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  1. The closet shakes when I open its door consequently the cardboard box also shakes what happens inside the cardboard box? inside there are screwdrivers papers, dvdbox discs which reason does not cause damage to dvd disks?

  2. I store my DVD discs inside the black dvd box in vertical position and inside the cardboard box, also inside the cardboard box next to the dvdbox I have a bag with papers and screwdrivers, on top of the cardboard box I have another one cardboard box with dvd casebox, the cardboard boxes are on top of a clothes closet and if I open the clothes closet door it shakes will this balance damage the DVD discs?


  3. 1) I know UV causes plastic and rubber to dry out but is fading and yellowing of magazine pages caused by any light or UV light?



    2) some kind of fabric that i can cover the magazines and the plastic and rubber of the electronics and give protection from drying and fading? Although I keep the magazines in a closet, it opens you up that some light reflected off the walls can enter

  4. Is it possible to maintain an environment with low humidity to preserve electronic devices from oxidation without this low humidity drying out plastic and rubber from electronic devices and DVD discs that are plastic and in that environment? in my room I have two digital hygrometers and an air dehumidifier plus 300 with q compressor that stays on all day because the humidity goes up to 70%, while in the dehumidifier the humidity is at 40% in the hygrometers the measurement is at 50% so I set the dehumidifier to 40

  5. electrolytic capacitor of electronic devices is a component that involves chemistry, the electrolytic capacitor mounted on an electronic circuit can remain unused and without power for how long without its disuse affecting the useful life of the electrolytic capacitor? i have old electronics devices of 1990

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