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  1. A copper tried to arrest me by jumping on me and I quickly rolled out the way...onto the bedroom floor... ouch! I thought your body was supposed to be paralysed when you are sleep?

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    2. DrP


      I know for a fact that I do not remember dreaming much usually   -  when I stop smoking for a few days (yea, OK Prometheus, you got me there - I think you know what) I definitely start dreaming a lot more vividly. Maybe I just remember it more,  but I don't think so - I think I dream more lucidly without smoke.

    3. Prometheus


      I'd be reluctant to go without REM sleep. Not sure what the latest research suggests, but it's thought to have some restorative function. Maybe DrmDoc knows more?

    4. DrmDoc


      REM is how our voracious brain supply its metabolic needs during sleep.  Lack of REM deprives our brain of something it needs during sleep that it can't restore during our physically active waking hours. This is likely because of the energy our brain devotes to our physical activities.  Suppressing REM could be fatal. 

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