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  1. Hi StringJunky, thanks for the reply and sorry for my late feedback. I haven't looked at the forum for a while.

    I have already tried returning the laptop to its previous state by removing the update... also the system restore I have already done... everything has not worked... so slowly I have given up my hope to get the laptop back to how it was before... meanwhile I have also got used to it... the only thing that really bothers me is that now a lot more battery is consumed than before…

  2. Hello to all and thanks to you for the feedback. I'm sorry that I'm just now responding. I haven't looked in the forum for a while...

    Prometheus, what is the difference between an agent and a publishing house? Is it the same thing or are there gradations again? Where are the differences? As I see, however, an editor is necessary anyway... which is totally logical…

    Thanks also for the tip with the beta-readers... that is certainly helpful to get honest feedback from the readership. After all, they're the ones who will be reading the book - so they'll want to be entertained by it.

    I tend to write novels and short stories... I have no experience with science fiction. Why do you ask? :-)

    Zerbo, do you think it would make sense to just send the manuscript to different publishers? And such workshops you mention also sound very interesting. I would like to participate in one of those one day. I think you can learn a lot there… To be honest, I can't imagine that you can manage the whole procedure on your own. After all, as a newcomer, you hardly have any contacts in the industry, so it would certainly be more helpful if you could use the network of publishers or agents, right?


    SamuelRichards, I would also prefer to publish the book with a publishing house. I believe that one might appear already more professional in such a way. Who of you has ever read a book that was self-published and you were very satisfied when you read it? :-)

  3. Hi there. I have had a problem for months that is pretty annoying me and unfortunately, I don't get any suitable feedback from Dell. It's annoying because I lose a LOT more battery capacity in energy-saving mode and the laptop has to be recharged every few hours. This was not the case before (because it was in sleep mode). So here is the problem: Since I’ve done a Windows update, the laptop doesn’t “wake up anymore”, when I go into standby mode. The Dell logo appears, but the laptop does not boot. The laptop only starts up normally when I force it to crash and turn it on again. I have already tried a few things without solving the problem such as: Quick start mode was deactivated, I deleted the antivirus system, I rebooted the laptop, and all drivers and everything else are up to date… My brother has had the same problem since the update (which the laptop did on its own btw…). Maybe someone here can help me here or has had similar problems. Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi guys. I'm aware that this thread is a bit older, but I would be interested to know what finally happened with the idea of publishing that book. Was it published and if so, how? Was it self-published or by a professional publisher?

    I would also be interested in publishing my own book on day. I write almost every weekend - it's a kind of mediation for me - and especially in Lockdown times I wrote a lot of texts and even finished my manuscript, which I started writing ages ago.

    Before I even think about publishing, I want to think about editing and proofreading. I'm sure I can get a lot more out of the manuscript. Is it possible to contact some publishers directly and get help by them? Or is it better, in your opinion, for me to do these “revisions” myself and only "apply" to a publisher with a "perfect" manuscript? I'm not quite sure what publishers are looking for in principle...

    I would actually prefer that publishers show interest in the manuscript and revise it together with me... to be honest, to me it would be weird if a publishers “only” publishes a book... something like, "the author does all the work by himself”…

    So how does it generally work in the publishing world?

    Maybe someone has some experience in this regard.

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

  5. Hey guys, I wanted to ask what you think about how the job market will develop in the future in general? What is important and what should an employed person bring with? Due to automation and digitalization, many professions will soon become extinct. How can we counteract the unemployment rate? I guess that the gap between qualified and low-skilled workers is getting bigger and bigger, because some “easier” tasks can't be replaced by robots (such as cleaners in a building or so)... which means that there are some who earn a lot and a lot who earn very little money in future (if that is not already the case…). What do you guys think what new developments will be taking place in labour market and what qualification should young professionals get NOW? I am looking forward to reading your answers! Thanks in advance. :-)

  6. Allegedly, the human has already been born, who is supposed to live over 200 years - or something like that I read the other day. I can no longer remember the exact year - but now a question in the round: Do you really want to live so long? I mean, as long as I'm fit and healthy, I'm happy to live - but if I can no longer walk myself, I'm constantly dependent on help and someone constantly has to look after me, then I no longer see any point in life. What do you think?

  7. Interesting article! In my opinion, science in itself can be a little dangerous too. After all, medicine now allows not only for surgical treatment, but also for genetic modifications. Where will this lead us in the future? At some point in time, will we be able to make children look the way we want them to look? Eye colour, skin colour, hair colour etc. - I think it could be dangerous because we could lose touch with nature… and then there is the question of what we should do with more and more older people. They have to get money from somewhere. Or do they want us to work even longer in our life? 😉

  8. I had Corona in May, I had a very high fever for a fortnight and then I felt really bad for months afterwards, sweating for weeks, tiredness. I have been suffering from emphysema ever since. I still try to ride my bike as much as I can, but every now and then I get shortness of breath. And that although I was actually always healthy and lively. I never had any complications before. So I just want to warn you that Corona is not to be taken easily. However… many symptoms can also speak for other diseases, so you never know if it’s Corona or not.

  9. America has no human concept and no socio-political alternative as long as there is no third party to choose from in the USA and only the choice between horrible and nasty, as long as the state does not provide money for the needy, as long as there is no social safety net for the unemployed, sick, handicapped and disabled; politicians are only occupied with their private vanities and insults, there is no coming to terms with judicial misjudgements, politicians are not willing to come to terms with the structural racism in the whole of US society, violent behaviour by the Federal Police, if necessary also to give notice to police officers, to re-evaluate the cases with the many innocent people killed and also to punish them criminally, to rehabilitate the victims, to abolish the death penalty, that is how long I see a dark tunnel for the Americans. Such presidential debates are of no use if you do not like the politics of either candidate.

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