. has proposed calls for the Hubble's reitirement. I personally want the Hubble to stick around.
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