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  1. On 1/5/2021 at 12:05 AM, joigus said:


    I'm interested in holy texts mostly from the point of view of historical criticism. I think they give you clues to the concerns and strife of our ancestors, whether they be Muslim, Christian or Jew, or any other religion. I also enjoy the poetry in them, occasionally. They are literary works of art at some points, political manifestos at another. Not even for a second do I consider that they could be an accurate account of anything. Let alone use them as a proper guide for use in our daily lives.

    My kind of questions would be like: What kind of man must Mohammed have been? Why did the monotheists in the 6th century's Middle East --first years of the Hegira or الهجرة‎-- feel compelled to raise in arms against polytheism and "stranded" versions of their faith in one God? Why did the Kaaba --ٱلْكَعْبَة‎-- end up in Mecca? Why did the Qibla --قِبْلَة‎-- change? What consequences had the vying for power between Caliphs during the first few centuries of Islam in the later developments into different branches?

    Very similar questions I ask myself about Christianity and Judaism.

    I also have faith in archaeology: What you dig from the ground is what it is, far more robust an evidence than anything written in a book. And the reason is I can write in a book now whatever I want, and people now, or people centuries from now, can choose to believe me or not. But if I do this or that, I eat or drink this or that, if I worship to this or that god, the remains of my activity cannot easily misrepresent me and my environment. They are what they are. And they will be there when they're dug out, speaking about me volumes more than anything about myself I write down. And they will be proof of what I did or didn't do. Some data, of course, are lost forever.

    That, in a nutshell, is why I don't take literally anything my ancestors said.

    Both of your questions have filled tables of the Crossword in that post and we arrived to a row/column of the Crossword that your questions make them filled!




    Q: What about the face of God!?

    A: It's such as when you say 'House of God'[Ka'aba] or friend of God[prophet Abraham pbuh] or Ruhollah[Spirit of Allah - prophet Jesus pbuh]!


    In that post we arrived at a series of informations that the Heaviest object of the Cosmos is the Arsh[Throne of God] but in the Qur'an says: 'Allaho TSamad' means the Throne of God is TSamad! Not mean Himself![i think- and or maybe wrong]

    And in that post we proved by science that

    • God Has To Be Existing.
    • Also Has To Be One.
    • Also Has To Be The First/Last.
    • Also Has To Have Knowledge of whole the Timeline.
    • Also Has To Be Existing everywhere.
    • Also Can't Make any face/place/body/ for Himself but as they will be include His Creatures!
    • If we ask Him to Explain about Existence of Himself, He at very very least will Say: "I don't know why/how i am!" And at very very least if we ask Him about His Will to creating everything, He will Say: "all of the creatures have been created automatically but I am upon whole the Timeline and I am able to change anything I will! [Exactly such as the example of the laptop/smart phone i brought] or other example that you are watching a dead rat is a corner of a room and a group of ants are running from this corner of the room and you predict that they will be arrived to the rat at the end of the room! but you are able to change their path or kill some of them... etc...

    This is a scientific forum that I say these informations! And you are all scientists or science lovers! And are able to realize/recognise what i say.. otherwise the rest of people[non-scientific] will be crazy if read these concepts!

    If God Wanna Speak with prophet Moses, He Should Make a fire and Move the molecules of air for Make His Voice simulation.

    And by the same fire Shows to the prophet that he look at that place!




    At the Akhir-uz-Zaman[end of time] you will see those who seems are followers of Qur'an and waiting for coming of the Saviour, many of them rise against him!! And you will see many people who seemed like to Sun/Moon worshippers, they will be engaging to his army!!


    I'm sure 99% that it's about all scientists especially the astronomers 

  2. Self centering debater and endless processing..


    Have you put yourself on the center and think anything you can't know, therefore no one can know too!???

    That's exactly what [1]I'm telling you. [2]NO ONE CAN KNOW. Therefore, trying to guess or make it fit your "algorithm" or your "crossword" [3]is NOT science. I don't know why you think it would be. You're guessing about things nobody can know and claiming you're right.

    1. Therefore anyone anything says, i will tell him that let I ask 'Phil for All' if he verified that it be true LoL!!

    2. Source??

    • Experience: Do you ask one by one of the people of the world???
    • Study: Have you ever read all of the books of the world and haven't found within them anything about that????


    3. What the science is?




    There isn't anyone but eberything there is between God and them is the fool

    Many sources say there are other creatures than we humans

    Also the new scientists send signals around the space to the Aliens that if they get them,reply!


    How do you know they should be look like us!??

    Maybe they are like to animals or plants!!

    How do you if they have any type, they use Oxygen to be alive!???

    Maybe they use CO2 or Argon or any other thing to be alive!!

    Or even nothing like any gas!!

    How do you know they use the same technology we are using!???

    Maybe they use other technologies than Radio Frequency!




    There are several types of the creatures that live on the same Earth we live and they are more advanced than us.

    A type of them all are Male and there isn't any female among them and if they will, they can split a mount by one tap. They live in the easternmost and westernmost places of the earth.

    A type of them their eyes are on their chest and live in Zanj[Africa] and they sleep at night and mornings that wake up, their foods will be appeared side of themselves.

    A type of them are like to typhoons and live between earth and sky.

    A type of them live on 39 other moons than our moon.




    We quoted that description of the fool is 'self-centering'

    And thinks all of other intelligent creatures should be like himself!!

  3. On 1/1/2021 at 6:39 AM, Salik Imran said:

    Salam, I am a Muslim.


    This is a scientific forum and we say anything based on the science and if we will say a thing that haven't had any reason for that, therefore we QUOTE from the scientists and we just analyze their sayings.


    On 1/1/2021 at 7:48 PM, joigus said:

    Do I sense a time paradox? :D 

    I said my English is very week and I wrote 'paladox' in the dictionary and it wrote the same 'paradolf' 😹


    At all connection between God and 'Bada'' is such as a Laptop that a company for example Dell makes, and lets us any thing install in that we will!

    And it depends on ourselves that what thing we install and what duty we run in that..

    But the maker is able and has complete power to change anything you have entered in that..

    1. You see your child and say him/her preaching that IF he continue his behavior, then his life will be X manner!

    Then he listens to your preaching and changes himself

    Then the thing you predicted for his future, won't be done!

    2. A predictor foretell a thing for you!

    Then you change yourself and or pray to God to cancel the prediction!

    3. Shi'a-Hadith

    God punished Jews for 400 years be under tyrannies of Egyptians then they cried and prayed a lot..

    Then God Forgave their 130years and after 270years prophet Moses[pbuh] came.


    It's not against the Knowledge of God!

    And God Himself Knew that they will pray purely after the 270year of their slavery

    It's Bada' that others specially Sunni-muslims condemn us because their imams hadn't had any knowledge about that

  4. Quote



    God Gave prophet Yusef[pbuh] several attributes that one of them was that everything he was said, the same thing would be happened!

    One came to him and was decided to kidding him

    - O' Yuzarsif, I dreamed last night x-y-z.... a thing that it's interpretation should be his death

    - It shows you will be died soon

    - LoL 😹

    Then tomorrow he died!!


    He wasn't had that dream but wanted to kidding the prophet means wanted to Yusef's interpretation be untrue but God Made his saying true![FORCE]


    Bada' is such as when you see a girl in a street and tell her:

    - I am seeing you after 10years are sleeping in a corner of a W.C and dogs and cats are pissing on you!😠

    - Why do i drug /drinking wine/ being slut/x/y.... that he told me such these things😢

    And the girl changes herself and upgrades then after 10years you will see her has been a doctor! engineer! teacher!

    Or counter.


    What the better if we use a series political methods that make all the evil events cancelled!

    3th world wars,

    Armageddon wars,


    Or at least make them the weakest!

    But if our ideas be satanic, then God DeceiveS us and Programs how the events will be against ourselves!




    Some years before the AkhiruzZaman[end time] God MakeS:

    1. Sun Eclipse and Moon Eclipse will be reversed!

    2. Sun will be paused center of the sky for several hours!

    2. The Sun rises from the west![the earth rotates counter]

    Therefore all of calculatings of predictions of astrologers will be error!


    I wrote all of this post for say this!

    And that opens our minds to the theory i brought link to other topic removed by moderator

  5. On 12/30/2020 at 12:58 AM, Phi for All said:

    I don't understand how ANYTHING you write relates to anything else you write.

    Exactly the same a crossword puzzle has!

    Relates to any other concepts 



    I think you must realize by now that we can't know anything about the universe before the BB.

    Have you put yourself on the center and think anything you can't know, therefore no one can know too!???

    It's like to an poetry that says: "...secrets of the beginning neither you know nor me!!"

    اصرار عزل را نه تو دانی و نه من!

    Well, How does he know that "nor others!??"

    It's like to one of presidents of Iran was said: The U.S. never gone to the moon!

    Well, how does he compare himself and his country with a greatest country about technology!!!

    How you know if one or a group have ever gone or know about where we haven't!!?



    You keep blending your religion into the science you want to discuss. You mention ideas you had when you were young that have nothing to do with the subject of the thread.

    I don't know what you mean when you talk about crosswords and ancient scientists. It might be a language barrier, or it may be that you are misunderstanding something you've read, but I can't discuss this with you if I don't know what you're talking about. Sorry, Yusef. 

    It's like to when I say a politician that why does he compare or blending the history to the politics!!

    I exampled an Algorithm that works like to a crossword puzzle that for solving a crossword puzzle you say with loud voice one of the questions and hear to everybody around yourselves and test their speeches within the crossword....

    For faster solving we HAVE TO hear all sayings from everywhere/everybody!



    > Is the Sciences completed!?

    IF YES: we close all of discussions/debates

    IF NO: we need to complete that >

    > How can complete that?

    > By Debates/Discussing

    > Which debaters we should discuss with !?

    > Those who Or have the more Experiences

    Or have the more Knowledge! About Only the same Science!

    Not like to Steven Hawking that his skil is Physic but says about Religion without any source.

    > Well, Have we know anybody has had any Experience about the beginnings of creating of the cosmos?

    - We nope, but several ancient men claimed that

    > Where is their evidence?

    - Ask themselves.

    > They are died

    - Look at the books they have said

    > We assume nobody has claimed about the Experience!

    And we wanna look at the Knowledge!

    - Wokay!

    Have you ever tested each one of the sayings into the Crossword and check which one is the truer!?

    > Nope

    - From now test...

    > Ohokay! Thanks that made our blinded minds opened😁




    Each part of this algorithm has wrong, tell us!

  6. Well,

    Look at the YouTube clip: New Theory of SpaceTime and 4th Dimension that exactly says what i meant

    But according to the ancient scientists, billions of this horn/clarion of the BigBang are existed in the Thora;

    And billions of Thoras are within the first Heaven;

    And billions of heavens there are within the second Heaven...

    Up to the same previous post i quoted..

    Then 12000 universes are within the cosmos..


    Don't think these concepts are the same concept i claimed in my profile that have discovered!!

    I'm waiting for a scientific researcher/explorer/discovery team that engage me to themselves and for a gift i tell them that theory i've solved[NOT i discovered!]

    Exactly following the same crossword puzzle i exampled in the previous posts that by this KEYWORD i solved, we can connect two the greatconcepts of the science!

    Who knows what organization requests such ideas!?

    And i am a lazy/idlest person who if i decide a thing, it will be many years to think about that again lolll 😂

    But if one pull[guide] me, i will growing very very fast

    For example i was 14yo then i was seen my mother and my aunt were calling together by telephone for many minutes and their conversations was all nonsense and unuseful lol..I then i thought and told myself that what will be the better if all of these conversations was text and moved at the moment! Exactly the SMS i meant. I had awareness about the Clock pulse and Data pulse that are parallel together..

    And after some years the SMS came.

    Aha I forgot say that my idea for that was been appeared since i was using Dial-up internet and the Line of telephone was busy always..





    By this gif i wanted to show [in continue of solved tables of the crossword by the scientists] i wanted to show that anything if be smaller about it's details, it is the heavier as they solved for us that the Neutron Stars are the heavier and i solved that the Arsh that is absolute Light, it is the Heaviest object of the Cosmos because they claimed that the smallest seed is inside of the Light! Also they said that it is TSamad means filled without any empty space within that that the new scientists solved for us that all of the obkects around us are 99% empty


  7. Ahaaaawww owkaaayy!!

    We put these concepts side by side of together in the Crossword:

    • Size of the Cosmos[from ancient scientists],
    • Expanding the cosmos[from new scientists],
    • Bada'[from ancient scientists],
    • The First Thing[from ancient scientists],
    • Curving the Time[from both],
    • Blowing in the Horn to destroy the cosmos[from ancient scientists]
    • Relativity[from new scientists],
    • Space-Time[from new scientists].
    • Predictions/foretell/astrology[from both]
    • Image of the image designer/graphist lf this image


    And discovered new tables of the Crossword to solving!😏


  8. 1 hour ago, MigL said:

    Neither is compatible with science.
    Which is what we discuss here !

    Beliefs are discussed on Religious sites.
    ( and I don't go there and post about Evolution; hint, hint ! )

    I see you are smoking all times in the scientific site!!

    Doesn't your cigarette be end!??:huh:


    I had mistaken here..

    Except God, the same people can make Bada' for the events have been predicted!

    Others condemn us and say like the same narration:

    One came to Imam Sadiq[S.A.A] and said:

    - With Bada' you say that an event shall be happening, then it won't be done and God is not aware for that!!!!

    - O' folks,[fools], isn't that that you say 'God Willing[If God Will]!???

    - Yes

    - But we don't say 'If God Know'!

    You should look at the scientific thread to realize what here were said 1400years ago!

    'God Willing' is not against 'God Knowing'!

    Exactly the science explains that God Is Upon the Timeline and SeeS bit by bit of from the beginning to the last!

    May God Bless the great scientist Albert Einstein that opened our minds to find the facts more and more...

    Opened our minds to realize what the ancient scientists were said..


    Also the concept Barzakh[Purgatory] that has been detected scientifically!

    That showed the same 'Curving the Time'



    An other example:




    Mobeds[spirituals of Zoroastrianism] of Eafahan, Shiraz, Hamedan, Marv, Samarqand,... made a consultation and told each other that we saw through stars that a prophet came to the Arab with name 'Muhammad' then after him one came with name 'Abubakr' then the second after him will be 'Umar' that in his ruling they add lands of Iran to their caliphate!

    Therefore we kill all Muslims of Iran, then attack to their land..

    Then the spy reports their decision to Umar, then Umar said: May there was a fire mountain between we and Persians that neither they attack to us nor we to them..

    Then he asked each one oftheme to consulting 

    Then Hadhrat Ali[S.A.A] said: "we create three armies in Basra,

    1. One be defenders of Ahl-ul-Kitab[Jews/Christians]
    2. One be defenders of women and kids
    3. One be ready IF they attack!

    Then they attacked and were been lost versus them!




    IF They didn't attack, they wouldn't attack them too!



    • God Lets all be Free.
    • One is able to change one other's future [But God Knows!]
    • One wants to make one's life lost, but God KnowS that and SeeS on the Timeline that it will be useful for him and Laughs[Therefore LetS him to act] - such as prophet Yusef[pbuh] that his brothers threw him to the well and by this act they made him King of Egypt..

    Although God LetS people free! But He Can Force bit by bit on the Timeline..




    God Said prophet Moses[pbuh] I will punish your nation by famine at X time..

    Then the Jews made their houses connected together..

    Then the time was been arrived and there wasn't been any famine!

    Prophet Moses[pbuh] asked God,

    God Said: I Cancelled and forgave them bcz of their behaviour 


    And God Is on whole the Timeline and Himself Knew that they will connect their houses together!


    At all this thread and the thread of the link are both complete makers of each other! And only mixing these both makes the Crossword solved!

  9. Ahaaa!!:huh:

    Now my mind opened to new thing...

    Each slice of this horn of BigBang is existed forever, and we can travel to the past or the future 

    Aha owkay!!

    It should be the 4th dimension!!

    And it image should be more completed!

    It shows from beginning to NOW!

    take a while it should show from the beginning to the LAST!

    and the Viewer Is upon whole the Timeline for the same reason!!

    It has necessary to the above link to complete the tables😏

  10. @ahmet, @Phi for All, @MigL, @joigus, @J.C.MacSwell,

    Thanks brothers/uncles

    But anytime that human changes/upgrades himself, it will be his birthday.



    Firstly i complete the previous post that has a link to the size of cosmos;

    Firstly we haven't been existed at the time of creation of the cosmos,


    Therefore we aren't allowed deny/reject the theory of BigBang while we don't have:

    Or Experience that we were witnesses that,

    Or Study that we have read any knowledge against that,


    And IF we found one of the above,

    We should research and being sure that there is not any Experience/Knowledge better/truer than that!


    It's an example that i mentioned in my own profile that i got several knowledge from today's scientists and have gotten several similar knowledge from the ancient scientists and put them side by side of each other and there need be only a concept that connect these together and solve several unsolved tables at once!!!

    Don't think these are the same i mean.



    This is the theory of BigBang from some of today's scientists


    And the cosmos of them compared with the cosmos of the ancient scientists is:

    Imagine a finger ring is only 5cm²

    And an infinity endless desert, we assume Sahara, is we assume 10,000,000Km²


    This earth with the earth that is under that[maybe galaxy] is the same comparison means the ring to the desert!

    The second earth to the third

    The third earth to the 4th,....up to 7th earth,

    Rooster[maybe nebula],




    Quiet Air,


    First heaven,

    2nd heaven,......up to 7th heaven,


    Hail Mountains,


    Screens of Light,



    And there are 26 objects that each one of them is greater then other with the same comparison!!!!😮😮😮

    It shows discovery of today's scientists versus the ancient scientists about the cosmos doesn't seem has arrived at even the 4th Earth!!! Lol


    At all even if we assume there were billions BigBangs in the cosmos that have created only the Thora, 

    At all there isn't any difference between theories of these scientists with those scientists that how the galaxies have been existed 

    And we look at the same today's scientists and respect them for that until we find anything against that then follow the above Algorithm.


    At all the theory that i wanna bring, it's that:


    According to those many studies that I looked at the solved tables of the Crossword and looked at the connections between them both the ancient scientists and the new scientists specially the great scientist Albert Einstein,

    As i mentioned that solving a concept access us to other concepts LOGARITHMIC!


    According to this image[above], 13.7 billion years is passed to Now!

    But in my humblest opinion, in viewpoint of The Background/Floor/Main/Base[the black background of the image], in that viewpoint the galaxies and all events of the cosmos is the same image along us!

    And for we people, the objects/time is the same moment at the right of the image, take a while all the events are existed yet!

    And if we were able to zoom out the cosmos to the maximum degree, we would able to see even the Inflation time that has been drawn on the left side of the image!

    And each level we look at the left, the time for the same point is slower than the right!

    Means for the point of the Inflation, and the better word, age of the point of Inflation is fewer than 1second yet!

    Did you understand what i mean!??

    I don't claim that i'm very clever and discovered many things!! And i admitted that those were the previous scientists that made our minds opened to solve these tables of the Crossword AS the more previous scientists made their minds to solve.... up to the most ancient scientists and the Root of Science

    If the great scientists such as Albert Einstein didn't talk about these concepts even if some of scientists said wrong! Would we able to solve these concepts!?? Nope.

    Therefore we should hear any opinion even wrong, and test them in the Crossword then Accept or Reject

    For the more solving the tables of the Crossword, You have to look at something you don't like! I suggest sincerely and friendly! It's not important for us if you look or not

    Time/Timeline/Curving The Time

    Otherwise you can't access the more tables!! And can't realize what i say here

  11. Hi,

    There are at least two choices

    1. Jabr: God Forces everything. How!? Before creating everything God Was Written their predestination 
    2. Ikhtiyar: God CreatED everything and LetS everything work anyhow themselves will, work.


    I researched and found some beliefs Jabr, and some other, Ikhtiyar.

    But i wanna introduce "Bada'" بداء that it seems there is in Shi'a-Islam alone.



    I made connection between several concepts of the Religion with today's science that there are specially within Shi'a alone, and even some other beliefs CONDEMN us for that!! And we discuss/debate here for find and access to other parts of the Crossword i proved!

    These are:

    • 1. Bada' (predestination/ freewill&forcing)
    • 2. Bodily Ascension (of the prophet/ curving the time)
    • 3. Rij'at (a series of resurrection in the same world)
    • 4. Invisible God forever (not material God like gods of indians or new christians)
    • 5. Race (not racism)
    • 6. Following scientists (bcz of they discover the facts faster than others)
    • 7. Kingdom (against republic[voting], in system of government)


    These are the beliefs which other beliefs condemn us and we debate/discuss for find the truer for if they are truer we engage them in that concept

    It's the better that be through the science!

    Discuss/Debate based on your own experiences/study not based on your minds! but if you admit that it will be your opinion not the more.



    I forgot write about Bada'

    I created a thread https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/123951-before-the-big-bang/ and I showed a clear scientific reason to others that there is a thing before everything that Has To Be Existing!

    The Same Thing Has all descriptions that God of Shi'a-Islam Has!

    1. He Is Invisible at all
    2. He Has Intelligence
    3. He Is The Greatest
    4. Everything be created after Him, those are include the creatures. even if He Will Make any face/body/voice/size/place/time for Himself, He Can't! because those will be include the next things after Him
    5. Anddddd.... here about the Bada'!! As you see, He Is Extended all the TIME from start/beginning to the End!


    The number 5 proves the Bada' which Shi'a-Islam says!

    According to the doctrines of Shi'a:

    • The default is Ikhtiyar[FreeWill],
    • Then God May Edit[Force] bit by bit of the Timeline!

    And Bada' means each point of the Timeline that God Made/Makes/Will Edit!

    For example,

    Someone said according to the Mayan calendar the world should be ended!! but is hasn't been done!!


    Shi'a Hadith:

    One day prophet Solayman[pbuh] stands in his palace and tells people ask everything they will..

    One came to him and asked: o' Solomon, a man came to me and was angry and i afraid him! Who is he!?

    - He was the Angle Izra'il[Azrael pbuh]

    - Wow!! God Has Given you key of everything! Could I ask you take me far from here

    - Okay

    Then the prophet moved him to jungles of India at the moment

    After some day Azrael[pbuh] came to the prophet Solomon[pbuh]:

    - O' Azrael, why did you make him worried!? that servant of God!?

    - Nooo!! He misunderstood! Because i wasn't angry! And i was wondering that God Was Commanded me to get his soul in the jungle of India at that time! Take a while i met him in Israel a few minutes before death!! Then i was wonderful that how can he go from Israel to India during few minutes even if he has had many wings!!!


    And i mentioned that The Science is such as an infinity circle crossword puzzle that each concept you solve, it will access you to connect at least two new concepts

    Now i eat my launch then use these connections to the above thread and continue together...

    Write your

    Or Opinions,

    Or Knowledges,

    Or Experiences

  12. Hi,

    Today was my 35year olding birthday


    As you see from 1365-09-30 to 1399-09-30

    I went to hospital for my pain of kidney 

    There isn't any sand/blast within my kidney

    But it was for sadness

    Exactly the same example that if you don't let your kidneys to be drained quickly, then you will be ill

    And about sciences/knowledges of thinkers/scientists/researchers if we don't share our knowledge/theories/opinions to others, it will make us sad and ill.


    According to this the simplest logical algorithm that if we assume the theory of big bang be truth/fact, then if we remove bit by bit of the details/objects of the Timeline from the big bang the scientists of today have claimed, What Is The Background of their image!??

    We aren't allowed deny/reject their theory while we haven't had any source against that nor any experience that we/our ages have had about starting that!


    Be aware that you aren't allowed say anything without have any source:


    Universe Vs Multiverse


  13. 47 minutes ago, John Cuthber said:

    Petrol in the UK is about £ 1.12 which is equivalent to  about $1.50 per litre.

    Water is delivered by pipe- it isn't normally metered; you pay for the connection rather than per litre. The cost is about £1.00 per day and you can use as much water as you need.

    If you want to, you can get a water meter fitted and pay for it by volume.
    The typical cost is about £1.90 per 1000 litres.

    It's not very helpful to compare prices unless you also compare incomes. Average salary in the UK is about £35,000 per year. I think that's a bit more than 3 times the average salary in Iran but the exchange rates vary with time and the tax systems are different.

    We pay 1$ for 30,000litres water through piping!!

    And average pay monthly 1$ for 4months!

    And CNG for houses is 1$ for about 60m3 through piping!

    But you wrote mistaken and your salaries are 35 times of ours!



    one day news said: Iranians are the most happy people because go to travel more than any people of the world!!

    I said it's for price of the fuel lol hahaha

    Once again the news said: NASA asked people to go to March and won't be able to returning back... then Iranians more than any other countries approved!!! And it shows they are the most fearless people!!

    I said lol it's for their life that they want to make themselves dead lol hahaha

    We should compare prices in countries depending on:


    Payments monthly

    Payment of house monthly 


    Therefore i thought and understood that this the same my own country is the better!!

    For i had salary 3$ per hour [9 times of a simple worker] before Covid-18 and my wage was 25$ per hour before coming President Trump,

    And ours is the better for life for me who want to purchase a Ninibus and travel around Iran with this price of Gasoil[diesel] 

    But if you join me to an explorer/discovery group there, Then i am ready to go there with the lest salary and the weakest house and the weakest place in any village and the humble job like guarding of a company or even guarding of a garden or etc...


  14. 3 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    Then you have a potentially explosive mixture in a place that is not designed for it.

    That's a bad idea.

    It's probably going to invalidate your insurance too.


    In the UK, the incentive to use LPG as a vehicle fuel is that it's cheap. The conversion cost- which is about £2000- is recovered because LPG is roughly half the price of petrol.
    But if you live somewhere where all fuels are cheap, you will never cover the cost of doing the conversion properly.

    When your petrol is nearly as cheap as mineral water, why bother with the risk and hassle of converting?


    It was been mistaken

    1$ is = 50litters LPG = 3pieces of Sandwich = 60pieces of Bread = a whole dinner = 20litters mineral water lol

    Also the cheaper! we have 60litters petrol monthly for our cars with price 3$ for all 60litters,

    And have 300litters Diesel monthly with price 3$ for all 300litters!

    But the Car/Truck/Minivoos/Bus is sooo expensive!

    And we should purchase a 30year-old car equals a 2020model in other countries!

    Exactly 180degree reversed in other countries that the fuel is sooo expensive and car is cheap!


    And at all the human is how likes to upgrade daily and at all has avarice about everything 

    And while the 60litters of ours will be ended after an week, it will be sooo bad and makes us angry that after a week we should pay double money for them per litter! Lol😬😂

    What is your prices in the UK!? that if I saw it's the better for life, i migrate there


  15. It's an image for my example and you see that if we assume the universe of today's scientists be each one of the points[stars] of the left picture,


    The left picture is Thora [according to those oldest scientists]

    And if we assume the Thora with its real size be each one of the dusts on the welding mask[in real size means 0.1mm]


    The ocean[real size] will be the same sea that is mentioned in the clip that its size compared with the Kursi is such as the same above!!!

    And you can realize how much the light is over the darkness!!


    And the Kursi along the Arsh is such as when a finger ring has been fallen down on the great desert Sahara!!!

    And Arsh is absolute Light!

    My imagination of that is such as this picture:


    And according to those greatest scientists, we means human's brains capacity is not enough to realize them!!

    But they mentioned that the smallest bit among things is the seeds of the light!

    And according to today's scientists it's 'Photon'

    But maybe years later the scientists discover existence of a thing smaller than that within the light!

    But we have been sure that the smallest thing is within/inside of the light!

    And it guided us that we should zoom/focus on that the more!

    Means researching for the smallest thing within the light!

    Also according to today's scientists the Neutron Stars , each cm3 of them has sooo much weight!!

    Also these scientists have discovered that 99% of objects is Empty!

    And those greatest scientists said: "... Is TSamad!"

    And TSamad means a thing that is not empty and is filled!


    I remembered a concept of the great scientist Albert Einstein[r.a] that the light will be curved while is passing side of an object..

    One day i was soldering/brazing a handle for this copper jug, then i saw the fire[oxy-propane] is waving around the jug!! Exactly followed the edges!!

    Then it reminded me to that concept..

    Then I tested a Laser light around that and didn't see any curving around that, then researched in the Google and didn't find anything..

    Do you know anything to explain that!?


    What Connection is between these sources of the Science!?!


    ☆ Those scientists said: some planets are completely water!, and some of them are completely steam/gas, and some of them are completely solid

    ☆ The Light has a series of seeds that the smallest thing is the same!

    * What Thing Was before the empty!?

    * Is there anything within the empty!?

    * Is the dark energy[of today's scientists] the same smallest thing and rejects being the empty!?

    According to the Logical Algorithm,

    IF we are existed with intelligence THEREFORE An Intelligent Thing Was Existed before everything and any second thing such as the same Arsh is automatically The Same's creature!

    Even IF He Wants make a body/form/size/face/place/time for Himself, He Is Not Able! And it's impossible! Because after Him everything is include the secondary things!!

    I would love to join a great discovery wise team of real seeker scientists

    Not any fake scientists who are fools and just have claims of scientists.

    Because a normal scientist should assume everyone says true, and he should test people's sayings into the great Crossword of the Science and put them side by side of any similar sayings and analyze THEN accept or reject!

    Take a while the fool denies and rejects something bcz he hasn't ever had believe in that

  16. 43 minutes ago, iNow said:

    I’ll defer to a chemist for a better response than mine, but I don’t believe you can mix them at once. You’d need to setup the engine to burn one or the other. 

    Consider looking at dual fuel portable generators to see how they function. You must select LPG or gasoline, but can’t feed the engine with both simultaneously


    But i had a Mazda pickup and it's switch was been damaged and for a period it was using both Petrol and LPG at once!

    And as the fuel is very cheap in the Middle East i was let it and it hadn't had any problem!

    10 litter petrol = 20litters LPG = 40litters Diesel = 20litres mineral water = 3hrs working of a simple worker = 1$ In Iran[Now]


    At all thanks for guided me..

    I'm await for other opinions/knowledges/experiences

  17. Hi,

    I installed manually a LPG tank and other devices for my car but the mixer[air/fuel]

    Then i thought what will be if i connect the pipe of output of LPG into the Air filter box directly without any mixer,

    But i cut wires of the TPS and put one resistor instead of that that deceive the ECU and the ECU think the Throttle is always closed and command the Injector to inject fewer fuel [at all speeds]

    But I connect the TPS to a series of devices that inject LPG instead of the rest needy fuel[petrol]

    Is that Okay !?

    Means at once there be Petrol/LPG/Air mixed together into the engine

  18. Well,

    Also it contains a series of informations that say there are 12000 parallel universes exactly such as each one of we people! And they think there isn't any universe but themselves!!

    Also it has contains a series of informations that say there are several hidden civilizations side of the same ours that are sooo much more advanced than us!! how if they will, are able to split a mount by one tap!!


    Those great scientists who introduced us these creatures, those aren't accessable that we ask them they explain the more for us!

    Exactly such one of the great scientists means Albert Einstein[r.a] or Nicola Tesla[r.a] that claimed many things and the fools of their era instead of that asking them many questions and get many useful answers, they just wanted to humiliate them and or be arrogant or their[fools'] prides didn't let them to ask important questions!




    Those scientists that I quoted many sciences from them,

    One asked them:

    - how is those objects above the skies!?

    - can you look at/see the Sun!?

    - of course Nope!

    - the Kursi[that is mentioned in the clip] is 70 times more shiny than this sun!

    The Arsh[has been mentioned] is 70 times more shiny than the Kursi!

    The Hijab[Veil/Curtain] is 70 times more shiny than the Arsh,

    The Sitr[Camouflage] is 70times more shiny than the Sitr!



    As i mentioned that if don't have any Knowledge or Experiment about a thing, i should shut up and don't deny that.

    But i had about 2010 an experiment only in a vision/dreaming that i mentioned that dreamt a great moon that had two wells and from it's wells so much white Liquid Lights were raining out and the vision/dream was in a day that there was the sun in sky for the same reason i could see carefully that how much the lights was concentrated that steams of that light was such as the Laser!!

    It was nothing but a dream. But at all I could realize existing of a liquid light with that much concentration.



    The more important concept is about the Black Holes that shows the scientists of the 21th century has been arrived at a bit of those the greatest scientists, bcz of they mentioned a Dark Air[in the clip] that has descriptions of the same!!

    Also they said: the Darkness has been created for hiding those great lights.



    In my theory,

    According to sayings of the 21th century's scientists, the Black Hole swallows any light around ltself! And it's the greatest object about weight!


    According to the same scientists,

    Why do they named that 'Hole'!??

    I guess it should be a planet or star that has gravity and add all of the lights of around to itself

    And as we can't see anything that can't reflect lights, therefore we can't see that object!

    Therefore we see that planet/star absolute/completely Black!

    And as i'm an welder, i can bring this example that imagine you are sitting on a port and there isn't anything along you but the great ocean/sky, and you have had a dark glasses of welding, then you won't see anything of the great sea/sky but the bit of the dusters on the glass of your glasses!!

    Therefore it shows that the default is the Light[Ocean/Sky], then the Darkness[Glasses] is between that and us!

    I'm ready to join any discovery group of:



    Chemistry[converting Iron to Gold]

    And any scientific discovery group



  19. Hi,

    We quoted trusted sources that claim there are several/many parallel worlds within the cosmos that are exactly such as each one on us!

    Also it contains several hidden civilizations side by side of our civilizations on the same earth we live!! that are soooo much more advanced than us!

    But i researched those the powerful/highest-ranked/greatest sources of the Science and didn't find the Third parallel life that i wanna seek/ask and i have to ask that here of sources of 21th-century's science!


    Do we have any Life/Families like to our Lifes/Families on the same civilization on the earth!??

    I thought about that since:

    I watched the cartoon 'Simpsons' and loved the Maggie 😘 then after years my second brother got married then after years my sister-in-law was been pregnant and they brought a child then while she was 1 year old, our families started a discussion that she is look like your families and they were said she is look like your own families..

    I told them: wait wait!! It's not look like both! But she reminds me to an old cartoon when i was kid watched a group of yellow snails were, and the kidest of them, she is look like her!!

    My sister-in-law replied: o' yea! you are right! she is look like Maggie Simpson lol!!

    Then after months, my brother's family and sister's family went to a vacation/travel then my sister showed me a video clip that they were captured!!

    I told her: wait! wait!! this is very familiar!!

    Then researched and found exactly she is look like the Maggie 😘 ALSO! my other niece/nephew are exactly the same Lisa and Bart Simpson!!

    Also the Marge Simpson is like my sister-in-law even about morality!!

    And i'm like the Ned Flanders who is the only religious among these lawless/self-centered family also i researched that the Ned seems/appearances be many years younger that his own age exactly like me that everyone sees me guesses i am 18-25 years old..

    Here you are the Video of our Bart, Lisa, Maggie Simpson

    And I have several other videos that shows their even morality look like together!!


    My question here is:

    The Magicians/Predictors/Astrologers/etc.. have many predictions in that cartoon;

    IF the director predicted an appointed family,


    But IF according to my researching, these were exactly the same families of the director;


    I ask you and him that we should provide/create a software that everybody of around of the world take his/her photo and save that in a great database and compare/find similar faces and introduce them together! Even about their moralities/personalities!!

    Making such software is very easy in 2020!!


    Again, Is there any parallel Life in the same world!?[say with source]

    According to the sources i brought it is possible.

    But i would love to hear others knowledges/experiences seriously!

    I'm await...


  20. Hi,

    Firstly why there isn't any Electronic subforum here!??

    Secondly i installed a pack of CCTV for my parents' house

    Then i saw one of the weak chinese cameras switches to B/W black and white while the night.

    I installed several LEDs around the parking and selected 'DAY MODE'[forever] in the settings of the DVR,


    One has to turn on the LEDs every night, and switch off every day!!

    Then i decided install a Photo-Cell that does that automatically,

    Then i thought and remembered that the camera itself had a noise like to noise of the relay for switching D/N!

    Then i decided research for diagram/datasheet/schematic of the camera that find Does it have any relay within that or not!

    And didn't find in Google[pbuh]

    Do you have any knowledge about existence of any relay!?

    IF it has,


    I suggest the companies of CCTVs to add such option to their CCTVs and add an external wire for that side of others



    Also this is a thermometer for our neighbours that was been damaged and he himself was tried to fix it then he made it how you see in the photo!!

    I asked him: who has made you forced to open it while you are only a Goldsmith!??

    He replied: don't you remember that you yourself were my worker about 20 years ago!??

    I replied: Hahaaaaha but I had experience also after that had study about the Electronic


  21. On 4/21/2020 at 3:08 PM, coolscienceguy444 said:

    Hi Guys, can science make us live longer in the near future to maybe 100-150 years old somehow through an anti aging drug/age reversal drug or some other therapy/intervention that you can think of? Please don't discuss about Coronavirus here as it is not really relevant to the question

    Hi guy,

    Have we created the human!??

    Were we witnessed that how the human were created!??

    Are we aware about the body of human completely!???

    Therefore you should ask us:

    Do you have any Knowledge that the science can make us live longer or not!

    I have a series of sources/datas that say YES!

  22. Well,

    We researched and found a series of useful informations that make our minds opened the more!

    Knowledge of Races Vs Racism

    Firstly i forgot write the word 'Chinese' to the quoted scientific source from the most trusted scientists we have known.

    And the 5 races of generation of Japheth are Gog, Magog, Slavic, Turkish, Chinese.

    Secondly our discussion here is about connection between Genes and at all several useful informations for that that IF:

    • There be any opposite saying/claim/source/experience, you introduce them to us then IF:
    1. One of them is truer than it, we zoom on that the more!
    2. And if there isn't any truer that that, we zoom on the same the more.
    • There won't be any opposite saying/source/experience;
    1. Nothing


    The Twelver who we consider them as the greatest scientists 1300years ago said:



    ☆ one asked one of them: O' my master, what will be happened when put a dead into the grave?

    - his body will be clay completely BUT a thing of root of his creation into the grave that won't be destroyed until he will be resurrected again!

    ☆ Look at the womb that you wanna put your sperm within that

    ☆ one day a man came to one of the Twelver and told him:

    - O' master, my wife is my cousin and i have trust her.. but our baby doesn't have any attributes of we both! And he is like to Africans

    - Be aware that when you take your sperm into the womb of your wife, there will be 99 [ninety nine] of your forefathers between you and Adam that each one of them wants to make your child like himself/herself and they are trying versus each other, then some of them will be won and each part of your child's body and morality will be like that the same!

    ☆ When you cut your hairs or fingers nails, you should hide them under the clays of the earth

    The magicians can even be the easternmost of the earth, kill whom is on the west by his hair/nail!! If God LetS

    ☆ The Sperm and Sneeze are from all of your bit by bit[Cells] of your body completely!

    ☆ If you put your sperm into the womb in X position, your child will be angry, crazy, faithful, killer, terrorist, wise, fool, nice, lovely, kind, wild,....

    The X has too many sayings




    As i quoted about coming the sperm/sneeze from each one of the cells, and i researched that the RNA is movable between each one of the cells, it shows I guess the sperm is the same scanned whole the body and morality! and speed of its moving is so fast!!

    I'm not a biologist that can explain that well,

    But i can explain by examples of the Electronic science:

    When your Laptop wants to be switched hibernation, a few minutes before that, the OS starts to scanning and imaging bit by bit of the system including internal/external Hardware and Softwares!

    Then saves a page file of the last activities/positions of the system on the memory and uses that when you switch on that again!


    I guess

    1. If we upgrade ourselves then decide to make our wives pregnant, then those wrong behaviors that we had, then won't be anymore within our genes that move to our next generations!
    2. The database on the gene moves RANDOMLY between the parents and children even
    3. We have all of those 99 packs of attributes of morality of those 99 forefathers HIDDEN in our cells!, then randomly our sperm will be created from a bit of each one of them randomly! for the same reason we will be like to our uncles! Why!!?? For the same! I thought about that while I saw my nephews have in their favorites things like Mechanical/Soccer since have been born!!
    4. At all in my humble opinion during each sex, the OS of our body has a new scan of the body completely! And what the better if before that we have been upgraded to any wellness and from any wrongness therefore according to the previous thread I quoted, such a car racing even if we have a weak car, we try to pass much more kilometers than our parents. Therefore the Judgment of the Rally Won't ask us about the position of the ranking we have gotten! And He AskS us about the distance we have passed! Bcz of He Expects us based on our positions! As we all expect anyone depended on his own race/nation/wealth/Knowledge/social position.

    What are your opinions?[based on your study/experience]


  23. Hi 2 all non-fool[open-minded] people.


    We proved that we aren't allowed deny any saying while we haven't had any source/reason for our denying

    Source/Reason = Experience or Knowledge/Study

    Otherwise we aren't anything but the fool!



    We have a narration about Races in the Torah and we aren't allowed deny that while research and find any opposing source against that!



    20 And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:
    21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.
    22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.
    23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father's nakedness.
    24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.
    25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
    26 And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
    27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.


    But we researched and found an opposing source!




    By authentic traditions, it is related from ‘Abd al-‘Azim that Imam ‘Ali al-Naqi said that Nuh lived for two thousand five hundred years. One day while he was sleeping on the Ark, a strong wind blew and uncovered him. Ham and Yafith saw this and started laughing. Sam scolded them and covered Nuh. Nuh woke up and saw the two of them laughing and inquired the reason for that. Sam narrated what had happened. Nuh raised his hands towards the heavens and said, “O God, change the seed of Ham and al-Yasa‘ so that they beget dark-skinned children.” Nuh told them: “God has made your[both] children the slaves of the children of Sam because he did good to me. You both are disinherited and your disinheritance will manifest itself in your children and the signs of notoriety will remain distinguishable in the progeny of Sam until the time the world will last. Therefore, all dark-skinned people are children of Ham and all the Turks, Saqalebeh[Slavs], Gog and Magog are the descendants of Yafith. And others the rest are from Sam[Shem].

    And this tells us:


    1. All Blacks of the earth


    1. Gog

    2. Magog

    3. Slavs

    4. Turks

    5. Chineses


    1. Jews

    2. Arabs

    3. Persians

    4. Germans

    5. Japanese

    6. Koreans

    7. Everybody but Hamitics and Japhethic....



    Our discussion here will be about difference between Knowledge of Races and Racism!


    In my analysis/researches/experiences the Race is a start point and it's not insurance for being a good person!

    Exactly such as a group of cars that match for a rally,

    We all know that the cars of Germany, Italy, Japan, USA are the better than those of Korea, France, England... and these are better than those of Turkey, China... etc...

    But it's the Driver that makes a car Champion!

    For the same reason we know some people are from the better races and their morality will be lesser than some people who are from the worst races! But according to my own experience, those weak races mostly have very lower IQs than those greaters as you see in their Technologies/Advanced






    ...if you knew the body of humans how have been created, then you wouldn't condemn anybody! God Has CreatED for the human 40 attributes that each one of them has 10 attributes that each one of them has 1000 attributes! And God Gave someone a few of them, some a bit the more, some abit the more and more up to a bit of people that are us, completely of them! And God ExpectS anyone depending on his own position! And will punish anyone depending on his/her position.


    Do you have any opposing source?


  24. 1 hour ago, Sensei said:


    Do you know the story of Paul? He was not a witness of it at all.




    Qur'an 9:31

    They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah, and (they also took as their Lord) Messiah, son of Maryam (Mary), while they (Jews and Christians) were commanded [in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)) to worship none but One Ilah (God - Allah) La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He). Praise and glory be to Him, (far above is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him)."

    از امام صادق (ع) درباره سخن خدا که فرمود: «اتخذوا أحبارهم و رهبانهم أرباباً من دون اللّه» روایت شده که فرمود: «و اللّه ما صلّوا لهم و لا صاموا و لکنهم أحلّوا لهم حراماً و حرّموا علیهم حلالاً فاتّبعوهم ;] به خدا سوگند آنان براى احبار و راهبان نه نماز خواندند و نه روزه گرفتند ; ولى آن علما و صومعه داران، براى مردم حرام را حلال و حلال را حرام کردند و آنان پیروى کردند».


    The 6th Imam, As-Sadiq[S.A.A] said:

    They didn't TSalah and TSamu[praying and fasting] for their priests! But they by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allah.

    And they followed them THEREFORE worshipped them ignorantly.



    An Algorithm has been appeared here!

    IF we follow one blindly:

    IF the followed person be on the straight path of God, then we will be one of the fools of the paradise*

    IF the followed person be out of the straight path, THEREFORE we have worshipped the same person instead of God!!


    * Shi'a-Hadith:

    "Inside of paradise there are full of fools that are on the lowest level of ranking of that"

  25. 5 minutes ago, Ghideon said:

    As far as I know, the word "but" is often used in English to mean "and". "AND" is part of logic, programming, digital circuits.


    No. Please provide a source. Or open a thread in computer science.




    For example you brought;

    The gate "AND"

    is how that IF you entered in both inputs "1", then the output will be "1"!

    And in any other options, the output will be "0"



    A & B = X

    IF A=0 and B=0, THEN X=0


    0 & 1 = 0

    1 & 0 = 0

    1 & 1 = 1



    The fools say:

    We enter "0" in one of the inputs, BUT be the output "1"!!


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