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    I think Crash traded his one phone call for one forums post. He isn't posting, maybe he's in jail.
  2. anybody see the Robert Jacob video? I did, i'm pretty disturbed after seeing it. those videos just make ya feel helpless. really sucks. it does comfort me that one of the killers was a fat fucking piece of shit.
  3. Just be glad you were in the company of people who wouldn't take advantage of your blackout. I read about a study connecting binge drinking with brain damage later on in life but I can't find the link. doh.
  4. There has to be another useful solution to waging a war on terrorist cells. I just cannot think of one right now. It's hard to fight an invisible enemy when they're hidden in the public. Really the only solution is to kill as many of them as possible. Take crime families in the U.S. as examples. Leaders went to jail but the family lives on. You can't ever really stop them and torture isn't the answer. The extremists want to die and I'm sure they'd rather die than give valuable information to those who want it. Or the U.S. could just not fight at all.
  5. well the idea that I had was people could ask their own ethical questions. it doesn't have to be a thread for one topic only.
  6. 21/m/new (better) england USA ahhhhhhhhh just kidding.
  7. Well are ya? It's almost to Saturn and I'm looking forward to hearing interesting stuff. The newest pic of Saturn taken by the probe is nice. It's taken seven years but I think it will be worth it.
  8. a long time ago people probably discovered marijuana by accident, and then cultivated it. Marijuana might interest you in nature when you first start smoking it but usually after a while it just becomes a way to relax for some people.
  9. whoa whoa, it wasn't my story. I kind of wondered if people assumed it was. it's just a thread for hypothetical discussion I guess.
  10. I guess I was asking why it's wrong to disagree with something when someone else wants it so badly. I'm not just asking about ya know looks and words, i'm talking about if she kisses you, or grabs you, or something. If a guy is weak what is he to do? on a side note, anybody have any other every day ethical dilemas?
  11. yeah I guess you're right. it's a pretty straightforward solution. but what if that person is weak? is it ethical to be judgemental of their self control when a girl is all over them?
  12. don't get mad at me, I know there is a Biomedical Ethics forums but this thread is meant to be different. I had an idea to discuss everyday ethical decisions. If my idea sucks go ahead and let me know. So heres my question. If an underage girl does everything in her power to seduce you what do you do?
  13. isn't that Grey Fox from the Metal Gear Solid video game?
  14. Thanks for making this thread fafalone, because I wanted to let my feelings out after seeing the video. It's brutal and disturbing. I guess that's all I have to say. As for politics, are you going to let this video effect your morale (if you have any to begin with)? Because that is this videos purpose. It hasn't effected my morale regarding Iraq at all. The tape is meant to stir resentment towards the President of the U.S. I don't think world leaders can really negotiate in a situation like this. Also, even if prisoners were released from Abu Ghraib, do you think these members would have actually released Berg? Unfortunately he was probably dead from the start. While this act was brutal I think that running a country can be brutal in itself. You have to make decisions like these, and if you make the wrong one, either way people will hate you.
  15. Thank ya. But... It was fun at first but it had a rather depressing conclusion. I'm not proud at all and I'm going to try to stop binge drinking like that.
  16. I'm sure. My sister and her hot friend witnessed me fall down the stairs and go face first into the door at bottom. I guess I was pretty coherent during my blackout. They didn't need to carry me or anything like that, which is why I was so surprised that I would do something like take a leak on the floor.. I don't understand
  17. Share if you like. Readers discretion advised. Mine was very bad. I started the night out normally having 3 drinks at my sisters apartment with her, her fiance and her friend (who was really hot but not into me at all). Soon we went out and stopped at a bar which had a pretty good blues band playing. Me and her fiance and another couple competed in a game of darts which we won. Next we headed out to another place which I didn't like. I had a shot and a beer there. After we headed to a restaurant to get some chicken fingers and I had a beer there. Next we headed to a party where I had a beer. Everything was normal. We headed to this other party and that's where it got bad. I should of stopped drinking but I didn't. I think I had two more beers and one beer funnel and that's where I blacked out. Apparantly I was talking to a bunch of gay people about how they really wanted to be with women and maybe I even said I didn't like them but I don't remember that. Then I fell down some stairs which I don't remember at all and I think I broke my thumb. Next thing I know I wake up and the spot where I slept on my sisters floor had piss on it. Me and my sister decided that during the night I must of stood up and pissed on my sisters floor because I was basically brain dead. Such an embarassing night, not good at all. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I forgot to call in sick to work resulting in a no show/no call suspension. I hope my brain can forgive me because obviously I did it some damage. What a stupid decision.
  18. Maybe they live in the same psychiatric ward. just kidding.
  19. This person isn't human. Humans are supposed to be one notch above the animals. We're supposed to do stupid things like drive fast and base jump off of cliffs. THIS person is not one of them.
  20. matter


    your name is the only name on the car? because I got an estimate of about 4000/year on a civic, im wondering what the hell it would be for a faster car. gar.
  21. matter


    fafalone: how much do you pay for insurance in your state?
  22. Very true. But if they don't like being treated that way, what's stopping them from cooperating?
  23. Hm, I tend to think a larger convoy would be less of a target for militants. What's more attractive for an attack, a small patrol with a few Humvees, or a large mobilization with air support and a large amount of troops? Certainly 10 or 20 militants are not going to capture soldiers out of a convoy of 200 troops. Some of the soldiers may die in attacks but that can't be prevented in this situation. I don't think the militants would slaughter the citizens, and if they did, it SHOULD bring the public against them. I meant more along the lines of food, power and work. Of course I thought of that. Maybe field reporters should be banned. Not totally, but they shouldn't be in active areas. So who's going to report the news you ask? Were there field reporters during WW2? No, and the news got around as was necessary.
  24. These military convoys are too small, and I don't think theres enough soldiers in the country. If soldiers are going to move together, there should be a large number of them, at all times. The Iraqi's know when soldiers are moving because they have plain clothed men or women who must provide intelligence. They can ambush easily. The only way to fight an enemy who ambushes, is to decieve them. To me it doesn't seem like the military is using any good tactics. It just looks like they're drawing fire and waiting for militants to attack them. Maybe pull back all operations and let the cities try to survive on their own for a week or two. The military should choose a few strong points, reinforce them and then wait for the militants. While this is happening, helicopters and soldeirs should escort tankers and supplies. There needs to be more deception. Iraqi militants use deception every day by dressing in plain clothes, so the U.S. should use deception too. We need soldiers disguised as journalist, who spot militants and kill them. How many times have I seen video or photographs of militants, militants who kill U.S. soldiers, right there in front of the camera? A ripe time for death if you ask me.
  25. matter

    When does life begin?

    I think when a humans brain develops past a certain point it should be considered alive.
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