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  1. Can you please help me figure out how this toy works? I realized that it is kind of wound up and it, accordingly, spins. But please help me to understand this question in more detail. Perhaps someone has some ideas? I would be very grateful. I would especially appreciate diagrams.

  2. It seems to me that in the future the boundary between upper-atmosphere flight, which is already considered space, will be erased. For example, this is indicated by the transition of some state air forces to air-space forces. As spaceflight technology becomes cheaper and more widespread, the boundary defined by commercial flights will rise. Nevertheless, let us remember that earlier attempts have been made to fly mediocre flights in near-space by airlines to reduce the cost of conventional commercial flights. Such programs failed, but this is a rather mediocre example.

  3. On 02.04.2023 at 20:10, studiot said:

    У який момент хімічні попередники життя об’єдналися з чимось «живим» і чи це щось дихало?


    Це те, що я хотів, щоб Роман дізнався сам, але подивіться на це:

    Зовсім нещодавнє відкриття анеробних бактерій у глибоководних гідротермальних джерелах свідчить про можливі альтернативні механізми зародження життя.


    Good day. I am very thankful for everybody, who takes a part in this conversation. And, you, @studiot, very right now. Thank you for alternative point of view: it`s very important for my question. I want to say "thanks" one more time for everybody.

  4. On 3/25/2023 at 12:43 AM, TheVat said:

    Help us understand what information you feel is lacking here.  You seem to have established that life began in seawater, so where would you expect to find seawater?  Are you trying to narrow it down from "the sea"?  Are there cellular contents that would point towards a particular sort of place in or around the sea?

    In terms of certain chemicals and mineral concentrations, are there differences between open ocean and shorelines, estuaries, basins, lagoons, tidal zones...other areas?  

    Yeah. Y u r right. I will be glad to see the most full answer, which u can give. Thanks.


  5. It's not about which parasites are best for their master at all. The question means that the best parasite is the one that best avoids its host's immune system, which makes it invisible. And so the question needs to learn which parasites can boast such characteristics and what processes and mechanisms are responsible for it.


  6. Rocks and minerals undergo interesting transformations over time. In particular, one of the minerals, which has a relatively high hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, turns into a common secondary mineral with a hardness of 2. Over time, as a result of weathering, it turns into one of the most common soft rocks in the world. But the transformation does not end there: humanity (in particular, on the territory of Ukraine) even in ancient times invented how to make the first solid artificial material from it. What kind of minerals, rock and artificial material are these?

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