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  1. Hello this is Gulshan Negi I am a Software Developer. As a software developer, and as we all know that learning SQL can greatly enhance skills and job prospects. With so many SQL courses available online, it becoming overwhelming to choose the right one. Can anyone recommend some of the best SQL courses for software developers that cover the fundamentals of SQL and advanced database concepts such as indexing, optimization, and normalization? Well, I had seen this post where author listed 10 best SQL courses that we can join, can any recommend which one shoul I choose. Hoping for some positive responses. Thanks
  2. Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, it may be happened due to various factors such as browser limitations, platform compatibility, internet connectivity, and lack of necessary software. To fix these issues, you may need to troubleshoot the specific problem you're facing by trying different solutions or opting for a local LISP implementation. Hope it will work. Thanks
  3. Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, to remove the password from a Windows 10 account, follow these steps: 1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. 2. Type "netplwiz" and hit Enter. 3. In the User Accounts window that appears, select the account for which you want to remove the password. 4. Uncheck the box next to "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". 5. Click on "Apply" and enter your current password to confirm your changes. 6. Click on "OK" to save your changes and exit the User Accounts window. Thanks
  4. Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, matrix multiplication is a mathematical operation used to combine two matrices to produce a third matrix. It involves multiplying the elements of one matrix by the elements of another matrix and adding up the results. How matrix multiplication works: Suppose we have two matrices, A and B. Matrix A has dimensions m x n (m rows and n columns), while matrix B has dimensions n x p (n rows and p columns). To multiply these matrices, we need to make sure that the number of columns in matrix A is equal to the number of rows in matrix B. The resulting matrix, C, will have dimensions m x p (m rows and p columns). Each element of the resulting matrix is computed as the dot product of a row from matrix A and a column from matrix B. To find the element at the ith row and jth column of the resulting matrix, we would multiply the elements in the ith row of matrix A by the elements in the jth column of matrix B and add up the results. This can be represented mathematically as: C(i,j) = sum(A(i,k) * B(k,j)) for k=1 to n Codebase- def matrix_multiplication(A, B): m, n = A.shape n, p = B.shape C = np.zeros((m, p)) for i in range(m): for j in range(p): for k in range(n): C[i,j] += A[i,k] * B[k,j] return C where A and B are the input matrices, and np is the NumPy library used for matrix operations. Hope it will help you. Thanks
  5. Hello this is Gulshan Negi I am a software developer. Well, I don’t know much more about growth hacking; however, I am familiar with both traditional and digital marketing. I have a concern: Is growth hacking better than traditional marketing? If yes than how to get start with growth hacking ? Is learning SQL really worth it? I need some suggestions on this. Thanks
  6. Hello this is Gulshan Negi Well, it may happen because of several reasons. The most common reason is the user does not have sufficient access rights to the file or directory being accessed, or the file or directory does not exist. Try it and check it again. Thanks
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    Hello this is Gulshan Negi Yes, you can edit HTML directly, but it is often easier and more convenient to use a text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) with syntax highlighting and other tools to assist in the creation and editing of HTML files. Examples of text editors that support HTML include Notepad, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code. Secondly HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language used to create and structure web pages. It is not the software itself, but rather a markup language that is used to describe the structure and content of web pages. Thanks
  8. Hi this is Gulshan Negi Well, I will recommend you to start with C, then move to C++, Go, or Rust depending on the type of development you want to do and your specific interests. Thanks
  9. Well, to create a digital copy of the electronic files, folders, and drives, backup software is used. Backup data can be saved locally on hard drives or online on remote servers. IBackup is best and free option for taking backup for files and other data. You must try it.
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