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  1. It is right in front of you! How Freewill & Determinism work to "Gradually Build Reailty"!!! It is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! And that is almost ENTIRELY just SFB and not Rube. Just SVC's cardio-vascular system that ALREADY EXISTS IN THE REAL WORLD!!! www.starfleetgames.com Is nobody here even intelligent enough to comprehend that the Freewill & Determinism example I am TRYING to get you to even see ALREADY EXISTS!!! It's not an idea or theory, in fact it is over 40 years old!!! Look again! Actually thing about it. It is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! How time builds reality within what you call "Time Crystals". And to answer the question "What is Rube?" in a single sentence AGAIN... "Rube is a functioning simulation of God" "The Mechanics of Universal Consciousness" Is there anybody here with an IQ above 160??? Could they please explain the Freewill & Determinism thing too them??? It's right in front of them, and it is SIMPLE understand... and they can't see it. Will anyone even attempt to understand it? Because it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! - Arch Angel Marcus, "Still Vorlon after all these years." .
  2. Here's one for the subject of scientific debate in general... because I do actually have a lot of experience with it as I am pretty sure at least a few of you understand by now. I'd be interested to know if this is "lost knowledge". At the end of Great Wall thing I used the Anachronym "N.O.S.E." assuming "the older crowd will get it"... did they? Does anyone know what it means? I'm just curious...
  3. I thought there were supposed to be people here that were so smart that they should be talking down too me as though I were a child... too many words confuses these same people? - The Teflon Believer PS My first, very minor, strike back...
  4. You must not be paying attention to what is there. If you really consider it, you will see the specific mechanics of how Freewill & Determinism work to gradually build reality within Rube. I don't use Phil's tactics, except against Phil... and he's been dead for a long time now. I am a LOT more friendly than he was... "The Comedian". [Play Rush: Digital Man... my theme song from the UseNet UFO Forum days of M&M and Deano. We already ran Deano's Ain't That A Kick In The Head theme.] Does anyone else see it... Tell Zapatos for me if you do, or ask me what you are confused about.
  5. You don't have to hold your hand up like that, but it is intimidating and makes you look cool.  Especially if you are dressed like a Man in Black...

  6. "I wish that I could live it all again!" - Pirate Dawn Universe

  7. MigL: Thanks for the reply that let's me post this right away, written last night... that' pre-emptively shoots you down. 😉 Rube/”The Matrix” is simulation design, not programming or high math. I can only express Rube through game design. When one of you understands Rube, you will be capable of “showing the math”. I am not, I arrive at Rube through game design. But, of course, someone who knows how too, and understands Rube, will be able to express it mathematically. I don't know how to do that. So, now you should understand the impulses in at least a basic way. A lot of what I am saying so far is just SFB... a game that already actually exists in the real world. This is what you are attempting to ridicule so far as “an idea” and demanding something tangible on... the most sophisticated “game” ever created which already exists. “The Third Generation of Artificial Time.” You can get a copy of it yourself. You only need “Basic Set”, the first product, for everything about the impulse chart and it's 16-page, double column, 10-point font “Sequence of Play” embedded within each and every “Impulse of Time” or “Time Crystal”. “Moments of Time Containing Reality”. A PDF version is available. I have not been involved with the company in any way for over 25 years now and am not posting this to sell their games, which I would think should be obvious. www.starfleetgames.com http://www.starfleetgames.com/sfb/sfin/32_Impulse_Chart.pdf So let's look at the original impulse chart,and the impulses, through Rube's eyes. There are “32 seconds” down the left side. In SFB there are “Speeds” along the top, but within Rube just call those “ID#s” of different Soul Rubes. Each “speed line” is, within Rube, the timeline of a “Soul Rube”. And in Ultimate Infinity Rube that timeline for that “Soul Rube” extends infinitely into the future. Do you want to program Fred to sneeze at 8:15 AM on January 12th 4288? You can, but Fred will be dead by then so it won't wind up being relevant and his timeline won't even exist anymore. Can you see “The Waterfall Display” in “The Matrix” here... it really is the perfect interface for “The Game Controller”... “Marvin”... We'll get to Marvin a later... for the bullets. “Rube Plans The Future”. Remember, each and every impulse has a “2000 page Sequence of Play” embedded within it... “Moments of Time Containing Reality”. The individual timeline of a Soul Rube is where Rube “files all future instructions” for that Soul Rube. So, if as my grandfather would say... “Ya' Folla'?”... Then you can ALREADY understand how and why “Freewill & Determinism” exist at the same time and equally affect how the future will unfold. In fact, “Freewill Becomes Determinism”. If we meet in the line at 7-11 and I let you know it will rain later, you will have an umbrella when you wouldn't have before. Additional “instructions” were added to your future timeline “in that moment” at 7-11. They might change, but as of now our mutual “freewill” has “written your future” as things stand now, it might change before it happens as your future timeline is “filled with more and more instructions” for what will happen when that Moment of Time Containing Reality/”Time Crystal” actually happens. Our freewill created that determinism, which isn't set in stone or certain and may be affected by future interactions with other Soul Rubes, or even just the environment (i.e. “The Passive Map”). The “Soul Rubes” “Live” on the “Active Map” of Rube. On the Passive Map you find things that are moving but aren't alive... and have “timelines without Soul Rubes”. Like the bullets... I am guessing that for some people to understand this, I'm going to have to answer some questions now... but you will! We are already at you understanding specifically how “Freewill & Determinism” work together to “Gradually Build Reality” within Rube. As you might already suspect, what people call “The Butterfly Effect” is a very real and powerful thing within Rube. Does anyone see how “Freewill & Determinism” work within Rube based on everything that I've said so far? I want to get at least a few people to understand this before moving on, so that they can at least tell the people who don't that I am actually talking about something real. [Rush: Freewill] “Each of us, a single cell of awareness. Imperfect and incomplete.” - Silent Bob Agent Jay, The Teflon Believer Silent Bob, The Professor Post-Script... I know... “Damn, he's good...” 😉 Thanks, Phil! Finally, one of many reasons I have brought Rube to a science forum is because there is no free speech on the internet today. A line from what today is an obscure movie, Gung Ho with Michael Keaton, says it all... CEO: “Are you questioning my honor?” Executive: “No sir, I am counting on it.” I told you I knew how to talk to scientists... and I know about Galileo. I don't need Galileo but, I admit... there he is anyway. 😉 - Agent Jay, “The Entertainer”, “Scientists need entertainment, too... you know?” [Play Rush: Natural Science... Again. “Rube's Theme Song”. It really is very relevant...]
  8. I need to have a little intermission from “hard facts of game design” and “go crazy” a little bit... or, as I like to put it, become “The Tin Foil Hat Prophet”. The “religious voice” of the theoretical Ultimate Infinity Rube. When the “Tin Foil Hat Prophet” speaks, it is rarely science... but it is philosophy! As you can already see, Rube will go “Places” that fly in the face of conventional thinking, and often at first sound downright crazy... because of what took me about 4 years to see after “discovering” Rube. What Ultimate Infinity Rube ultimately is... “The Mechanics of Universal Consciousness”. That's what Rube ultimately is. And Rube is Time... so Rube says that Time is the Framework & Structure of the Universe, The Mechanics of Universal Consciousness. Which is why I suggested that you start reading about Taoism. “The secrets of the universe will be found by both scientists AND philosophers... not by scientists alone. No offense.” - The Tin Foil Hat Prophet And, there are two Rubes... my Rube and the theoretical Ultimate Infinity Rube. And there are two theories of Rube. “The Matrix” or “The Living Universe”... if you understand Rube at even a basic level, you understand that that question can never possibly be answered from this “Place”. We can never determine that from this “Place”. Marvin would know... In my PDU story “Marvin” is Sol... our star. There is a reason that Marvin would know, and the reason involves some things that Nikola Tesla believed. Marvin will become very important later if this discussion makes it far enough. “Marvin” is the actual “Rube Goldberg Card Sorting Device”. Cards can be sets of instructions. Cindy would know, too... In the story she is Arch Angel Hera and she would know because she is from the same “Place” as Marvin... “Astral”. “The Tron of The Matrix” and “the Luke Skywalker of my story”. Suzi would know, too. She is the “Dark Side” version of Cindy... Arch Angel Cora. The PDU story completes Neil “Professor Pratt” Peart's “re-boot” of Greek Mythology that began with Hemispheres and was continued in other songs later in his career. This story encompasses 14 games and has been evolving for over 25 years along with Rube... “My Life's Work”. [Play Rush: Hemispheres, Full Album] The Tin Foil Prophet knows that this all sounds completely crazy too you now, but giving you this “strategic level of information” about where this is heading will make it easier for you to understand what I am saying. This really is only the beginning of the “crazy”... Rube really never stops saying “magical” and “crazy sounding” things that sometimes completely fly in the face of what we all believe. But Rube is a functioning model, Rube actually works!!! And if you will let me post relevant videos, when we get to the part about why humans can't ever leave this solar system... I will be able to show you existing scientific experiments that demonstrate exactly why that is true! This is “the Nikola Tesla stuff”... “The secrets of the universe will be found in energy, frequency, and vibration.” Rube agrees with Tesla about this, and Rube says that this is actually the “backbone” of what science calls “Quantum Mechanics”. I should mention that I am a Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5 fan and never actually liked The Matrix movies very much. Just as with “God”, Rube looked like “The Matrix” after the fact. But, when we get too it, I will tell you how Neo stops the bullets... and you'll completely understand how to do it yourself! Because it is so easy... “Stopping the bullets is easy... they just don't get to move.” - M&M speaks Vorlon for the first time... later, as you learn to speak Vorlon, you will come to understand this phrase. Another SFB player already would, because SFB players speak Vorlon... Three Generations Beyond What You Know. “Indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C Clarke Rube: The Fourth Generation of Artificial Time “A Religion for Scientists” - The Tin Foil Hat Prophet [Rush: Stars Look Down. Marvin Speaks!] “Like a fly on the wheel who says: What a lot of dust we're raising.” - Professor Pratt PS Part of the reason that I originally posted in the Quantum Mechanics forum is that scientists who discuss those subjects are necessarily more open to philosophical discussions. Rube eventually goes there... with Nikola Tesla. “Feel The Heat, See The Light, Hear The Song” - Pirate Dawn Universe PS If you want a debunkery insult for The Tin Foil Hat Prophet that is worthy of Phil, I suggest calling me “a modern day sun worshiper”... Haha!
  9. “Rube Plans The Future”. This is another defining phrase of Rube. This is one primary way that my “Impulses” work so differently than Steve Cole's Impulses. “Moments of Time Containing Reality.” SVC's Impulses, my modified version of them, run through the “framework and structure” of Rube like a cardio-vascular system. Like the same “beads on a string” example that science uses... only there are MANY of them. Everything that is alive has it's own timeline. In “Artificial Time” terms this is called “Attached AI”. In “Religious Terms” it is a “Soul Rube”, a complete “Reflection” of the “Rube Goldberg Card Sorting Device” within that “AI Object” (games) or “Living Entity” (“The Living Universe” theory of Rube). So everything that is alive has it's own timeline, and Rube says the stars and planets are “alive”, but exist in what science calls a different “dimension”... but that word is not accurate too me because of the way science defines it... so I use the word “Place” to describe Rube's definition of what that means. We'll get to that a LOT later... when we get to why Rube says that humans can't survive outside of this solar system. So my Rube is a very complex “intricate web of timelines”, interacting with and affecting each other. “Wheels within wheels...” “Fate is just the weight of circumstance.” - Neil “The Professor” Peart Rube is a “self-programming computer or simulation”... MeeSo!!! The PDU story... too much to explain here. 😉 Although the real thing is a lot more complex than this text list, one simple way of describing the “framework and structure” that is Rube in text is this example. It is in both sets of terms, the original ”Artificial Time” terminology I was using before I noticed first... “This is The Matrix!”... and then “This is God!!!” Originally, “Rube” was a “cold war gone hot” game called “Territories”... very much like WOPR from the movie “Wargames”. [Play Rush: Territories] “The whole wide world, and endless universe. Yet we keep looking through the eyeglass in reverse.” Top Spinning Wheel of Time/Heaven Rube Goldberg Card Sorting Device/God - “The Light” AI Objects/Soul Rubes Active-Passive Map/Mortal World AI Objects/Soul Rubes Rube Goldberg Card Sorting Device/Devil – “The Darkness” Bottom Spinning Wheel of Time/Hell This is the basic structure of “Rube”. All of the “Soul Rubes” have their own timelines. The Earth has it's timeline, so does the sun... and, a long time from now, months at least, when you are beginning to understand what Rube actually is, this will make even more sense too you than it already does now. Within Rube, my “more advanced” impulses are “God's Filing System of The Future” and Rube “gradually builds reality” through the interactions of the timelines/”Soul Rubes”. “The Framework & Structure” of the universe. Time. Rube Plans The Future! And, in the end... “Rube Finds God!!!” Start reading about Taoism... “The Dao, The Road” “Go With The Flow of the River of Time” They are on too it, they “sense” it... Rube is the specific mechanics of how it actually works! [Imagine a Ying-Yang Logo...] The Chinese would LOVE Rube!!! [Belinda Carlisle: Heaven is a Place on Earth]
  10. I hit my newbie posting limit last night so I had to stop. I've made sure that my posts today would be good ones by writing them all together as a group, and to end on the first tangible, real thing that you can latch onto to see that Rube is real. So, because of this unique situation until my 5 post limit is lifted, today I am just posting all 5 of my posts at once and tomorrow hope to use all five to respond to questions and make at least some of you understand how “Freewill & Determinism” actually function within Rube. I hope posting this way today due to the 5 post limit makes sense too the moderators. It is a lot of text all at once, but Rube is a very complex subject... especially if you aren't even a Vorlon. It allows me to get to something “tangible and real” all at once, for one thing, the very thing you are demanding. I think I need to wait a few minutes between posting each so they don't run together into a single giant “wall of text” and, remember, I don't have any posts left for today and will use tomorrow's post to reply to today's. If you will allow it to take place, and people become interested in it, this will be a very long discussion. Months at least... “Ultimate Infinity Rube” really is very close to what you think of as “The Matrix”. This is going to take a while... The very first thing I want to say today is that there are two Rubes. There is the Rube I can actually make, and make games with, that I just call Rube. Then there is the theoretical “Ultimate Infinity Rube”, which is essentially just imagining a Rube where all of it's functionally and components have infinite capability. “Ultimate Infinity Rube” is a “Unified Theory of Everything” where everything just seems to fall into place. A functioning model that appears, too me, to answer many questions science has had for decades or centuries. I will skip a little bit ahead to the first of many shocking revelations that Rube has for you... Rube says that the universe is alive, and that it is essentially a “Giant Brain”. I am skipping ahead too this, which sounds completely crazy too you now but will sound a lot less crazy when I actually get too it, to point out that I am not trying to convince the world that Rube is how the universe actually works. I believe it is, but that is just my belief. I am trying to convince the rest of you that Rube is one valid “Theory of Everything”. The craziest one we have, so at the bottom of the list... but on the list. I would also like to ask the moderators to reconsider me posting songs. I have this well-rehearsed using the song lyrics to often speak for me in sometimes “I can't believe it” kinds of ways. I am very good at it, and I promise that it will be very entertaining. It's how I tell the story of my “Pirate Dawn Universe”... my Star Trek or Star Wars that is partly based on Rube (they live within Rube's universe). And, like I said... I've done this before. Using the song lyrics and music, and occasional short video clips... I can also entertain everyone while explaining how “The Real Matrix” works. It's not irrelevant, Natural Science really was teaching you about Rube and adding to what I had said. Rube is a story best told by “Agent Jay & Silent Bob”... M&M and Neil “The Professor” Peart. Scientists need entertainment, too... you know? If you do, I might even tell you stories about Phil “Deano” Klass. I know how much you skeptics love him, and he's actually one of my idols as well. “No higher praise than that which comes from your enemy”. I'll tell you what... you let me use my song lyrics so I don't have to type as much and I can just let “The Professor” say it, and I'll tell you what Phil says Bob Lazar's “Alien Spaceship at Area 51” actually was, and then what I say the rest of the story is from there... which is the truth. Or, the truth of Roswell, which doesn't involve any aliens and isn't any story that you've ever heard before... your choice. Did I mention that my father was a diplomat??? 😉 Agent Jay [Imagine that I just played the trailer to “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”... “Agent Jay”.] PS Those few of you who are, get off of the edge of your debunker seats for a while and just listen and try to figure this out. Like the skeptics are doing. You would be wasting your time on me, anyway! If the moderators will allow me to defend myself without banning me... the Demon Spawn of Phil Klass will just HUMILIATE YOU!!! “The Teflon Believer”. At Phil's little game of “debunkery”, anyway... not in a valid science discussion, of course. You wouldn't “get me”, you'd “get destroyed by Phil”!!!! Haha... You don't even know what that game is! It's “The UFO Game”... Vladimir Lenin's Game! And I can assure you that I am better at it the you are. “Saucerheads!”... Haha... “Phil's Cults”... The One & Only Great Wall Debunker (“Poor Phil...”) “It is not the responsibility of serious scientific researchers to chase your delusional fantasies around the world. How are we to decide how to spend our valuable time other than by the evidence. As you have yet failed to provide such evidence, there is no reason for me to believe that there is any merit to your story... let alone go to China to search for your Wacky Wall. (N.O.S.E.)” - The Teflon Believer throwing Phil's own “debunkery” back in his face! “Turn The Game Around On The Enemy”. “Counter-Intelligence”. “Turn The Chessboard Around”.
  11. MigL: This is “Star Fleet Battles II”. The end result and final evolution of 250 years of serious military simulation design. A functioning model of time itself. I gave you the development history of Rube in the second post. I would hope that I would be given some leeway to explain something that is three generations beyond your knowledge, and therefore “indistinguishable from magic” too you. I spent last night “reaching something tangible” in four posts ahead of time... so here they are. At the end of today's fifth post, I'll ask if anyone understands how “Freewill & Determinism” work within Rube and, if not, hopefully people will ask questions until at least one other person says that they understand what I am talking about. Right now, I am speaking Vorlon as far as you are concerned. ...and it's going to be like a blog at first because nobody can understand what I am saying yet. Because I am speaking Vorlon too you. I am talking THREE GENERATIONS PAST WHAT YOU UNDERSTAND!!! I showed that in the development history. Do you want to know how “The Matrix” works? Does ANYONE on this planet care enough about how time actually functions to EVEN LISTEN??? Finally, to correct something you said... you don't have any members who know anything at all about game theory compared too the SFB Staff. They are three generations behind us, they are talking about Candyland!!! A “game theory expert” will have every bit as much trouble understanding Rube as anyone else, they may as well not know anything at all. “First Generation... I go, then you go”. Rube is the FOURTH generation of Artificial time, and you only know the first, making Rube “indistinguishable from magic” too you. But if you are willing to listen and pay attention and work it out... I can “strip away the magic” for you! I can teach you to speak Vorlon! I'm a game designer, not a scientist. Phil taught me how to debate scientists, and how to play his game of “debunkery” better than anyone else alive today. I know how your debates go better than you do... all the rules, all the tricks... I ***AM*** the Demon Spawn of Philip J Klass. I do know and understand the nature of debate among scientists. I could give you a demonstration of me becoming Phil and tearing down this house... but you'd ban me for channeling Phil on the very first day I did it... so I won't do that unless the moderators give me permission to “Go All Out Phil” on you for a while, just as a demonstration where they agree not to ban me for it, and I'll stop the first time they ask me too. I don't want to be banned from this forum, I want to explain Rube too you. Back in our day, we had free speech. Nobody had the authority to silence me or Phil! Today we do not have free speech. I am pretty much not allowed to speak anywhere on the internet and if Phil Klass were alive today he would not be allowed to speak anywhere on the internet either. Because there is no free speech on the internet. In 2020, Phil Klass couldn't make three posts anywhere on the internet without being banned for it. Probably for “bullying” (The Deano Fan Club is rolling on the floor!)... “The Brainwashed Generation”. There is NO FREE SPEECH anywhere on the internet. NONE!!! People like Phil Klass and I are not allowed to speak on the internet. “If you can't beat them, silence them!” - JB Adams, GameDev.Net Finally, debunker attacks cannot be allowed to stand. They must ALL be addressed and countered or the discussion will collapse. So the more you attempt to use the tactics of Vladimir Lenin, which IS what you are doing without realizing it, the more I have to write that is not about Rube. The debunkers cause that, not me. The skeptics are still just listening and trying to figure it out, only the debunkers immediately attack without even having any idea what I am talking about yet. I know... “Damn, he's good...” PHI: I understand what you are saying, and have spent a lot of effort to try and bring the discussion to something tangible TODAY (before I get banned because there is no free speech on the internet) that you can all actually understand and latch onto as something that is both real and very significant. I have NOT discussed this in other forums, I have NEVER been allowed to have a discussion about Rube in public ANYWHERE on the internet. The previous discussion was a two year long discussion in a private chat with a game industry CEO who might be doing something with me and Rube in the future. And you must not be much of a skeptic if you don't know who Philip J Klass was... he's pretty much the idol of skeptics. And the US Air Force couldn't keep a secret from him... “Aviation Leak”!!! Phil is a legend of scientific debate... M&M - 2, Deano – 1 [Play Dean Martin's “Ain't That A Kick In The Head!”] I only get five posts a day for now as a newbie, so I won't be able to respond to replies to what I have said today until tomorrow... and hopefully I will need all 5 posts tomorrow to reply to questions about how “Freewill & Determinism” specifically function within Rube. It is not possible to respond to requests to “explain how the universe functions in a single post, please...” I would think that scientists would understand that. Maybe they do, now that I pointed it out. We are starting at the beginning... if you allow it, this is going to be a very long discussion. Let's start with just “Freewill & Determinism”, because it is such a simple thing to understand within Rube. And that will give everyone their first tangible, real “Concept of Rube” to latch onto, understand, and know is a real thing that you understand yourself. Then we'll move on to how to stop the bullets, just like Neo. And you don't actually have to raise your hand like that.... but it is intimidating, and makes you look cool!!! Especially if you are dressed as a “Man in Black”... - Agent Jay, “The Entertainer” I am trying to rip you through three generations of knowledge... from the first straight into the fourth. I am a Vorlon too you right now, but not saying that only I understand. Other SFB players also “Speak Vorlon”. There just aren't very many of us “Vorlons”... yet. I am trying to create more... you. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C Clarke Romulan Commodore Marc “Marcus” Michalik, USS Colorado, SFB Staff (Retired)
  12. The art of "debunkery" is a game... to prove that which is true to be false. It is a very different thing than skepticsm. As a game designer, I am also an entertainer. It's a little crippling too me to not be able to use the song lyrics that so often shockingly speak for me... but I will do without be entertaining. At least without shocking the audience with song lyrics. Thank you for allowing me to at least speak here. So, starting in the beginning and just getting there naturally is the thing to do. I will take this slowly and just get there. Both of those things are easily understood early on, and as long as you don't use your “magic powers” to silence me, even Phil can't win Vladimir Lenin's Game with me... “The UFO Game”, so I'll just start at the beginning. “Moments of time containing reality.” The first phrase ever used to describe Rube, a more sophisticated understanding of SVC's impulses. This is the Impulse Chart from SFB... http://www.starfleetgames.com/sfb/sfin/32_Impulse_Chart.pdf A single “turn” in SFB is comprised of the 32 “impulses” running down the left side. Across the top are the different speeds that your ship might be moving at. The length of this “turn” is what I call the “resolution” of Rube... how much time each impulse actually is. So to keep things simple, imagine that a single “turn” in SFB is 32 seconds (SVC says “about 2 minutes, but for the sake of example think of an “impulse” as being 1 second). These are SFB's impulses. And each impulse has a “Sequence of Play” embedded in them. SFB's SoP is about 16 pages long, double column, 10 point font. And that just for “everything that can happen aboard a starship”. Not Rube's “everything that can happen in all of reality”. “Moments of time containing reality.” Rube's more sophisticated impulses also work a lot differently than SFB's impulse chart. Which I will explain in the next post. [Imagine that I just posted the lyrics on screen version of Rush's Time & Motion, and go read the lyrics too that. It would have been an entertaining lead in too the next post... which may not come for hours.] We've been using them since the late 1970's and we call them "Impulses". To science they are a relatively recent discovery that you call "Time Crystals". We understand your "Time Crystals" about 50 years better than you do.
  13. I am going to take a break for a while, shoot my "Spirit Bow" a few times, and think about how to quickly bring non-SFB players to the "Freewill & Determinism" thing so I can bring at least some people to something real and tangible as quickly as I can. As I said, I have a lot of experience talking with scientists about controversial subjects. In fact, it's a game that I think Phil & I knew better than anybody. M&M - The Teflon Believer ...that's what the Teflon is about. Stay cordial, Phil couldn't beat me. 😉 M&M - 2, Phil "Dean Adams"Klass - 1 I'll just ignore that one on my first day...
  14. Thank you. As I said, I wanted you to put me where you believed that I belong. I also want to warn before I continue, so that you catch it for yourselves... yourselves doing it. There is no "vast conspiracy to suppress Rube". I have learned a lot about human nature in the last 5 years, I am from a "special" family, my grandfather was actually the inspiration of a famous fictional character that you would all know. He was the original, since him there have been 5 more geniuses in our family in just three generations. The Dunning-Krueger Effect. In the last 5 years I have learned that pretty much EVERYONE is "deeply offended" is you tell them that you have invented The Matrix. It just offends pretty much everyone that you are saying that you understand something they can't even comprehend... so they become offended. Try to overcome this. Are you the top simulation designer who has ever lived? Are you even a game designer at all? If not, then don't be offended... you never could have arrived at Rube. You simply don't have the pre-requisite knowledge to do it. Rube is VERY complex and VERY difficult to explain. So I will try to make at least some of you understand two tangible things that you can latch onto and know that they are real... within the "Theory or Rube" anyway. Exactly, the specific mechanics, of how "Freewill & Determinism" both exist at the same time and equally impact how the future will unfold, and how Neo stops the bullets in the movie! (The fun one..) Because both of these things can be understood early on. The specific mechanics behind who Einstein's Time Dilation function will have to wait... that is a pretty complex subject within Rube. Rube's Theme Song, because the lyrics match up with it so well... ! Moderator Note IRRELEVANT VIDEO DELETED Stick to the point, please. "Rube Goldberg Card Sorting Device"
  15. I am, this subject has been banned from ever site I have attempted to discuss it on for five years now. Is this topic OK, or would you rather have me talk about it in a more general place like a Cosmology forum? And thank you for actually allowing me to talk about Rube. If a discussion actually happens, my five year long quest to find a single person anywhere in the world who will talk about Rube will finally be over. For you scientists... a brief development history. Rube, "The Real Matrix", is "Artificial Time". I am a game designer who helped to design the most massive and complex game ever made, Star Fleet Battles, and in some ways Rube is "Star Fleet Battles II". "I go then you go". Everyone understands this. The inventor of "The Matrix" calls this "The First Generation of Artificial Time" and if you've never played serious military wargames, this is all you know. Rube is FOUR GENERATIONS beyond this... making Rube "indistinguishable from magic" to anyone but SFB players, and there are very few of us. It is a very complex game that most won't even attempt to play. Those "toy soldiers that generals play with" you've all seen in the movies were actually serious military simulations. The "Ruler & String Games"., played with what are today called "miniatures" on 3D dioramas. Avalon Hill commercialized these games using cardboard maps and counters, making them affordable and putting them into a box... along with their far more sophisticated "Phased Turns" that allowed for "simultaneous play" Stephen V Cole "warp powered" Avalon Hill's "Phased Turns" with his "Impulse Chart... Phased Turns, with an impulse chart, with phased turns within each impulse. Science calls SVC's"impulses", which he came up with in 1978... "Time Crystals". SVC and his Star Fleet Battles are the "Third Generation of Artificial Time". Which brings me to my Rube. The Fourth Generation of Artificial Time. Possibly the "Framework & Structure" of the universe. Time. And it starts to get "really big, really fast" in what Rube actually is... "A functioning simulation of God". The Holy Grail of Simulation Design. And it just turned out that way. I was never trying to "design god", I was making "Artificial Time". Rube says that "Time is what we perceive as God, or God is what we perceive as Time... or both". It just turned out that way, I am not a religious person at all. Absolutely, as I said. I have a lot of experience with that, against Philip J Klass. That is what I want! After 5 years of searching... a DISCUSSION about Rube!
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