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    Does a virus rely on a cell in a parasitical relationship or as we rely on air or is there someting fundermental that justifies this being a valid (not a contrived) reason why a virus is not alive?
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    One way would be however a virus does it I supose.
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    Something needs a metabolism to be alive? :¬P Like saying something needs either two or four legs to be an animal. I really hope thats not part of the formal definition.
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    How can one justify making a virus not alive?
  5. I knew about the left hand side of this process but not to much about the middle. A verry nice reply :¬) maybe pens that will be good for you if you absent mindedly chew the lid. (only joking :¬P)
  6. Overfishing was a problem however as I understand there are now strict worldwide laws in place to licence fishing.
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    There are some verry narrow desciptions of life where it must involve growing and breathing and the such. I think that a formal desription should be wider than that but not as wide as I am preposing, however I would like some feedback on some of my ideas. From my POV life is a system that is mathamatically chaotic and is a lurning\evolution system. For example for bacteria each lifeform is changed all the time accoding to the rules of physics and able to make two inperfect coppies of itself. The result of this is that if it gets into a state that is too wrong it breaks up and fails to be a lifeform anymore (dies), a behaviour of the system that results in the life really being life as we know it is that the least able bacteria in this system are removed due to competition for food. Not only because this is familier to us but also because the system would have no goal if this didn't occur and the only outcome would be that given enough time every possible stable varieation (lifeform) would occur. Life could however be more abstract such as in the following made up example: Signals are created from vibrational interactions between atombs. Natural formations in this system are created by paterns of atomic spin and vibration. Stable paterns can effect each other and can also be effected by unstable chaotic vibrations. Patterns can create copies of other paterns they see but not of themselves. Such a system could occur over the top of the physical systems visable to us in the same way that waves occur over the main bulk of the ocean, a whole civerlisation could rise and fall covering several cubeic miles of the matter around us or in the flame of a candle in a few seconds and we would never know. Imagine a cold planet dwelling society. Earth could look like a burning inhospitable fireball to them as they may be verry slow moving and so percieve things on earth such as tectonic plate movements as being fast and see earth as a bright, hot dwarf star heated by our local groups main star the sun (or sol to use the proper word). Maybe such a society would percieve liquid as being just like gas and think of both in the same way we think of plasma.
  8. Most impractical however I wondered if plastic could be made from fish oil instead of under-sea oil?
  9. Google docs gives the option to draw an orginisation diagram, it shows hyrachy in an orginisation. me parent son1 me son2 me son3 me Drawing this gives you a box at the top entitled parent with a line going down to me and then branching out to 3 sons. Moving on to another expample. 2n n 0 0 2 1 4 2 6 3 The values in the top row are lables, the second column is increased by 1 each row. The first column is double the second column. If we continue this chart up to n=40 and draw it according to the rules this is the result. http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/7651/image1kq7.png This allows you to see the seprate sequances that follow the rules [math]n_{p} = 2n_{p-1}[/math] so 2, 4, 8... and sepratly 3, 6, 12... but not 4, 8, 16... this is already used in the 2, 4, 8... column. f(n), n 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 1 4 2 4 2 9 3 6 3 The second column is increased by 1 every 2 times. The first column alternates between two functions, the first is n^2 and the second 2n. The effect is to prouce a chart like this one http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/8169/image1ut0.png http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/544/image1ar7.png The chart has some problems. A box can't point in a circle at itself. It can't point up or more than one level down the tree therefore there are some links left out, it is also inconsistant about which way round a parent will show it's children. If you draw the diagram yourself you will see that a small number of simple rules can be used to unambiguously draw a correct diagram. However you can still see the distictly seperate groups and the two functions propergating down. Any comments and can I express the last diagrams equation using the same notation I would for sequences? If you tell me your google docs name I will share the document with you.
  10. The most powerfull hand held battery powered one I could find is. http://www.dragonlasers.com/catalog/Hulk-Ultra-350mW-p-16193.html at 350mW to 400mW Also on the website is a small lazer forcuser that can be attached to the end and ajusted. Would I need 3 crossings? This sounds a little small as then one focused beam seems like it might work and it probbably dosn't or somebody would have already noticed. I also forgot to factor in distance and that mW is possibly not the same as MJ.
  11. Having two hydrogen lazer beams cross can results in plasma being created in the air. How many of the most powerfull sort of nexus lazers would need to be crossed\what sort of focusing optics would be required to create a human visible amount of plasma?
  12. wow, thats impressively short. TY for an answer. A 4D special object is going to be very large or not exist for very long.
  13. If you can think of certain aspects of relativity as rotating space into time then presumably you can draw a circle in time on one axis and space on the other and work out how many seconds are there in a centimeter?
  14. tyvm :¬) Do you mean that magnetic only waves won't propagate, they won't interact in a conventional way with EM wave technology or that they can't be made only magnetic by creating them with alternating electricity? If they are possible then are the properties of 40khz magnetic only waves likely to lead to anything interesting? Connecting two of these gears together at a ratio of 6:1 (or 60:10) possibly housing the whole thing in a vacuum and getting the first one up to speed using another method gives the faster gear a (based on a few tens of 10khz could mean 40khz) 240khz output? Getting more than two gears connected to each other requires in my mind ether an exponentially growing amount of space and implausibly light materials or a thin hole to be drilled though the PGraphite sheet with a very thin rod going downwards and then connecting at sufficient distance to another wheel. 40khz * 6 * 6 = 1.440 mhz Longwave radio starts at 148.5khz
  15. Admittedly connecting the two friction-little gears together is an interesting prof of concept but of no real use. Connecting them to anything conventional creates loads of friction. The rest of the system could of course be friction-little. I can't think of a use for it tbh other than intellectual curiosity. It never occurred to me but presumably it would. It would also suffer from air resistance, non-perfect construction and eddy currents in nearby metallic objects. I wonder if one could harness extraordinary speeds you can spin a strong magnet with PGraphite by keeping on increasing it's speed by for example blowing air past it to create HZ\KHZ?\MHZ? magnetic only electromagnetic waves?
  16. Magnetic bearings are ether contact bearings thus relatively high friction, are powered by electricity or require very low temperatures. Other than that your design is similar to my one. My design would also be more sensitive to both non rotational force and interactions with the center magnets applied by the outer magnets. There is no shaft, the center of the wheel levitates. This is a daft picture, the static magnet at the top doesn't need to be so large and far away and the wooden rig doesn't need to be so large but it does show the effect in action, the tiny magnet at the bottom is the one levitating. http://www.ian.org/Magnetics/Wooden-MagLev-Frame.jpg
  17. Some lights take a while to go out totally after you turn them off. I would have thought there where better ways to (capacitise?) light.
  18. If they don't last forever I take it they don't loose energy over time.
  19. Depending on how you define friction something could arguably never be frictionless. However one could create a gear that removed contact friction other than between a solid and air magnetically. Take a diamagnetic block of material with a cylindrical fixed magnet some distance above it, between these two items are a 2nd this time optional fixed diamagnetic block and a cylindrical floating magnet. The floating magnet is delicate, you could probably bend down to inspect it and breath on it too heavily knocking it off onto the magnet above or out of the edge of the experiment. However if careful one could get the floating magnet to levitate and spin slowly loosing speed due mainly to air resistance, it is far more efficient than a normal bearing however on it's own one would need to be imaginative to find a use for such a week bearing. There are few obvious variations you could do, most result in a less effective or totally non-functioning version of the same thing. A potentially useful variation is a gear. One way to implement this would be a thin light probably plastic ring with a small number of spokes connecting it to the floating magnet as if the floating magnet were the center of a wheel. On the outside of the wheel would be a larger number of magnets. The magnets would need to be small enough and at great enough distance from the center of the experiment not to interfere much with the two central magnets, as is about to become clear they will also need to be sufficiently close to one another. Duplicating the whole thing again but this time using a different number of outer magnets creates another gear of a different ratio. As I could never build all of this myself I don't know this next part for sure, however having used magnets before it seems logical that correct orientation and alignment of the outer magnets, distance from each other and size of the gears could result in a system where ether nether sides pulled or pushed towards each other but instead found an optimal distance or both sides pushed away from one another but insufficiently to break the experiment. This could allow both to rotate as gears do where one moves faster than the other. Further removing of friction by holding the gears in a vacuum away from other metal objects would also be possible but would also make the experiment of less practical use.
  20. Could it be corkscrew shaped for efficiency of height to length?
  21. Whats the best one for collecting power on the surdface and projecting power to light neerby tube lights that is still spherical and looks and behaves like a plasma ball?
  22. My plasma ball ignores even large or verry strong magnets and even covering all of the surface in foil dosn't collect enough electristy to burn skin unless you have steady fingers and even then not much. What ball are you using?
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