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  1. Well, that really seems much preferable. I'd like to see how this works out, do you have a link? My only issues with this are the environmental impact and the possible long-term effect on the moon's orbit (as if). I might even try to install my own next summer.

  2. I assume when you reffer to this as "new" technology and the "first working plant", you are not including those already installed and working stations in Annapolice Royal (since '84) and Rance (completed in '66)?

  3. Ugh, I've always been bad at these things. I can't tell you the answer, but I'll do my best to help. Firstly, when you say "as freely as possible", does that mean no resistance? Otherwise, we need more specs. I think that you then have to dicover the boyancy of the object, subtract that from the accell. due to gravity, and do something with the area under a graph...?


    Ok, so that was totally unhelpful. Sorry about that.

  4. According to Einstien, the all observes have the right to consider themselves at rest, thus there is no paraadox in the arrow question.

    Other than that, the 5th sentance is just BS.


    sorry about spelling, crudeness, and whatever, but I'm in a rush

  5. I generally read one or two books, finishing them in about a week, and a host of up to two-score other books that I read "when I can find them". When I find a book that I really enjoy, it can be gone in a weekend, as long as it is under 2k pages. More than that, and I begin to become tired of the story line, and have to switch off to another one. I also find myself developing alternate stories/endings during my spare time or dreams.

  6. You don't think that hands, and the brains that evolved to make use to them, have given us an ENORMOUS advantage over any other creature on earth?

    True, it has given us an advantage, even when we're deprived of our precious technology. However, it seems to me that there's still some evolution left in regards to our cognitive ability, because we seem about to think ourselves out of existence (BOOM!).

  7. All that I've ever done to this effect is to stand up, walk around, etc. This gets the blood flowing to the brain, which (under my own testing) is shown to increace the speed at which one can do simple math problems.


    Oh, and noto... welcome to SFN, and may you surpass even the good Cap'n in posting and intellect.

  8. i was thinking too hard. seems like it would be harder to scale into something small. it also seems like getting everything set up with the right lengths' date=' and making the release mechanism might be a bit tricky.


    catapult just seemed simpler. just a throwing arm on a spring, with a base to hold it all together.[/quote']


    Yeah, I suppose a catapult would be easier, but trebs are more fun:D

    Actually, they demonstrate different laws of physiscs, so you could do them both. Angular momentum, gravity, spring compression, etc. However, I remember my gr. 9 science class (physiscs) to be nothing but electricity.

  9. I don't know if this helps at all, but I'm kind of on a time budget (doen't that make me look considerate).

    To accelerate to the spped of the exhaust takes approx. 1.7 times the mass of the ship, which isn't too bad. However, if we are unable to increase the velocity tof the propellant, we must increase the mass. To accelerate to twice the propellant's speed, however, takes 6.4 times the mass of the ship. With a chemical roket, this brings us up to 0.00003 the speed of light (I don't know if that includes accelerating the propellent itself). Excited yet?

  10. yeah' date=' those too.


    (i think catapults are closer to highschool ability though)[/quote']


    Why so? Trebuchets to hard, or too easy? Because if You're thinking their too hard, I built one in grade 7. And anyways, they do accurately demonstrate the basic laws of physics.

  11. Did any of You hear about the guy who built a trebuchet and used it to fling himself and his friends ito large bodies of water? If I find where I read that, I'll post it.


    (for those of you that read Scott Adams, ffffttt-ffffttt! and weasles away)

  12. I tried to build a balista once...

    what a miserable faliure. It was less effective than the pine-branch bows I made at 8. However, if you should make it work, I'd love to hear about it.

  13. In the first launches, they had white paint over the foam layer, and that added several hundred[/i'] pounds of weight to the tank. And that was just paint.

    OUCH! That's a lot of paint!


    However, there must be something they can do to solve the foam problems. It really is getting quite repetitive, and I'd hate to see the space program halted over something as (seemingly) trivial as that.

  14. This got me to thinking... I remember reading once about super string, how they say its actually possible to "create" a new universe in your basement by appying M-theory, which would be totally harmless to our universe as it would occupy its own space and time. Well, what if God was some scientist in another universe and he created our universe, then grew old and died. LOL Well, I guess the title would be true than ;) Of course I dont believe any of that nonsense im just speaking in worthless speculation.


    Possible, in my opinion, but EXTREAMLY unlikely... that could explain the 'big bang', a scientific singularity under the current system. Personally, I would just make a few "bags of holding" and sell them for exorbinant prices:D

  15. Ahh, yess...

    I will be ordering much from Backyard Balistics, but that missile launcher... It looks good. The nunchuck is also funny (and thaks for reminding me to get back to Judo).

  16. I intend to minimize my computer useage this summer, even though I try to keep it educational. Learn to speak German, do that wallflip, maybe even build up some semblace of social skills.


    Oh and I forgot in my previous post - weed the gardain, play D&D

  17. The perfect thread! Yes!


    Pseudo, I've only made one, a real lousy thing cobbled out of whatever scraps I could find, with a 5-foot bamboo arm and a bent nail for an axle. But I managed to pitch a large softball into the third yard down, and the neighbors all thought I was nuts. Mission accomplished.


    That basicly describes my own, but a newer, bigger one is on the way. I used the treb simulator I found, and it should be able to toss things such as small pumpkins (about head weight!) for quite a distance. My other contraptions onclude:

    A trebuchet used to throw gumdrops and rocks at sandcastles (I'm immature. So what?),

    A paper trebuchet that I left out in the rain, and is in need of repair,

    A small onager-balista combination (only a prototype, but both parts work simultaniously)


    Yes, cannons make a loud noise, thus are fun, but not nearly as majestic as a trebuchet.

    Also, swansont, Could you tell of these other "armaments?"

  18. you should build a huge trebuchet and see how far you can throw it.



    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sorry about that:rolleyes: , but trebuchets are a passion of mine. If you do, could you make a video of it? Do you need any help with the construction? Call me if you do! don't hesitate to ask! ... blah blah blah zealous rantings....


    Whatever you do, be sure to post it! :)

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