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  1. First of all, your insults mean nothing to me because you mean nothing to me lol. Second, I think you're wrong and I think I'm right. I never meant that all evolution of life leads to one common point, all I meant was that evolution always leads to the species that is best suited for the environment, and that species ends up controlling parts of the environment. We may not be extremely powerful thinking machines but we can control certain aspects of our environment. We control the environment (wind for planes, water for boats, animals and plants for food and so on) and now we have our time on this planet. I think the thing that will keep us from going extinct though is our intelligence. The Dinosaurs didnt have any and look at them. Now, I think that this could occur anywhere else in the universe, just as it did on earth. And I think where it does occur, the intelligent species that will master their planet will be something like us, if the planet resembles earth. I dont think thats too unlikely either. There is probably a planet with a composition like ours, at the right distance from the star. P.S. stop being so angry you turd.
  2. Well I dont really agree with anything you typed. One moment your a biologist, the next you're a neuro scientist. Sounds 'funny' to me. I think you're insane. Sure, we may only be slightly more intelligent then some animals but atleast we are that more intelligent. We created things that help our lives, I think that makes us intelligent. And I already know it all boils down to physical reactions in our brain and bodies. It's no myth that our brains are different from say, a crocodiles. But those differences led to the human time on this planet. Elephants react to each other if one is in distress, but they don't harness technology.
  3. I agree that it would be a great discovery to find such life on a planet. After some thought I realize that studying how primitive life evolves on other planets can help us understand just exactly how far life can be pushed before it ends. I'm glad we have many areas of research, where a group of people can look for primitive life, and others can think about intelligent life. Unfortunately, the only way to look for intelligent life right now is through radio waves. To me that sucks. It sucks because our lifetimes are really not that long, and i'm jealous that I won't be able to see these things in my lifetime. I just don't want to waste time. I think after this new telescope is built, maybe in a good 50 years, we may be able to spot smaller planets in star systems like ours. Maybe in that star system on that planet, life has already begun, and has been evolving for longer amount of time than we have.
  4. I agree that they would represent their predecessors, I also agree with the fact that Dolphins are intelligent. Maybe I'm thinking more of something that has a civilization or technology of some sort. Maybe something more like us. I'm guessing simple life does exist on other planets, but will it eventually end if the conditions are not perfect? Our planet seems to have characteristics that are perfect for what we evolved into. I guess to have a civilization and technology one would have to be able to build and manipulate as you say. I guess what I think is that intelligent life could only eventually evolve on a planet like ours, with something that resembles our form. Or, like Sayonara said, there are so many different paths of evolution that an intelligent life form does not have to resemble humans.
  5. Thanks, this is an area that I have a lot of interest in.
  6. lol. Thanks, thats all I really wanted was an opinion. But, the fact alone that life refused to be destroyed on earth already shows us that under the right conditions life can withstand harsh factors right? Or am I wrong? I mean, what more do we need to know about primitive life? Also, why do you think its unlikely that there are many planets that have an ecosystem like Earth's? Could our solar system really be that unique? Could our planet be even more unique?
  7. Why don't you just type what you think? I'm interested to know why you're scared to find intelligent life.
  8. I'd like some opinions on something if that's okay. I've been thinking about evolution and how it leads to intelligent life. Basically, I'm just curious if all intelligent life gradually evolves into a humanoid type of creature. Is there a progression of life and evolution that all leads to the same point? For example, on a planet like ours somewhere else, would all the same animals be there that are on earth? If not, even though they had variations, would they all still lead to something that appears to have ape-like ancestors? Personally I think its stupid to believe that there are strange creatures on other planets, I would think that anything intelligent would have our form, because our form seems to be the best suited for thinking, and also working. Sorry if this sounds confusing, I'm a bit confused myself trying to put my weird thoughts into words. P.S. I already know slight variations in the environment cause different reactions, and may be different than ours, but i'm mostly talking about a planet almost indentical to ours.
  9. I was watching a program on interstellar travel on the Science channel the other night and it made me angry. They were talking about traveling to planets that we might find in different star systems, but they never mentioned intelligent life, or life more advanced than us. Why the hell would we waste time traveling to planets to drop probes to find out what we already know, that there's no intelligent life there. Why is everyone so scared of finding something that makes us look stupid? Why the hell would we explore planets that are unlike ours? I can understand that they may do it for different reasons other than trying to find intelligent life, but to me that just seems like such a waste of time. We finally manage to speed across space and we look for primitive life? It's just so annoying to me. Argh. We should be trying to find something that has more knowledge than us, not less.
  10. Well, they calculated the number or whatever. Point is, that was only in a section of the sky, they mentioned that the actual number of stars could be infinite.
  11. I don't know man. I try to remain optimistic but it just seems hopeless.
  12. I was browsing cnn.com and according to australian astronomers they found 70 sextillion stars in a strip of sky. They say thats more than all the grains of sand on the earth. That's incredible. The universe is so huge its scary. There must be intelligent life on some planet out there, but what bothers me is we may never find them. It just seems that outer space is so vast and hostile that the chances of us ever communicating with them are very slim. Even 5000 years into the future. Sure we may be more advanced in our knowledge and technology, but then we have to start our journey, and I'm sure that won't be easy. The universe is just so huge, and there are so many stars, that it seems impossible to find anything like us. If they're even trying to find us, they're having a hard time as well. We're a needle in a haystack the size of the earth. How depressing.
  13. I've seen ants eat dead things but not slugs. I hope when I die slugs wont crawl in my head and eat my brains
  14. theres just way too many, it hurts my brain to think about it. i like our sun because it makes me tan and makes my plants grow nice and tall.
  15. I just went out again. The worm is dead, it must of come out in the rain earlier and I think it died on the pavement on the driveway. They're definitely slugs, they're light brown and have a black spotted type pattern. And yes, i meant that part of the worm was missing, like it had been disolved. The bigger slug now moved to another part of the worm and its working on that part. EDIT Thanks for the website, I just checked it out. It must be a carnivorous slug then because they're definitely chowing down. I was just a little freaked out because I didnt know that info. Thanks.
  16. Tonight I was outside and I saw a large slug and 3 little ones 'eating' a worm. Thats what it looked like to me anyways, they were all over it with their heads. I went outside a little later and part of the slug was removed where the big ones head had been, so they must have been eating it. To me this seemed very unnatural and I was freaked out. Do slugs eat worms?
  17. Good points Sayonara but I still have to believe that Mars is sort of a waste of time. I will admit though it's exciting to know that our robots are headed there right now. It makes me think how it would look to someone observing from Mars as our robot drops from the sky and bounces around on its air bags and then transforms into the wheeled version. Its pretty cool. WE are turning into the extra terrestrial invaders. I like that.
  18. The rock structures on Mars are random. Personally i believe theres no life on the surface, or beneath Mars. By life i mean what was said before, even the most primitive type, even bacteria. It does not make sense to me that scientists would cream themselves if they discovered bacteria on Mars. It would be a breakthrough in the discovery of BACTERIA on another planet, but what is the next step? The potential of Mars as a planet that could host human life is VOID. The discovery of bacteria on mars would not foward our progress into what i think is most important to the human species, and that is interstellar travel. Inhabiting Mars could be a disaster. It's just a desolate planet, just out of reach of our precious home star. There would be no realistic point to spending more time and money than needed on finding a way to use Mars for ourselves. We can look for life there (even though we wont find it) but please, please do not have childish fantasies of inhabiting a hostile planet. Also please do not say we could live under the surface, because Humans are not meant to live in such conditions. Unfortunately, we will probably continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on sending probes to Mars because some scientist wants to because he has some childish fantasies in his head. We might even send astronauts to mars. Why? Just so we can say we walked on another planet because we're stupid. Would there be any relevant point of sending astronauts to Mars? No I do not think so. What the human species must do is figure out the universe and figure out interstellar travel. We MUST. I believe that we have a better chance of finding life outside of our solar system, and across the vast, dark, beautiful universe that our planet resides in.
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