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  1. Thank you Kartazian and Studiot. I'm very well thanks for asking.

    You have obviously "tumbled" me as a beginner and I will enjoy going through this.

    I may well come back to you.

    Keep well


    As a begginner, I know the symbols for amps, voltage, resistance, power and a tiny bit more.

    Could I trouble you Kartazian to explain the symbols in your diagram please?

    Ua, Vf and 1f,



  2. Yes Klaynos, Last night wasn't bad (London). I saw Orion, but you had to stare for a moment until you spotted it. (7pm right outside my South facing window).

    On a clear sky in previous years it's been such a fantastic "Light show" I would have paid to get in!

    I'll try that observatory Studiot.



  3. Hello all,  I have just found Falstad and have a couple of questions to ask please.

    I connected an led to a 50 volt battery with a 100 ohm resistor. The led still lights. Shouldn't it burn out (diagramatically of course) or is it that the programme doesn't have this facility? Perhaps my sums are wrong, I am a beginner after all.

    How do I have a two way (double) switch on this programme?  I would like to experiment with a capacitor and a lamp.

    Thanks in advance everyone.






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