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  1. Returned my unused Zyban and signed off from my smoking adviser today. Job done, hopefully..

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    2. StringJunky


      thanks guys. Yrs, I know, Koti. My brother gave up about 25 years ago and would till ask to roll a cig for me; I told him"No". I'll always be able to smoke but I gave up drugs 15 years ago and theygave mealot more pleasure but I still don't touch them. I've always wanted to be totally drug-free and this it. As good as a drug, if not better tohave taken complete control over myself.

    3. CharonY
    4. StringJunky


      Thanks Charon. It's just hitting me that it is a big deal really. I'd smoked since I was 17. It was harder than I thought it would be, probably wouldn't have done it without the Zyban; the urge was pretty consuming at times.

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