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  1. unfortunately the department is quite under funded so it looks like i my have to go to a university to use the equipment. Can i use thin layer chromatography to find out the contents of pepper juice?

  2. I've been working with Vitamin C titrations lately and iwas wondering if there were any other ways in which i could show the mass/concentration of vitamin c in a sample volume within a school lab. Any input i would be greatful...

  3. drop some balls. Measure G.

    get some toy cars' date=' measure velocities etc using those laser things.[/quote']


    I've really done that all before. Holography sounds quite intreguing; i'll need to check the equipment and i'll get back to you. thanks alot guys, any more suggestions welcome.

  4. I'm attempting to think of good ideas for my physics project. I was thinking along the lines of measuring the speed of light using lasers or the optimum volume of water in a water rocket to provide the greatest height.


    I'm not too sure about the laser experiment as to how to carry it out but it's something i'm definately interested in exploring.


    Any comments or serious problems which i may run into? Any ideas?


    Thanks alot guys!!

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