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  1. To put it simple, dark matter are particles that do not absorb, reflect or emit light. Dark matter can’t be seen directly or be detected by observing electromagnetic radiation. Expert said it exists because of the effect it has on objects that we can observe.

  2. The pictures look scary. Scientists said that the megadrought has to be related to the La Nina weather phenomenon. Now because of the megadrought, lakes have been shrunk drastically and fire can start easily. I hope there are something that we can do about this.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s likely not far from now…. I read an article by IPCC that  by 2040, there will be a disaster. With the extreme droughts, wildfires, floods and hurricanes that’s occurring more nowadays. To avoid that, scientists stated that we have to reduce global carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030. 

  4. It’s amazing of how does a black hole looks like! I read that scientist captured the image with eight telescopes across the world. Black hole is larger than the size of our solar system and the mass is 6.5 billion times than our sun. It’s the biggest black hole that we have ever known!

    Now having the first image can help researchers to learn more about black holes. Who knows what scientists can discover?

  5. There have been methods that have been proposed known as "climate engineering" or "geoengineering."

    Some proposals involve injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to scatter and reflect sunlight back. Others involve seeding the oceans with iron to stimulate large-scale phytoplankton blooms. This is to draw down carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis. But many climate scientists oppose to these methods as they do not know the possible side effects.

  6. I dont think its true as there is no evidence that 5G is causing any harm to people. The rumor started becoming popular because people started blaming it for covid, which doesn't make sense since 5G came from South Korea in late 2018.

    Their main argument is that 5G causes radiation which can harm humans. Our phones rely on radio waves which are on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. It not 'enough' to damage any DNA in our cell tissue and still havent proven to cause cancer.

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