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  1. One such example is in quantum particle equations where the probability of a particle being in this position or that, a meter from the center of the atom or in Cleveland, does not take into consideration the travel time of the particle from the center of the atom to Cleveland.

    1. tar


      These questions come back directly to the idea of dark energy and dark matter where the existence of such is required by observations of motion of matter seen in distant galaxies following the apparent motion of a supernova within said distant galaxy.  Where motion is concerned you need a velocity and a direction, neither which are currently measurable in said distant galaxy.  The light travel time from one end of our galaxy to the other in measured in thousands of years.  Such is the case in a distant galaxy as well. So not only is the motion measured old news in  terms of millions of years, but what is happening at the closer side of said galaxy and what is happening at the far side, can not be considered as happening at the same time.  So an gas equation can not be applied to that whole galaxy at once.

    2. tar


      Applied to the Twin paradox with the stationary twin aging faster than the traveling twin, the idea of reality and relativity comes in to play again, for from the vantage point of the traveling twin, she is stationary and the Earth is moving away at a high velocity.  So it is the Earth bound twin that appears to age slowly.  And on the trip back, all appearances are reversed and by the time the twin returns everything is in sync again.

    3. Markus Hanke

      Markus Hanke

      Please open a thread on this, rather than post on my profile. Thanks!

  2. So, on the idea of an observer.   There is NOT an observer that can experience two  events, happening at the same time AT the same time, if the two events are separated by a distance.  Light travel time prevents such an experience.  Most models include a super observer that sees the two distant events at once. 

    I disagree with this notion as it is not realistic.

    1. Markus Hanke

      Markus Hanke

      Please open a thread on this rather than post on my profile - that way the community can discuss it together.

    2. swansont



      Moderator Note

      I second this, officially. Chat is not to be used as a substitute for the forums 

  3. tar


    I like your electric fields idea regarding the applications of the twelve sections of the sphere but since I last posted on that thread I have run into a major roadblock to all the applications I was considering.  The subdivisions do NOT appear to be of equal area as I had figured earlier in the thread, using a spherical calculator.  I made some incorrect assumptions about angles and unfortunately it appears the subdivisions near the center of each diamond are  of greater area then nearer the corners.    So most applications are thwarted until I come up with a way to have each designated subsection span an equal area.

    There are still some applications that will work if exactness is not required.  If you quarter a section each of the quarters is of equal area, so if you want to divide the sphere into 48 equal sections for your application the scheme is still good.

    One such idea is to for instance mount 48 cameras on a tower or aircraft each pointing in the direction of the center of a quartered section of each diamond.  Then the output of the cameras could be sent in  a one to one way to 48 screens positioned in the same pattern around a viewer.  Thus placing the viewer at the top of the tower or in the craft.

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    2. Trurl


      So the 48 cameras are some sort of virtual reality?

      Application: What if you divide the Earth into sections to map satellites?

      What about navigation, especially in Space?

      What about video game 3D world positioning?

      The changing shape and propagation of the radio wave?

      When you draw you start with geometry primitives. Why not create a CAD script?

      It is hard for me to think of something mathematical that doesn’t have an application no matter how small.

      I know my application suggestions are not descriptive and it would take much work to complete them, but I envision a 3D model manipulated by change, shape, and division of spheres. Instead of editing polygons you’d edit spheres. If you tried 3D printing you know the inside of the model is structured like a bridge trusses. Those supports could be your spheres divisions.

    3. tar



      I do need to learn some CAD and Rendering programs.

       There are many applications I think for the general Sperical Rhombic Dodecahedral structure.

      And interesting aspect is it filled with symmetries and dual figures. And it is the basis for  a dense packing scheme that puts 12 spheres around a center sphere.  This pattern is a cuboctrahedral pattern that when built out, putting always 12 spheres around each sphere in the same pattern it looks more and more like a cuboctahedron as you build out, and contains 3 intersectinng square planes and 4 intersecting hexagonal planes.

      The math is already there, the switch is to think of a cube with the corners cut off to the center of the edges.  The center of each edge is the center of a 1/12th section of the sphere.

      I am working on a scheme to each sphere in the scheme.  The scheme fills space and is completely scalable and very symmetric, having direct analogs to the cube, the sphere, the tetrahedron and the cuboctahedron.

      I like your ideas.  Please use the system freely. It is a mathematical system so I can not claim any ownership.  What I will claim is the discovery of the way to break the sphere into TAR radians using the four axis of the cube that extend through the corners, assigning a color to each 360 group of great circles and using the intersection of the two colors in each of the diamonds to name each degree sized area.  I recently found out that all the degree sized area are not equal in area, so there is as of yet not a clean mathematical way to use the system.

      Where I see some possibility however is in labeling the spheres in the dense packing situation.  There is a relationship between the spheres in the dense packing system and the TAR radian system but I have not discovered it yet.

    4. tar


      a scheme to label each sphere in the scheme

  4. tar


    It was suggested in the thread that I might be getting neg reps for bad logic, not politics.

    However I think it is the opposite.  When I suggest people fill in the middle, many in politics just reject the complexities and go right to the easy, feel good position.  Even if there might be complexities involved that would slow down the jump to conclusion.

    Fallacy of the  Excluded Middle is a common logical fallacy. Rare in serious analysis, it often appears as a rhetorical device that encourages audiences to reject complexity in complex situations, excluding consideration of range of mid-range choices to instead consider only extreme positions.

    For instance you say if there is employee/employer relationship involved its harassment, and if there is unwanted sexual contact it is rape.  So how do you parse what happens in the alley behind the bar when the client gives the stripper a couple 20s for a blow job?

    Or if a house wife runs her hand up the leg of a cute handiman.

    There are complexities involved in the Weinstein situation, and what a boss does in a button factory and what anybody does in Hollywood, can not be judged, and should not be judged by the same standards.   And, the mindset of the people involved, and the relationship between the people needs to be considered.   To not consider the complexities is using the logic of the excluded middle.

    Regards, TAR


    1. Arete


      I was citing legal definitions. Whether or not you personally consider those actions to be sexual assault/rape is irrelevant. In the eyes of the law, they are. 

      When you describe victims of sexual assault as "whores" you get neg reps from me - the views you expressed on appropriate and professional sexual conduct are abhorrent, outdated and deeply sexist. They have no place in a modern workplace. 

    2. tar



      Understood, but we are dredging up, as a society, sexual encounters that happened 20 or 30 years ago, and then, the definitions were different.

      There is a certain understanding that people have between themselves that is not directly translatable to society's view of the situation.  Even currently.  Going back 20 years, you are doing  Monday morning quarterbacking, and what we think now of the situation, is not what we thought then, and certainly not what the people engaged in the activity at the time were thinking.

      For instance, when I was in the Army in Germany it was illegal to be gay and be in the Army.   I knew some gay folk and never told on them, and the gay community on my base did not hide from me, as they would from most.  I did not realize how many gay people there were in the Army until I was accepted as a non threat.   However, your thinking that the law says a thing and therefore it is black and white, is not true.   I was not wrong, at the time, to keep my mouth shut, although I was actually protecting people that were doing illegal things.  If there had been an expose about our post, at the time, I would have been a wrong doer.

      Such is why I ask for there to be a middle ground, to look at these situations as real situations between private individuals, and not situations that should be judged on a societal level, 20 years after the fact, when the rules have changed in between then and now.

      I used the term whore, to point out, that at the time the female was using her female charms to get into the good graces of a powerful man, that would then hopefully pull a few strings for them.  This, is basically selling your body.

      Regards, TAR

  5. tar


    May I remind you that who I wish to please, and who I wish to help is my decision, not yours. 

    If there are people less fortunate than you, that you wish to help, please do so.

    I pay my taxes and give to charity and volunteer in the local community.  I care about the place.  I do not have unlimited funds and have to watch out for my retirement and the security of my wife.

    Liberals are very liberal with other people's money.  Don't try and shame me into giving my money to other people's children.  Those lives are the responsibility of their parents.  They are just as fortunate to be in this country as I am.

    Regards, TAR

    1. tar


      Aren't those drug addicts lying in the gutter fortunate they live in a country where medical professionals and law enforcement officers will run to their aid and administer CPR and Narcan. And a country where DrP will take him into his home and offer him a room and food and psychological support during his detox.

    2. DrP



      "Aren't those drug addicts lying in the gutter fortunate..."   ...  No - they are not.   And what's with the "..will take them into his home"..?  That's not how a social net works and you know it. It isn't a black and white separation between Capitalism and communism, there are many shades of grey that are possible. You have a certain amount of social care already... it just needs to be better everywhere. You seem to have this fear that better social care means less money for you  - it doesn't need to be if the money is managed properly....   But as I said - I am not wasting my time going in circles with you again. Keep voting in people that will lower taxes for the rich and take what limited social care that is already available away from the poor. I'm sure your conscience is used to it.  

  6. tar


    Quid pro quo sexual demands are, by legal definition, sexual harassment. Sexual acts resulting from those demands are by legal definition, sexual assault/rape. 


    This does not say anything about quid pro quo sexual offers.   Demands would be sexual assault.  Offers would be prostitution, illegal in its own right.

  7. tar


    Hello. See ya on the threads.


  8. My wife's cousin and his first son, both had their 10th birthday, the same year.

  9. tar



    Sorry. I was very surprised to see the thread closed as I visited tonight.

    I feel responsible, but don't know how to reverse the closure.

    Seems the captain does not quite understand what you were saying.

    And if it makes any difference to you, I think you did a good job keeping the emotions and the God arguments out of the inquiry. And I appreciated and learned from every post and link. Nice job.

    I sincerely apologize for my contribution to the closure.


    Regards, TAR

  10. A Tripolation,


    Thanks for the friendship offer. I readily accept. Seems we have a similar way of looking at things anyway, we seem to often try to make the same points.


    Regards, TAR

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