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  1. hi, no, both this website and subforum are correct location for discussion but I meant two things: i. I recommended that you check algebra (general) and number theory contexts (i.e. books, aricles or notations) ii. other approaches would potentially be off topic. some other mathematicians' ideas would be good here, because I might have forgotten some theorems or maybe I do not remember all of them.
  2. to me,I have not seen rational contexts for these explanations. but not sure. maybe some other mathematicians' idea might be suitable to make more clear explanation. for a general redirectory or recommendation: I suggest that you follow general algebraic contexts(this means that this thread can be analyzed under algebra and number theory)
  3. I think that generally "thoughts" are issue in philosophy, but not the definite things so much or not strict decisions. but simply philososphy can be defined as this " to think about things that we see or perceive or have consciousness about" thus, while the density exists (so maybe quality) , I am not sure whether " bad " or "good" is a good or acceptable description for itself.
  4. hi, may I ask; "when we would like to give reference(s) to our any claim(s) ,then do we have to give our reference(s) in english ?" thanks
  5. ahmet

    regular region

    x is a parameter here.
  6. is there such a definition in the content of integral account/calculation courses or in the content of calculus? I remember something like this: [math] \int^{v(x)}_{y=u(x)} f(x,y)dy [/math] if in this integral [math]f(x,y)[/math] function ( [math] \alpha \leq x \leq \beta [/math] and [math] a \leq y \leq b [/math] ) is derivable in the D region that characterized with the given inequalites in the paranthesis,then this region would be called as "regular region" but I am not sure about the exact definition could someone provide some more context about regular region (if possible)? thanks
  7. I think folk likes them. Some specific actions may make the process negatively mysetrious. but in total yes,we like polices. I do not know the polices' exact salary (but I can make simple search for it) to me I think one police is taking two times more than a teacher. (note I shall try to find one police's salary from search and calculation tools) I think yes. meanwhile,this is another reason to think that they deserve it. I have not lived in us so I cannot make a comparison really according to simple search I found approximately 6.000 t they get paid but this is with one explanation , as I understand some other (side) payments and shift hours are not added. a teacher gets paid 4360 t (note the above quantity means lowest polices' salary , 4360 means teachers lowest salary but one teacher cannot take more than 6000 t (max) (max hours weekly for tecahers here is: 30 (in some specific cases may be up to 40 ) hours per/week )
  8. well, hereby within this last message,I understand that it was recommended to me to send them at least one sample. ok. to be honest at a time,I had uploaded to tune core but none had interested in that . (meanwhile, you did not say anthing whether it should be competitive (but I mean whether just natural voice is accepable for instance) it was only natural voice and I do not think that it would be so much popular ...however this depends on the ryhthm and background musics. okay,I shall do your advice. I shall specify the music (but again only natural voice ) I shall (try to) recontact to thrace musics hey sensei,do you have any music video/clip?? some details: I believe that achievement and reputation are two diferent definitions. I shall definitely concentrate on achievement rather than having a well known reputation,of course reputation is nevertheless important but not aim.
  9. I am only responding to the title (nothing else,because I have not read any else comments under this thread) while it is interesting ..it also seems rational. because imo everyone believes that they deserve it: though, it is interesting because here in turkey ,anymore, one teacher's salary is not higer than even one security staff who has high school degree. all teachers here have to hold at least BSc or BE degree. what is more according to forthcoming or existing procedures , this will not be enough.
  10. yyep! maybe I give the probability to your implication that you claimed; most of those musicians would earn money via concerts or other but similar activities ( also including advertisements incomes ) but maybe you are missing a point I am definitely dealing with POPular musics. Generally these type of musics has already had 100 milllion views or more than that. but here one idea that would normally prove that you would be right if you had thought so: "no guarantee (of >=100m views)" ,presumably as this detail is not clear the producer companies do not contact every nominators (like me). there are some other probabilities for instance they might consider fake personalities/accounts contacting them. I tried to contact one or two companies but could not get revert back unfortunately ,thus I thought so. but I am unsure whether really I have chance. because now I am 30 years old.:( I nevertheless think one point: if the process is really so much expensive ,how do new nominators be able to succeed? ,interesting.
  11. hi Entalphy, it was very nice to read your this post. but the thing I would it to be understood is probably different." musician" definition , of course, includes many descriptions. but the one I would give as a sample was someone like Akcent, Lalgerino, Zack Knight, etc. at a time when I told this to someone, one of my friend said "it is really expensive" I said "oh my dear, how much?" then he said more than (as I remember correctly (if I remember it correctly) 100.000 $ - 10000$ does anyone agree to this idea?
  12. I see one (trial) question and one expresion 1) you try to ask a question but; 2)presumably your own expression refutes the intented aim
  13. it might be a controversial issue what good means but there might be some tools for you to define your own goodness (e.g: if, to you, "good" means high IF ,then sjr might be a tool for you. and if "good" means "relevance" then, to me, you have to check each listed journals by your own ) there are some other databases like DOAJ , SCI ,...) the time period for publication is changing from one journal to another journal. But if you provide more context, then maybe we might help you better.
  14. from my view, contributing to science is, of course entertaining. but one should differentiate something and take decision accordingly. 1) to me, science requires a bit education , but not higher (i.e. MSc and doctoral programs are not mandatory to contribute science. though,at least high school or primary school degree seems mandatory ) 2) higher degrees generally require strict efforts , but to obtain a higher degree will not mean a parallel employment . 3) This might be meaningless but I think that some cases might be relative from country to another country. For instance, while learning an amount of information might be useful in an A country, this might be very useless in a B country even if all aspects of the relevance of that information be same (e.g. how it is being taught) if you are a young one and looking for some suggestions on how to select something on this issue: then please take your decisions by your own and feel free please in the time of decision. and I can say that this would be a general case according to my personal approach based on my experiences. "generally the type of education that contains active applications ( in real) life brings more job options." a recommendation: I think one another forum might be more suitable for this thread. While there is a branch "political sciences" among the branches of scientific classification and although these days this issue is getting to be more popular and/or important time to time,I think that the processes in doing and contributing to science and their results might not be limited with political researches (i.e.politics)
  15. hereby, within this comment, I recommend the moderation to move this thread to another forum. (maybe,speculations or one of other forums might be more suitable)
  16. yes. but..it has been a bit late here and i had intented not to write until OP gives more contexts. ... have a good night.
  17. hahahahhahhaa hahahhaa ok. I really spent enough effort to help the OP. sorry, but I won't reply anymore (at least until some contexts more be provided by OP) but already beacuse of laughing ... I suppose I can't by by now.
  18. then how will you reach the title's implication: 2+2=5 with your this map?? I think this is your own supposition. check also simply wikipedia here with a part of this original title here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del%27s_incompleteness_theorems#:~:text=G%C3%B6del's%20incompleteness%20theorems%20are%20two,capable%20of%20modelling%20basic%20arithmetic.&text=The%20second%20incompleteness%20theorem%2C%20an,cannot%20demonstrate%20its%20own%20consistency. this is your (own) understanding. if the question was relevant,then no problem for me. I recommend that you check the ordered/given references and try to correlate them well. but of course, this requires mathematical sight. I marked as OP's own reference in paranthesis.All are relevant each other and in the conformity. [1] N. BOURBAKI Elements of Mathematics Algebra I Chapters 1 - 3 ISBN 2-7056-5675-8 (Hermann) ISBN 0-201-00639-1 (Addison-Wesley) Library of Congress catalog card number LC 72- 5558 American Mathematical Society (MOS) Subject Classification Scheme (1970) : 15-A03, 15-A69, 15-A75, 15-A78 Printed in Great Britain page: 96-99 [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peano_axioms#Addition (this is the reference that OP provided. please check carefully the axioms here such as "Equivalent axiomatizations" check also please the note What you see here,in the OP's this link/reference) [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del%27s_incompleteness_theorems#:~:text=G%C3%B6del's%20incompleteness%20theorems%20are%20two,capable%20of%20modelling%20basic%20arithmetic.&text=The%20second%20incompleteness%20theorem%2C%20an,cannot%20demonstrate%20its%20own%20consistency. ( a piece of OP's title ) general comment: this is a mathematics forum.
  19. @studiot check please once again my previous post. (with the stated/given page infromation please, because it seems somebody who claims that he was well educated but not aware of 0 divisors of a circle. ) I disagree to this idea. because our keywords seems suitable: (* incompleteness) however, I have commonly experienced in mathematics, something (which seems even very simple ),can cause big discussions. so, I do not recommend thinking like this : "this is so much simple,I can easily resolve it" , Nah
  20. check please this resource [1] ,in fact it is same with the above. [1] N. BOURBAKI Elements of Mathematics Algebra I Chapters 1 - 3 ISBN 2-7056-5675-8 (Hermann) ISBN 0-201-00639-1 (Addison-Wesley) Library of Congress catalog card number LC 72- 5558 American Mathematical Society (MOS) Subject Classification Scheme (1970) : 15-A03, 15-A69, 15-A75, 15-A78 Printed in Great Britain page: 96-99
  21. then,I can say that being well educated will not bring you a guarantee to know everything anyway,as I see that your comments are going to be off topic,maybe I had better go until seeing a relevant comment.
  22. @studiot ,I did not check the book , but again I think that you would find the relevant theorems or further considerations in this resource and the continuation (series of ) the resource: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783540642435
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