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  1. Not certain what your point is here, but rather current hypotheses are continually being tried and refreshed. Any expansion to what we view as our best current clarifications Should follow logical system (not "expected to be legitimate"). I believe no doubt about it "demonizing" when you express "put down each groundbreaking thought", however that is false. Your thought is being criticized on the grounds that it's off-base, and conflicts with what we definitely know, principally in light of the fact that you demand guessing while your science information has many holes in it.

    IOW, no one is saying your thought is off-base since it's new. It's off-base for every one of the reasons recorded beforehand.

    Bing promotions and solo advertisements.

  2. you can pose it any arbitrary inquiry or to make any situation you can envision. Superman in Bambi, Pinocchio in Frantic Max, a Roman Officer watching the Crucifiction, Skynet supplanting JFK, and so forth.

    It can likewise to some degree in all actuality do programming and article composing.

    It predominantly works by means of word likelihood, however can likewise run scaled down reproductions and concoct new words.

  3. And the idea of the associations between the occasions in the arrangement?

    What's more, are there associations between the unfathomably many arrangements that could be portrayed as illuminating the nature regarding presence?

    Or on the other hand or every one of the arrangements free and "independent"

  4. On 3/28/2019 at 10:21 PM, Bufofrog said:

    Aliens from another universe created an AI and this AI created our universe and everything in it.

    My flight of fancy has exactly the same amount of evidence as your conjecture.

    My point is, in a scientific discussion bringing in the supernatural is nugatory.


    PS:  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use the word nugatory.:-)


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