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  1. wow, please NEVER compare the palestinians with terrorists. the palestinians got the shaft when britain and the us decided to annex their land after the second world war. they have righteous anger. but hey, the israelis refuse to give them back their land. what a shame


    I didn't say palestinians were terrorists, but the militants operate in the same way, as all resistance cells do. The iraqi fighters, and fighters with connections to Al Qaeda AREN'T invulnerable. It's just a matter or finding the right system to fight them I believe. There is a solution, and Israel has been making progress.


    Dave: I believe if the coalition put their minds to it they could really work surveillance to their advantage. Iraqi fighters and Al Qaeda members have to meet up at one location at some point. Hopefully the coalition is competent enough to wait until they're together and then strike.


    Anybody think there is a better way?

  2. I think the only way to winning the fight against the cells operating in Iraq is months of surveillance and informants.


    Maybe if the coalition had something very good to offer, more Iraqi's would have to help. So what's the best thing the coalition could offer? Anyone have any ideas?


    I forgot to mention that Israel is doing a decent job against Palestinian militants, so could Israels strategies be applied to coalition forces?

  3. What about military strategics against the Iraqi fighters? Muqtada Al Sadr seems to have a lot Iraqi citizens who support him and they're ready to fight. How would the U.S. and the coalition stop them? And foreign fighters with ties to Al Qaeda are in Iraq and using their strategies against the coalition. There can't be diplomacy while this is happening.


    I think the U.S. needs to shift dramatically the way it is conducting military actions against Iraqi fighters and Al Qaeda. I can't rack my brain for a good solution right now, I just woke up.

  4. This thread is my offer to the politics forum as a place to mix opinions about the best ways to help Iraq become stable, and to make sure Iraqi's can live their lives again. Ways to help are the ONLY ideas that should be discussed. There are a few "rules" I would like to set though.


    First, you can't say "Americans should leave". No, it's clear that the United States military can't just leave. The United States is there now, that is reality, and the U.S. is to be held responsible by the world for Iraq's condition post Saddam Hussein.


    Also please do not say "Bush is a moron and we never should of been in Iraq". Bush may be a moron but that is not the purpose of this thread. The purpose is to hold a discussion about ways to help Iraq with it's current situation. That means helping Iraq while it's caught in war. The Coalition is obviously not going to stop military action and fighters in Iraq aren't going to stop either.


    So discuss your military and non-military actions that you think would help Iraq, and let's try to come to a conclusion. If the United States and Iraqi Interim Government can't conjure up a solution, maybe we can.

  5. Sorry if it seemed like I didn't know you meant a public forum, I knew what you meant Thales. I have a lot of trouble imagining extremists actually negotiating peacefully. Chechen rebels, Palestinian militants, they don't really want to negotiate. All they want is to complete their task, which is usually written in stone.


    Chechens don't want to negotiate.

  6. Murderous Chechens using a forum? hah-hah.


    Murderous Russians using a forum? hah-hah.


    As much as I would like to think that Russians and Chechens could eventually negotiate for peace, it doesn't look likely at all. Chechens will reject any proposals the Russians offer and the Russians will reject any proposals the Chechens offer.


    Let Russia invade Chechnya, there will be more resolution through fighting than there would be through 20 years of education and investment.

  7. I'd like to add some of my thoughts.


    Doom 3 was very fun for me when I bought it. For me, and I think others as well, it provided a feeling of tension that you could wear like an extra tight speedo. My first thought about Doom 3 was "54 dollars?" I started to feel angry at Id for charging 54 dollars. I had to remind myself that maybe the costs of production had brought that price to reality. Then I got even more worried when I thought about the possibilities of that trend catching on. I wouldn't be surprised of Half Life 2 cost over fifty dollars to purchase when it's released, because obviously everyone would pay that amount. So my main gripe is the replay value. I beat Doom 3 on Veteran the first time I played it (it was pretty easy) and didn't need any type of walkthrough. I kind of breezed through the game. After beating the final Boss I realized I could play the game on Nightmare mode. I didn't like this mode at all. The problem with playing through Doom 3 after you beat it is you know where every monster is going to spawn, and the fun of playing it through the first time is that you don't know those things. Also, your health falling steadily on Nightmare mode isn't very creepy, just annoying. Nightmare mode should include more monsters, or more spawns, or something.

    The Multiplayer system could have been better. The game has a TON of potential for multiplayer greatness. There are places to hide, lights to turn on and off to set ambushes, teleporters, and let's not forget the berzerker skull. Who doesn't like running around very fast while screaming and punching people to death? I'd like to see a different death animation in Multiplayer mode aside from the usual quick disintegration of the body. I want to see body parts flying! Maybe someone could put in a one hit kill weapon like a big blade that you can use after crouching in a dark corner and waiting for someone. Punching people is fun, but not fun enough. Basically, someone needs to mod Doom 3, preferably professionals, like Id maybe? Yeah.

  8. I don't think the strategy was ever to conquer Afghanistan. I think the priority was just to set up operations and try to gather intelligence on the Taliban and Al Qaeda. That could be the reason why there isn't a huge number of troops in that country.

  9. I'm just talking about torture really. I'm talking about most of the worlds reaction to the pictures and video from Abu Ghraib. If you want to put Abu Ghraib into perspective you have to see video of other forms of torture. I'm not defending torture either, I just think how the world responded was really weird.

  10. Chill Demosthenes. There's no need to keep pecking away at faf. If I remember correctly you're not very mature either. Stop fueling the fire. I got a SFN warning one time but did not hold a grudge. I've never received an unfair warning so I don't understand why some people do. We all need to let it be resolved the proper way, and not take sides.

  11. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I have to say that sleep deprivation and muscle fatigue is not really severe torture. Sure it's humiliating and lacks any moral fiber. But did you know when Sadam was in power he had his military force (or whatever) cut the tips of peoples tongues off, chop their fingers off with swords, or put their arms over two seperated blocks and smash the part in between with a club to break it? I'm sure you did. So what's worse, all those horrible things, or a little nakedness?


    Everyone is so quick to scold the U.S. that they take any chance they get to make us look bad.


    p.s. watch the video of Sadams torture and then compare them to pictures of Abu Ghraib. Suddenly being naked and hooded seems like fun.

  12. "Scientists have performed successful teleportation on atoms for the first time, the journal Nature reports.

    The feat was achieved by two teams of researchers working independently on the problem in the US and Austria.


    The ability to transfer key properties of one particle to another without using any physical link has until now only been achieved with laser light.


    Experts say being able to do the same with massive particles like atoms could lead to new superfast computers."



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