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  1. 15 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

    We may have different definitions of "rude".

    I understand. 

    (with reminding a notation: that opinion definitely does not belong to me)

    also, I do not  approach any language as "rude" or "strange" or "odd", but I almost commonly come across with people stating their opinion also with their mimics or acts.

    thanks for sharing your idea.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

    Some languages can sound harsh to foreign ears. People speaking German often sound angry to me, while people speaking Arabic or Cantonese often sound excited. 

    :) :) :) way interesting to hear.

    because I know or come across many people stating arabic was a rude language,at least many turkishes. 

    a notation: the opinion appearing above does not belong to me. 

    meanwhile, my arabic level is B1

  3. I am trying to analyze graphs. 

    but the interesting thing is that although I change the intervals sensitively, it gives me the same graph.

    (embodiment: try to draw [math]  f(x)= x^{3} [/math] ,select first the interval [-2,2] and [-5,5] or symmetric else differently, see what happens.)



    so, can we...?

  4. 6 minutes ago, joigus said:

    I think this is a great question, and I would like to see it asked (as well as read proposals to answer it) in a more general context.

    ya yes, thank you.

    unfotunately ,I waited almost 7 years or more to try to give an answer to this question but still do not know.

    however, I decided that waiting was time consuming

    thus , I started something

    hopefully I will start to my business too. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, studiot said:

    A camel is a horse designed by a committee

    ahahahhahaha ahahhaa haha :) :) :) :) :) 

    :) :) :) :) :) 

    I suddenly remmebered  @joigus hahahhahaha

    9 minutes ago, studiot said:

    Not always as I said, in my personal experience.

    not always yes, but as far as I know the most successfull (more clearly: the most prosperous) people are in groups.

    maybe I am wrong.not sure.

    9 minutes ago, studiot said:

    A camel is a horse designed by a committee

    within laughing, this might contain a tricky meaning. because this might contain this one:

    "camel: a group of engineers are working too much, but do not earn much money"

    if yes, you might have neglected a detail: groups / teams are acting like a human at the background 

    we can also extend this to a country.

    thus, what achievement is might be a bit different or multidimensional 


  6. 5 minutes ago, studiot said:

    The ultimate team is, of course the committee, have you heard about the committee and the camel?

    commitee or comission, I presume. Or Yes I heard but not sure about the full scope of this word.

    I have no idea about camel.

    5 minutes ago, studiot said:


    Teams sometimes work out well, but there was research back along to suggest that teams sometime fail because of their structure.

    I also do not know this issue well , but (if I consider myself) far from the issue; it seems collaboration groups / teams are really successfull. 

    but it is good for me to hear that. thanks. 

  7. hi,

    I have not clearly understood what kind of message you want to transmit to us but as the title is very clear and its color is very obvious, while I would not like to make any explanation about my own idea in the current position,I would definitely express  one woman who has far relation with me; she says:

    "why someone says to other ones marking or calling them as 'stupid' ?

    did they create them?"

    Clarification: that woman intented to express that it would not be convenient to call anyone as "stupid". I can also consider that this would always be an insulting word. 

    (assume please someone head to you by calling you with this word,the implication is also awful.)

    however, under this instructions we can also not call someone even if someone has had disease (mental ilnesses)

    because (although this approach will potentially include relative idea) that woman also expressed this in the content

    "you or people did not create that one, so you/they cannot call him as 'stupid' " and illness is generally not in your hand 


    some keywords: ethics ,aesthetics,manner, human rights.  

  8. 12 hours ago, mathematic said:

    log has discontinuity at 0.  arc ? - what do you mean?

    as it explained we will accept [math] -\infty,\infty [/math] as points. Thus this is not a type of discontinuity. (but if any case be occured like right limit and left limit are different points then this will be discontinuity.)


    and arc means inverse trygonometric functions (e.g. arcsin(x) ,arccos(2x), etc)

  9. hi,

    I do not remember whether any function given in this category has had discontinuoum point. But with one notation: [math] -\infty, \infty  [/math] are accepted as points. (This is real analysis)

    thus if any point accepts its limit  one of these points,then this is not a problem. (however, one point cannot accept both of these points as limit point ,because this will be accepted as discontinuoum)


    elementary functions : LAPTE

    L: logaritmic

    A: arc 

    P: polynomic

    T: trygnometric

    E: exponential. 




  10. 3 hours ago, HallsofIvy said:



    graphs yes. To me,although during maths BSc program  no one mentioned ( in spite of other very strict contexts ), (because that example is too simple to me ( 1= radius circle)

    I almost always was thinking it would not be accepted  even as a function , because for instance when we draw the graph, it is possible to find two elements which their values (under the functions's rule) are same but, are not equal.

    ( here if x= sint ,y = cost ,e.g: for t=45 degree , [math] x^2+y^2=1 [/math] is being satisfied but there when the angle is 135 degree , y value is again same thus this should not be accepted as a function in fact)


    meanwhile, you might be right, because as I remember, the curves and functions are slightly different (probably there was continuoum between the definitions or homeomorphism,I do not remember well,sorry for that but can scan the documents if you want,or you might be better on this issue)

    the definition of function is simply


    f: A ---> B , every x element of A should have a value in B , and when [math] x_1=x_2 [/math] (these are element of A) and   [math]f(x_1)=f(x_2)[/math] this is compulsory.  E  xamplifed above for circle. (circle equation is not a function) but if you specifically define it between 90-180 and 0-270 ,then well this will be accepted as a function. (but the domain set and value sets will be changed as you can predict)

  11. On 8/16/2020 at 9:55 PM, studiot said:

    I just caught part of a TV program called Spy in the Wild.

    BBC1 1735 - 1835 today.

    I will have to complete it on iplayer /catch up.

    It shows the most amazingly realistic robotic artificial animals designd to fool real animal herds in the wild in order to video the.

    These robots look like the real thing, orangutangs, crocs, egrets, penguins, sea otters etc and have sound vision and realistic action.

    These are unprecedented scientific tools but watching them made me wonder the title question

    How soon before we can make a Terminator ?

    They are so nearly there.


    Watch the programme if you get a chance.

    pahahaha :) :) never mind such things. :) mmm, listening musics gives more pleasure than imaging such things 

    peheh :) :) 

    A recommendation: I suggest that you visit Antalya's The Land Of Legends or vialand in istanbul or any else a good theme park rather than imaging such things, I guarantee more pleasure.

  12. On 7/19/2020 at 11:06 PM, HallsofIvy said:

    If I remember correctly, a region in $R^2$ is "regular" if its boundary is a simple closed curve.  (And a curve is "simple" if it does not cross itself.)  Yes, the rectangular region $a\le x\le b$, $c\le y \le d$ is a "regular region".  As to the integral, $\int_{u(x)}^{v(x)} f(x,y)dy$, Assuming that f is an "integrable" function of y, then $\int_{u(x)}^{v(x)} f(x,y)dy$ is a function of x, F(x).    I might think of the "x" as a "parameter" in the integral but as a variable in f(x,y) and in F(x).

    hi, can we conclude/say that all of elementary functions (that consisted of just one term) were simple curve

    elementary functions

    *trygonometric (cannot consist of more than one term)

    *logaritmic (cannot contain more than one term)

    * polynomic (this category can consist of just one term and can be divided to two subcategories : 1) with odd number degree 2) even number degree  (e.g. [math] f(x)= x^{3}, g(x)=x^{4} [/math] ))

    * inverse trygonometric functions (cannot be more than one term)

    * exponential functions (should contain just one term)

    All these functions should be simple curve ,could you confirm this information please?




    clarification: the criterion given in the paranthesis are in fact ,all equivalent and means this 

    for instance : trygonometric functions cannot be defined like this one: [math]f(x)= cos(x) + cos(tx) [/math] t ∈  R constant number) or this one [math]f(x)=sin(x)+cos(x)[/math]

    for exponential functions for instance none of these are acceptable [math] f(x)=e^{x}+e^{5x} , g(x)= e^{x}+5^{x}[/math] and so on. futhermore just one type of these functions are claimed not the mixture of them (e.g. this is not an issue: [math]f(x)= cos(x)+x^{4} [/math] )

  13. oh my gosh! I can't move to anywhere :( :( 

    it is because of covid - 19. 

    may I ask something more while trying to make my boring times go away 

    1) does youtube pay fee just regarding the count of watching (assume please ads turned on)?

    2) what happens if the language option is changable (in fact this is the same question with previous one) 

    A notation: I have detected many music videos ,that seem like some unqualified productions, however, they are watched too many times. 


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