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  1. I'm not as schooled on this subject in general, but I've read a couple of books and I've had a thought about Gravity:

    Given a simplified Newtonian formula of Gravity (F=G((msub1-msub2)/r2), Maxwell has a similar formula for the Magnetic Field (B=(μ0(I)/2πr).
    To my best understanding, the Magnetic Field is point in Planck space that sees Electrons traveling past Protons. And given Special Relativity, the Electrons appear to be stretched. Which makes that point see more positive charge from the Protons than the negative charge from the Electrons.
    "Seeing" the charge from the charged particles is basically when Electrons emit and absorb Photons when interacting with the Electro-Magnetic Field
    a.k.a - A Particle emitting and absorbing a "massless" Boson (a Particle traveling only through Time) when interacting with the Electro-Magnetic Field

    Could Particles with Mass emit and absorb a "pure-mass" Boson (a Particle traveling only through Space) when interacting with the Gravitational Field? Would it even be possible for future Particle Accelerators to create a purely mass particle? With Photon pushing past us, "seeing" us as standing still in space; maybe we "see" the trailing effect of the Graviton "standing" still in space in reference to us. The trailing effect could be what we have seen on large scales as Dark Matter.

    Maybe, could the Higg's field be similar to the Electric Field (the glaring difference being that the Electric field comes in quantized integers such as +2/3 Top Quark and -1 Electron; while the Higg's Field does not seem quantized)? With General Relativity, the formula for Gravity and the Magnetic Field can get a little more complex; making macro systems average to a smoother wave function. Also given, Gravity is a LOT weaker than Electro-Magnetism. Could the Higg's Field seem to be less quantized because we have not measured it in small enough quantities? 

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