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    Ontario, Canada
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    aesthetics, animals, anthropology, art, consciousness, craft, ecology, ethics, extraterrestrial life, forensics, gardening, literature, medicine, psychology, sociology
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    C College Of Medical Laboratory Technologists Of Ontario; CSLT registration; extra courses at UofT,
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    medicine, ecology, psychology
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    long, long ago, in a country far, far away.... meh, I've had six lives since then, none of them particularly interesting
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    semi-extinct scribbler

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  1. Behind every opportunity is a disaster in waiting.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. joigus


      Maybe elliptic rather than circular. Plus whether something is a disaster or not could be hyperbolic.

    3. Peterkin


      A hyperbolic ellipse... a parabolic parable ... or a pessimistic assessment of human ambition.

      Also, I had no idea what a "status update" is - still don't, actually - or what its function. I just like pithy reversals of popular platitudes.

    4. joigus



      I just like pithy reversals of popular platitudes.

      Yeah, I love that too. Popular platitudes and rhetorical questions are deadly traps.

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