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    Freeport PA 16229
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    BSEET Point Park University
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    I am older than dirt. In fact, I was there when dirt was invented. My name is to the Patent. :}
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    Electrical Engineer

About Me

      I have been working in the electronic industry for over 20 years. I have been employed in every facet of electronic manufacturing and design engineering from printed circuit board fabrication to deep research and development. I specialize in embedded systems, hardware and software. I have 19 years’ plus experience using Altium for Analog / Digital, mixed signal, impedance controlled printed circuit board design and layout.  I am experience in designing embedded systems for R&D and manufacturability / high volume manufacturing.  My systems are designed from the ground up for automatic test and calibration. I am a self-starter. I earned my first amateur radio license at the age of 13, WA3YWU.


      I have a passion for all things electrical and mechanical.


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