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  1. Facsimile is something different, fascismile is a real word but they're trying to hide it apparently, it's a very useful word if say, a whole city wants to torture you, it describes a difficult concept to explain with a single word, even though the concept has been around for a long time and everyone kind of knows it.

    Soundgarden has this song, Black Hole Sun, it's music video is a pretty good example of what fascismile means.

    Ummm I would have a lot more examples and stuff but the people who are trying to brainwash me tried really hard to make sure that I wouldn't really be able to remember other examples or deliberate on this topic very well

    I think some of them are ashamed of how the system failed a person as capable as me and they basically just want to erase every bit of my talents and personality and all of that just to be batshit evil instead of just like, handing me a drop of what I'm owed so I can go get a house and earn myself a doctorate. Then again they are far too monstrous to have even that sort of explanation for their actions. They have sworn to uphold their facade over all else, an ironic thing to do. They'd rather replace their integrity with it, some have told me so

    And that, from them, I can actually believe

    Also look at the screenshots I took before your spelling of fascsismile in that post was changed




  2. On 7/30/2021 at 11:04 PM, Peterkin said:

    It can be both. in fact, if it is not both, it's useless.

    Loving has nothing to do with ethics. What you need ethics for is to prescribe how you ought to treat the people you don't love, or particularly care about, and even more significantly, the people who get in your way, whom you can use, whom you fear. It's about what allows a society to survive, prosper and thrive - all quite reasonable aims. So the "study" of ethics is really concerned with how disparate human beings can coexist. The "ought" is added later, when the "how" is fitted to the philosophical principles on which a particular society is organized.

    I think it isn't.

    Well ethics is more of a matter of what is right or wrong to do in certain lines of work at all

    At least in the context it's supposed to have here

    Like "is it morally right to subject a living thing to x in the name of science?" Which I guess they skipped when developing psychotropic medications 🐀🤕

    I think what you're talking about is ethics in a different context than what we're supposed to talk about here, probably


    On 7/12/2021 at 5:47 AM, Tema said:



    I didn't read the topic, it was really long. I wish to hit the problem, that ethic is not logically understood. Ethics are only intuitivemotional thoughts. Can this be true?


    Like science can study that cell in brain correlates to certain thing. 


    But being loving as the goal of life, is intuitivemotionalthought and can't be studied methological way.


    I think arts are also like that. You can say that we have hermeneutical epochs, but cant logially study why tragedy is overally humane in painting.


    Please, argue against.


    I wish to know modern philosphy.


    Chemicals and numbers don't really explain most of our behavior in the first place, does it? It's like love and compassion ARE actually truly valid instead of just superficial illusions created by chemicals. If love was truly unconditional, maybe it would be more like just some chemicals. But it's really not, so... Lmao

  3. On 2/6/2022 at 7:51 AM, mistermack said:

    I think like many other ethical questions, this question is not as simple as it sounds. 

    Firistly, to declare my position, I don't believe anything is objectively right or wrong. The ethics, to me, come from our situation in society, and our evolution as social mammals. 

    But in light of the human condition, is torture ever right? (and religion doesn't really have an answer, George Bush and the Spanish Inquisition come to mind)


    Imagine an innocent toddler has been abducted by a couple of pedophiles, and you have one in captivity, and he knows where the other is keeping the child, but he won't tell. Forgetting the legal and practical issues, if you had a free hand, (if you were dictator say) would you use torture to get the location of the child? I would.

    (you have to assume that there was no doubt at all that the pedophile you held was truly guilty)

    I would ignore the slippery slope argument, and go ahead. But I wouldn't be happy or sure about it. It's a difficult one.

    I would too!

    People are treated like little creampuffs of innocence but they are not. Lots of people deserve to suffer greatly.

    Most people are really casual about having a "torture all the innocents" mentality and it's not a thing of saveth make

    If they're going to feed on the injustice of the government not punishing them, you know... *Mad scientist laugh* 

    Maybe a bit of "justice" will toughen them up for the next time they're keeping secrets

    Besides, you never know how many magic spells you'll break but you can always assume that it's going to be lots and lots

  4. 9 hours ago, joigus said:


    On the game vs task discussion; I see no difference at all. But maybe I haven't thought about it hard enough.


    I guess it's one thing to trust a computer to handle the situation in a game, another entirely to leave business to one when sh*t gets real B/

  5. Viruses can't do much but harm to their hosts, bacteria can be helpful but viruses have a few key differences from bacteria that make it not likely for them to be symbiotic in any way

    Maybe you mean that they are a part of the balance of an ecosystem?

    As for killing their hosts, if evolution was genuine, it still seems likely that a whole lot of unhelpful traits could always be passed down without being eliminated from the gene pool

    Plenty of viruses pass their species on even though they may kill their host

    Like honestly surviving is not really that hard and has plenty of room for wasteful things

    Especially for a virus or something like that

    For another thing a virus has been like a virus since viruses began - only if all of the viruses went extinct would there not be things that function like a virus

    And viruses could be pretty unique to the Earth's ecosystem anyway, I think, based off of the traits of a virus

  6. The supreme court has an excuse

    Which is that they need to reflect the demographics of the people that they are representing

    There are probably plenty of qualified people that they could choose

    But of course most expect that the administration wants to choose the one that's a good political move

    I would think that maybe they picked her out of genuine interest in goodwill and the common good since that occured to me for the first time since

    I don't remember lel

    However I've noticed that a lot of black people that are elected to high positions of power

    Kind of tend to stab their own race in the back

    And race is used to win free votes in the first place

    It's ironic

    Maybe they don't want to seem biased or overly liberal when they're some historic first

    But they wind up seeming like race traitors to a lot of folks

    Then they go back to their usual thing, undermining the whole white republican mental well being thing in ways that are normally subliminal

    I myself saw an interview over the news with this woman and she was being grilled on whether or not she would treat different religions fairly

    And she seemed to dislike religion a lot in general which the interviewer disregarded, he was not a very religious person either (he told her a bunch of trivia about his church habits and beliefs on camera)

    I don't know much else about her though

    It's usually the people around me that cause problems in my life anyway

    The only things that politics generally change are what people argue about and what people pretend to believe during said arguments

    It's probably really unhealthy to let some person on a TV screen drive you to such a dark & hateful state of mind anyway

    Still, I see things a certain way

  7. A variety of methods


    Divinations, causing thought withdrawals and thought insertions

    A lot of what they test on me requires thorough conditioning before it will work on an individual

    They try to do it with energy, using machines too

    If you're clever you can kind of test a few things and figure out which method they're using

    Some people will try to do it just by sinning, or even worse, blaspheming, but you need to already be conditioned/cursed for that to work on you

    There's another one where things that cause heavy smog or pollution causes the same sorts of things to happen

    So I kind of get tortured by cars and stuff

    Some people will try to use dirt to make like an unclean spirit take you over, but I learned that actual dirt doesn't really make spirits unclean, it's sort of like the thing with the cars and blasphemy

    The only other thing people generally use divinations and stuff for is torture, or sabotage, and it's almost always seriously blasphemous itself, if you're wondering

    Sorry if I've freaked you out

  8. 28 minutes ago, iNow said:

    The fact that each time we recall an experience we engage the narrative portions of our brains and ever so slightly rewrite it until sometimes the entire memory becomes false to the point of fiction is a fact. Facts are not conspiratorial. 

    Well that's not what he was saying

    Also if you try hard you can keep the memory the same basically

    37 minutes ago, Genady said:

    "To brainwash a massive amount of people" - like the Russian government does?

    Ooh, I know the FBI does, it's safe to assume the Russians do it as well. Do you know who else tries to brainwash people? Random individuals, actually

    I know a lot about this cuz I'm always a target

  9. If it is a conspiracy, the practical use that I would expect of this conspiracy is terrible, and it also seems very likely that it is one

    They might try to brainwash a massive amount of people

    Also that song was nice geordief, thanks

  10. 22 minutes ago, Genady said:

    I don't assume that you intentionally lie. No, it never happened to me. Even when some contents change, like song lyrics, there are always previous versions around.

    Honestly the change is universal, even previous recordings change, every time this has happened

    Recent examples are how Mastodon's album Once more around the sun changing first some of the song's lyrics and then the quality of one of the songs was significantly decreased. The music video for this song (the title track) has completely changed to quite a few different versions based on the reactions of strange critics over time

    This is not to be confused with how some different videos/lyric sites will have incorrect lyrics, or how some songs have no actual accepted printed lyrics, or when practically every site or person has a different version

    5 minutes ago, Area54 said:

    Memory works in peculiar ways. Intially we do not remember what happened, but what we remeber is an interpretation of what we think happened. When this memory is revisted it is revised. Repeatedly. Moreover, research has shown that false memories are readily created. Therefore, it is not surprising that you run across things that seem to have been changed. If you didn't, that would be abnormal.

    The easiest time to remember something is always initially

    I think you've just confused how the mind tries to block out insane/evil things with the actual way that a memory works

    Remembering what you remembered initially is the only way that you can be sure that you correctly remember

    If the amount of insane/evil things causes you to be attacked by your own memory, man, your life sucks, like mine

  11. 29 minutes ago, Genady said:

    I don't believe it.

    I used to tell lies, but I stopped when I became an adult

    Have you ever thought this was happening to you before? 

    12 minutes ago, Peterkin said:

    Nope. Never. Not even once when I had a really bad hangover.

    It's never good when it happens except when song lyrics change to a better version

    It just hit me that that actually counts as an example of this. My mind is blown

  12. Things that I remember being on the internet, stuff like that, being expunged from it, even things like entire words and their meanings (like fascismile from before), along with some stuff changing from how it was and it making me look... Really outrageous and hateable I guess

    The second has happened to me several times

    I wanted to ask if anyone else was having similar things happening to them or thought they were

  13. 🤑


    Just saw this, thousands of viruses have been discovered in the ocean that were never known to man before the conclusion of some study.

    Turns out that this is actually quite significant, and scientists are even considering doubling the amount of phyla classifications in biology, and phyla are just beneath kingdom if you weren't aware...

    Researchers have already found one that is in a new phyla, and it is believed to be a significant part of the ecosystem on Earth due to being all over the oceans

    Now I would be in stitches over the apocalyptic vibes this has but to my disappointment, this is said to be the first real large-scale exploration of RNA viruses found in oceans all over the world.

    Needless to say it still seemed significant enough to post here, if it's not already in the biology section... Maybe I'm wrong and it will be moved? 

    oh well

    Edit: also how come I can't remove that fucking smiley it's gross and I can't get rid of it. Please just ignore it until I find some way to "do away" with it

  14. Funny thing about this name, most people seem to be responding to the name, whatever I'm actually saying is dust in the wind, against all odds, even, with some

    I know most people either don't care or won't show it. There's usually not a whole lot of changing that, these days

    But if you decide to read it, it's right there for you! Whee.

    Silent chortles because you didn't even read the kitten thing either apparently? Oh well

    Re: mods

    I guess he's just having a hard time or something, then

  15. I meant to mention that, the name, I mean

    Obviously it's the most likely reason why someone would be upset with me

    I've used this handle for a long time, it's become a standard

    It's pretty rare for me to tell this story but oh well here it is, the story behind my internet monicker

    When I was young, the most stereotypical video game profile name was "dragonslayer"

    And I was really young so I thought I'd go with "kittenslayer" to reflect that

    ... Until I thought about that for a second and was like, wait a minute! That's awful

    So I decided to PG-rate it and change kittenslayer to kittenpuncher

    And basically it really caught on, and I don't think there was anybody else with that name

    A lot of people liked it and there was a running gag where I'd tell a different origin for the name every time, or facetiously lament a harrowed, gritty "backstory" wherein kittens somehow destroyed my life, killed my family or even committed horrific war crimes against "my" nameless, made-up nation in a brutal and terrible conflict

    So it caught on and everyone knew me by this name soon enough

    One thing lead to another and I guess my mind sort of draws a blank if I'm pressed to come up with a different one anyway


    As for how my loneliness and desolation came about - that is a very long and complicated story, each of the interweaving components of it are the sort of thing people are practically hard-wired never to believe

    It's like that trope, "the noodle incident", except literally even more over the top, so...

    It would take a lot of effort to recover the repressed memories I'd need to regain in order to explain any significant amount of it, I believe

    But I was basically stalked, to the point where I became a household name, though a pariah, over falsehoods spread about me with rabid obsessiveness

    All of my friends vanished, I think it's unlikely that more than a few of them survived, and my family bought into the rabid accusations, and some people have evidence that they may be dead as well

    Eventually my internet friends also disappeared, and accusations against them are pretty rampant nowadays

    And I've been in great poverty and also homeless pretty often, typically I was the youngest one amongst the homeless and generally the only one not out for my own blood, so to speak

    I certainly wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the work of The Lord, nor would I have any good experiences or aspects of my life that were good

    There's always plenty to be thankful for, ironically

    But we may have angered the mod... I did my best to answer without taking up too much time, let's hope he won't be too furious

  16. On 2/21/2022 at 7:45 PM, RamaRaksha said:

    Sure, some guy called me a 5 year old on one thread - it happens, no biggie - we are adults here, unless one starts inciting violence, I think we should be able to speak freely and I don't think we are able to

    Blasphemy laws in Pakistan are meant for one purpose - to protect any criticism of Islam - so that the Mullahs get to keep power over the populace

    The Burkha is meant to keep women in a 2nd class subservient role - these things are very clear and we should be able to discuss them without being mocked as rants

    Am I doing that now? It depends on one's opinion does it not? That is not a very fair way to judge someone's legitimate point of view

    Let the members, the voting public, decide whether a thread should be closed or kept open - to me that is the fair thing to do

    Just one person, the moderator making the decision, acting like judge and jury with no chance of an appeal - sounds like just what happened to Galileo when he tried to change minds. How are we still stuck back there?

    This one ^

  17. 1 hour ago, iNow said:

    It also involves hijacking threads to take them off-topic, much like you’re doing here. 

    But you said this? 

    I like having well and capable reading comprehension, sir

    I don't really understand how I have upset you but I'll listen, if you would go ahead explain it

    I guess you wouldn't know, melodramatic isn't really an appropriate label (which I realize is saying a lot usually and it's basically nothing in this scenario even still) but we haven't even introduced ourselves to each other technically and I wouldn't expect you to just guess such extraordinary circumstances to be mine

    Obviously I'm trying to be a part of the community and being ignored would basically rain on that parade. I don't suppose that you'd wave off your anger, would you? I have no idea what's causing it to be triggered by literally almost every single post I make, and it shouldn't really be taken as the ultimate factor in your moderation decisions.

    Wait, I'm being hazed, aren't I? Soon you'll proverbially burst out a welcome banner and we'll all pretend to have a gigantic cake (in asterisks or something), right? Right? 😅🥳

  18. Well I can see why they'd want to do that - this is a science forum, and that would likely lead to a horrendously hostile environment for any religious people, so if they keep the criticism to a minimum they avoid the sorts of militant situations that happen in communities run by like, kids

    If what you've said is true then it's certainly a welcome - and refreshing - change from almost any other online community I've seen in the past five or six years, even Facebook, honestly

    Not to get "off-topic" but I wanted to correct you on some of what you said

    I.e. the record goes that Pakistani people actually seem to care about their religion themselves, you know, and the main purpose of the burkkhas is supposed to be to prevent men from experiencing lust

    & After living in a blasphemous shithole most of my life I can definitely see why someone would come to prefer that sort of living situation XD being innocent and pure is kickass

  19. 1 hour ago, iNow said:

    It also involves hijacking threads to take them off-topic, much like you’re doing here. 

    ?? I am not doing that

    In fact I haven't done that even once

    The original topic was for forum questions. Rather than call a bunch of attention to a mostly dead subforum I simply posted this (a forum question) in that topic. I was trying to be courteous and I have once again been labeled as a troll!

    For another thing it would have to be pretty extreme as a case of thread jacking to constitute trolling, I don't see why you're so eager to assume that someone is purposely trying to piss you off that even well-intentioned attempts to contribute (or, hell, just make everyone laugh!) are seen as such a thing. 

    I make jokes sometimes but that's not because I want to make anyone angry, I want them to laugh :( I am a jubilant person, and I hope you will come to appreciate that

    I couldn't troll my way out of a paper bag, INow, and I don't have anything against you, nor do I have any sort of intention of getting a rise out of you - or anyone else here! I joined out of desolation and loneliness. I don't get any kicks out of having ill intent, and I'm plenty willing to be nice and kind to everyone here, so I'm bewildered to see you think I'm such a villain.

    I don't even like to insult people!!!

    1 hour ago, swansont said:

    Intent is hard to assess. If the result of a post is that people get angry because the thread has been dragged off-topic, yet again, the label should be understandable. And as that’s what is happening, it’s not at all obvious that it’s not intentional.

    The one thing in your favor is the maxim that one should not assign to malice that which can be assigned to incompetence 

    You can shed the label by improving your post quality.

    I haven't even done that, though, really


    Obviously I'd like to be up to speed with the expected quality of posts

    But it doesn't make much of a difference when almost everything I post is labeled trolling and cut out to the "trash can" :(

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