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  1. What a chore it was for an old man to figure out how to make one of his pictures small enough to use here without learning how to use an image resizing app! I had to paste it to a document, shrink it, do a screen capture, then crop it, until I finally stopped getting that dreaded “the image is to big, so it was skipped” message… 🤣 Just saying hi. 👋🏻

  2. I got the courage up to go out into the world. Made the paratransit travel arrangements. By the new world definition I am not paranoid. Something I already knew, but now it's official. According to the world I am a walking target. Note - they moved the appointment date back two weeks. Today the phone rang it was their office but they left no message. Honestly, I am now actually starting to feel a little paranoid... laughter plays a huge part in getting my courage up, but it's hard to laugh when simply going to the Doctor's office can be deadly. Neither, an angina caused heart attack, stint surgery, two mini strokes, nor brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of my fist all occuring within three months has yet to kill me. I shouldn't be afraid of anything.

    But, the government didn't need to make it official, I was already pretty certain of my target status. Personally, considering the definition of paranoia, I would rather be paranoid.

  3. Had a casual conversation with three Surgeons about Poor  life choices and How they can effect your plans it’s amazing what they can do while casually having a conversation.😅

    1. MigL


      It's too bad we usually have those conversations AFTER the bad life choices have led to dire consequences.
      And it's too bad that we don't listen to older wiser people when we are young enough to avoid those consequences.

    2. jajrussel
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